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Chu Qianxun was sitting in the holy angel charity rescue station, watching Gao Yan helping the wounded.

Gao Yan’s power level was very low.

After two or three times, her power would be exhausted.

It took her a long rest to recover.

Most of the time, she could only help the nurses to treat the injured with medication.

But in any case, she was still a relatively rare person and was respected as a saint by this religious organization.

She only needed to do some easy and simple work, and could receive food every day.

Gan Xiaodan was different.

She was assigned an extremely heavy and dirty job.

She was so tired and sweaty that she could not rest her feet.

“Qianxun,” Gao Yan sat beside Chu Qianxun while resting, “Did you not go out to hunt demons today It’s really rare to see you here at this time.”

Chu Qianxun snorted, “I came to see you two before going out.”

“What’s wrong Why are you absent-minded.” Gao Yan handed Chu Qianxun a glass of water, “Are you a little worried about Xiao Ye Xiao Ye is going to team up to go to the Desecrator’s lair today.

Are those Desecrators really powerful”

“Why should I worry about him He won’t die.” Chu Qianxun drank it, “What’s more, he wanted to do it.

If he wants to improve his ability, sooner or later he will have to face various demons.

Can I look after him every day”

He was the Yellow Sand Emperor.

She should not worry, right She thought silently in her heart.

But she was a little restless.

Why not take a look

To collect crystal cores.

Chu Qianxun found a reason for her behavior.


In a dim hall, a big hand made of yellow sand firmly held a Desecrator’s body.

It was trapped in the sand and had to stretch its neck and let out a harsh scream.

Under Ah Rong’s control, four or five sharp blades were inserted into the Desecrator’s brain at random, and an emerald green crystal core rolled out of the cracked back of its head.

Ah Rong was overjoyed, wiped the sweat from his head, picked up the crystal core, and ​​smiled, “Brother, how do you know the Desecrator’ weakness Have you slaughtered this kind of demon before”

“No… it was taught by a friend,” Ye Peitian took a breath.

He didn’t care about taking a break, walked under the doorway and untied the man hanging under the door frame.

“Damn, they are really hard to deal with.

My ability is exhausted,” Chen Wei was picking out another Desecrator’s crystal core.

“Fortunately, it was resolved smoothly.”

Lao Jin was sitting on the ground.

His arm was hurt, but it wasn’t too serious.

The man Ye Peitian rescued stared at them in horror.

His mouth was blocked by rags.

He was unable to speak, and was whining.

“What about the other living people Do you know where they are locked Did you see someone named Ah Wei” Chen Wei untied the rope in his hand, pulled out the cloth ball in his mouth, and asked him about his brother.

“All in the basement, all in the basement! There are demons!” The man shouted out in horror while crawling out of the gate with hands and feet.

Chen Wei and the others were shocked and turned to look.

Inside the doorway behind them was a staircase leading to the basement.

At the end of the black hole’s stairs, two bloody Desecrators crawled out of the stairs.

Oops, there were two more demons!


When Chu Qianxun arrived at the entrance of the village, she encountered Chen Wei and a group of people rushing out.

Chu Qianxun grabbed Chen Wei by the collar, “Where is Ye Peitian”

“He is stuck, stuck inside.” Chen Wei panted and pointed to the house behind him, “We killed two Desecrators.

We didn’t think there were two in the basement.

Our abilities were exhausted and we couldn’t resist.

Xiao Ye and Lao Jin were both dragged in.”


When Lao Jin was dragged in by the demon, Ye Peitian’s first reaction was to grab his hand.

In the narrow staircase, Lao Jin was dragged down by a huge force.

“Don’t let me go, don’t let me go!” He lay on the stairs, grabbed Ye Peitian’s hand tightly, and shouted in horror.

The sudden appearance of the demon made them very passive as their abilities were basically exhausted in the previous battle.

Ye Peitian used his remaining power to block the corridor by building a sand wall to prevent the Desecrators from climbing up.

He felt a painful emptiness in his body, knowing that his ability was almost drained.

Chen Wei and Ah Rong exchanged glances when they saw that the situation was not good, and ran away leaving them behind.

“Don’t leave me.

I don’t want to be caught by the Desecrator! I don’t want to be caught by the Desecrator!”

Lao Jin burst into tears and begged in fear.

He knew clearly that he would be tortured more than death if he was dragged on.

Ye Peitian frowned, and at the same time transported the yellow sand to control the Desecrator and wrestle with the demon.

With a bang, the sand wall was broken, Lao Jin was dragged down in an instant, and there was a panic shout in the dark corridor.

Another Desecrator rushed out from behind.

It grabbed Ye Peitian by the ankle, turned him around and slammed him against the wall.

Ye Peitian vomited a mouthful of blood, but before he could react, his body was volleyed and was thrown to the ground again.

The Desecrator pulled his ankle mercilessly and threw him back and forth in the stairwell several times until he completely lost his resistance.

Ye Peitian smelled a pungent blood.

He was dragged on the floor full of viscous liquid.

He reluctantly opened his eyes a little, and what was shaking in front of him was a dark and dirty wall.

On the walls on both sides were living people tied.

They looked at the new member who was dragged in by the demon with numb and dull eyes.

Two Desecrators lifted him up to a platform, tied his hands and feet, while sticking out rough tongues to lick the blood from him.

Ye Peitian tried his best to mobilize his ability, but his body was like a dried-up pond.

In addition to the pain, there were no more ripples.

He opened his eyes wide, and the pale skin of the demon was shaking in his dark vision.

The scene in front of him seemed to overlap with some messy and painful memory fragments.

Ye Peitian was in a state of confusion.


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