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A strong desire for blood surged from the bottom of his heart.

As soon as this thought came out, it quickly spread toward the limbs, and strongly wanted to control his entire body.

He opened his eyes, and there was endless blackness in front of him.

A voice in the darkness was whispering to him.

Give up, give yourself to it, and you can be free from such fears forever.

At this moment, the place that was extremely far away and seemed to be unusually close, a little warm yellow shimmer lighted up in a trance, only a little, vaguely and unpredictably, as if it would disappear at any time.

“No,” Ye Peitian made a hoarse voice in his throat.


Chu Qianxun walked vigilantly into the bloody basement.

The thick blood on the ground stuck to the soles of her shoes.

Deep in the dim room, there were some strange noises.

Chu Qianxun’s night vision ability was extraordinary.

She could clearly see that there was a raised platform deep in the house on which a human was sitting.

The man was covered in blood and his eyes were dull, sitting there without a word.

There were countless scarlet sand grains suspended above him, and those sand grains were repeatedly squeezed and rubbed, as the blood of different colors was constantly dripping from those sand balls.

There were many people in this basement.

But the demons were gone.

No, they were not missing.

It should be said that they died in the surging blood sand.

It was crushed into sand to bleed.

The person on the platform was Ye Peitian,

In the crisis, he broke through the second-order without the help of the crystal core on his own!

Saints could improve their abilities by fighting demons, but once the abilities were saturated, they reached a critical state.

Without the leverage of a higher-order crystal core, it would be difficult to go further.

This was also the reason why there were still countless people who knew that there were huge risks in taking high-level crystal cores.

But there were also individual geniuses who occasionally burst into huge potential in life-and-death duels to break through boundaries and upgrade their ranks.

Chu Qianxun saw a living example.

Worthy of being the formidable Yellow Sand Emperor.

She couldn’t deny that he was a genius.

Chu Qianxun stepped across the sticky dirt and came to Ye Peitian.

At this moment, the Shura King, who was still very young, was full of panic and horror.

He was pale.

His body tense, shaking slightly in the dark.

“It’s okay, the demons were all killed by you, Xiao Ye, relax.”

Chu Qianxun lit up a little light, illuminating Ye Peitian’s pale face.

She slowly moved the warm yellow light closer to Ye Peitian’s body.

The only effect of her ability was to calm the emotions of others to assist them to stabilize their emotions and not lose themselves while they advance to the next order..

Although Ye Peitian had successfully advanced, Chu Qianxun could see that his spirit was very shaky.

She wanted to help him calm down.

Ye Peitian seemed to understand who it was at this moment.

He looked at the faintly shining light, then looked at Chu Qianxun, his lips moved, relaxed, and his whole body went limp.

The suspended sand clouds in the air collapsed and scattered all over the ground.

Chu Qianxun caught Ye Peitian’s fallen body.

She suspected that it was her illusion.

At that moment, the eyes in the darkness seemed to glow a little.

Chu Qianxun lit a torch, and the light of the fire illuminated the entire basement, illuminating the terrible scene inside the house.

But she walked through the blood and dirt without changing her face, cut the ropes of all living people, bent down to find two crystal cores from the mud mixed with sand and blood, and put them in her pocket.

“The demons are dead.

The ones who can move, come out or wait,” Chu Qianxun picked up Ye Peitian on her back and said to the people in the room.

Ye Peitian had just advanced.

With overuse of his ability, he temporarily lost the ability to move.

Chu Qianxun walked out of the basement, found a clean corner in the hall and placed him on the ground, “You wait a while.”

When she just stood up, Ye Peitian grabbed her clothes.

“What’s wrong” Chu Qianxun asked.

Ye Peitian opened his eyes, frowned slightly, and showed an embarrassed expression.

In the end, he said nothing and let go.

Chu Qianxun walked out of the hall and called back Chen Wei and Ah Rong who had been watching from a distance and told them to go down to the basement and bring the survivors out.

The survivors were brought out from the basement one by one, and those who were still able to move had subconsciously moved away from the area around Ye Peitian.

This man, before their eyes, crushed two ferocious demons into mud with his power.

The tyrannical fall made them terrified.

A young girl went to the ground in a panic, with intact limbs and no serious injuries.

She wanted to run out in a hurry and almost tripped on Ye Peitian’s foot.

“Oh,” the girl saw Ye Peitian’s face and screamed in a low voice.

She was so frightened that she stepped back several steps.

In the hall, people kept murmuring.

Ye Peitian sat alone in silence.

His drenched bangs covered his eyebrows, and made it unable to see the expression on his face.

“Can you get up Let’s leave,” Chu Qianxun stretched out her hand.

She became impatient with these people in the hall.

Ye Peitian nodded, put his hand on her, slowly stood up with her pulling force, and walked slowly to the door.

“Please wait,” someone called them.

Lao Jin limped forward and said sincerely, “Brother Peitian, ​​thank you very much.

Thank you for your kindness.

I will remember it.”

Ye Peitian turned his face, snorted, and nodded to him.


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