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Everyone looked and saw a tall, pale young man walking toward them with a satchel on his back.

Maybe it was an illusion.

When he walked, yellow sand seemed to rise slightly, making the thin body even more bleak.

“Have you seen him before Who is he” A Rong quietly asked Lao Jin beside him.

Lao Jin did not speak, but shook his head, “He is not from our base.

He is a newcomer.

I want to take a good look at what he can do.” 

Ah Rong snorted.

“Come on, let me introduce you.

This is Brother Ye Peitian.

His ability is sand control, which is very powerful.” Chen Wei introduced to everyone, “This is Ah Rong, a metal-type ability holder with strong offensive ability.

Lao Jin, his ability is quite special.

He is able to control the corpse to attack demons.”

“There are two demons in the lair.

After we kill the demons, we can sell their body at the market price and divide the gains equally!”

Chen Wei boosted morale before departure.

During the few days at the base, Ye Peitian was not inferior to Chu Qianxun as he exercised his ability.

Every day, he took the risk to leave the base, looking for demons everywhere, with the intention of hunting for the crystal cores.

He still couldn’t hunt down first-order demons by himself like Chu Qianxun, so he could only look for teams in this square every day and set off with others.

Therefore, when Chen Wei took the initiative to approach him, he simply agreed.

The group of people drove to a deserted village.

The village was small, with a few connected self-built houses.

The economic level of the original villagers was obviously not bad, and the houses were built in a high manner.

Now, the former prosperity was gone, the whole village was empty and silent, and there were several uncontained corpses on the side of the road. 

The village entrance was guarded by Chen Wei’s younger brothers, who looked nervous.

Seeing Chen Wei and others, they hurried forward.

“Brother Wei, we found it, right here.” 

They were remotely controlling a drone to shoot in the village, and the screen of the phone showed the image sent back by the drone.

This drone was purchased by Chen Wei from the base’s trading market at a high price, and its performance was very superior.

Everyone got out of the car and surrounded the screen.

The drone’s lens was diving into a courtyard with lush vegetation.

There was a gate on the left side of the courtyard.

The black hole was open and blood was dripping on the steps.

“Get closer, fly in and take a look,” Chen Wei said.

The drone flew in carefully from the gate, and the signal became poor due to the wall.

The camera shook a bit severely, and the picture on the screen was intermittent.

Inside the gate was a spacious hall, and the floor was covered with blackened blood and mutilated limbs.

Scurrying flies flew back and forth in front of the camera.

The camera flicked and showed a corpse hanging on the wall.

The lower body of the corpse was completely gone.

The eyeballs with protruding eye sockets were directly facing the camera, staring at the people outside the video.

The boy who operated the remote control turned his head and vomited.

“Useless guy!” Chen Wei took the remote control and operated it by himself.

The hall of this building was very deep, the back was shrouded in darkness, and there was a dark doorway at the deepest point.

An adult man was hung from the door frame with his hands tied tightly.

The light was dim in that location, and they could not see the face.

But what was certain was that the man must be alive.

His legs were struggling, his mouth stuffed with rags as he seemed to be still trying to yell.

Chen Wei’s drone slowly leaned over to see the man’s face.

A sharp claw stained with blood stretched out from the dark doorway, and grabbed the camera.

The picture on the screen shook violently, flashed, and went black.

Everyone looked at each other.

“So, those demons actually know how to hang living people as bait” Ah Rong said.

It was the first time he had encountered a wise demon.

The sand on the ground rolled up, and the air got windy for no reason.

The yellow sand in the sky rose out of thin air and began to revolve around everyone.

Ye Peitian’s eyes were red.

His fists clenched, and his ability became emotionally out of control with him, vaguely violent.

“Brother Ye Brother Ye! What are you doing” Chen Wei noticed something wrong with Ye Peitian and shook his arm to calm him down.

“Calm down, Brother Ye, we haven’t entered yet.”

Ye Peitian closed his eyes and his chest rose and fell to stabilize his emotions.

“How many living people are there” He opened his eyes and gritted his teeth.

The footage captured by the drone evoked the most painful memory in his heart.

“We don’t know how many people are there, but it definitely won’t be less.

Demons don’t eat dead bodies.

They usually leave it when they die.

But these desecrators are very clever.

In order to have fresh food, they kept them caught in their nests.

They don’t let people die quickly, they eat them slowly.” It was Lao Jin who was silent all the way who spoke.

The frown on his thin face seemed deeper at this moment, “One of my companions was once caught by a desecrator.

Although he was still alive when he was found, he had already become a demon.

In the end, I personally sent him on the road to death.”

The two fingers on each hand, crisscrossed on his chest, and he let out a low voice from his mouth.

Seven or eight corpses on the side of the village road slowly got up, and swayed towards the house under the control of Lao Jindi.

“Go, let’s go in!”

With these corpses clearing the way, everyone followed the corpses far behind and walked toward the demon’s lair.


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