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The Egersis was one level higher than her and had hierarchical suppression on her.

Fortunately, Chu Qianxun also possessed a mental ability, and naturally had a certain ability to resist this mental power attack.

The double blade in her hand flew out again, hitting the weak spot in the Egersis’s back.

The Egersis perceived that the situation was not good, and fluttered its wings to fly high.

Its alternate yellow and black markings brighten up, like a huge wasp queen hanging high in the air to summon the protection of other demons.

The human saints closer to it could not withstand the sound waves, and collapsed to the ground.

The demons who were fighting with them turned around and ran toward Chu Qianxun.

A thin piece of iron flew from the direction of the city wall hovering in the air.

Chu Qianxun jumped up, tapping her toes on the iron piece, and leaped high into the air.

Feng Qianqian was standing on the ice wall, concentrating on controlling the iron piece to help Chu Qianxun.

Sister Qianxun had explained in advance that she would not let her approach the battlefield and she could only let her help from a distance.

But this distance was too far, and she felt a little strenuous.

Feng Qianqian thought for a while and slipped down the ice wall.

Chu Qianxun leaped high into the sky, staggered the two blades, and thrust them into the Egersis’s back with the momentum of falling.

One person and one demon fell from the air.

The Egersis struggled desperately to flap its wings.

The slender and sharp arm pierced Chu Qianxun’s leg with its backhand, trying to grab her from its back and throw her to the ground.

Chu Qianxun firmly grasped the handle of the knife, ignored the injury on her leg, clamped the waist of the demon, and insisted on not being thrown away.

Her blade had been inserted into the vital part of this third-order demon.

If she worked harder, the crystal core would be in her hand.

“This woman is amazing.” 

On the city wall, the man beside Fu Yingyu looked at Chu Qianxun who was fighting the Egersis in the distance.

“No, what I care more about is that person, Ye Peitian, who controls the sand.

I heard that his self-healing ability is different from ordinary people, and it may be helpful to the doctor’s research,” Fu Yingyu took back her wings.

Since seeing the Egersis who could fly, she had avoided it far.

At this moment, all the demons under the ice wall gave up fighting, turned back and rushed toward Chu Qianxun.

The nearest one had reached where Chu Qianxun was entangled with the demons.

Chu Qianxun’s situation was at stake.

A row of sharp soil thorns rose from the ground, blocked in front of Chu Qianxun in time, and penetrated several demons that rushed forward.

At the same time, a palm of condensed yellow sand appeared in the air, grabbing the Egersis’s wings and buying Chu Qianxun time.

The light of the blade in Chu Qianxun’s hand flashed, picking out the crystal core from the Egersis’s back.

She leaped up and ran away regardless of her injuries.

When the Egersis died, the demons were at a loss for a moment.

Except for a few close ones who chased up, the rest scattered, and walked toward the crowded place.

Chu Qianxun was wounded and was chased by several demons.

She didn’t dare to fall in the crowd.

She ran all the way, trying to get out of the battlefield.

She didn’t know that not far behind her, there was a person who had used his ability, fell on the battlefield, and fell into the swarm of demons.

The people in the base leaned on the solid city wall and slowly wiped out the demons.

Finally, after the sky was completely dark, it was difficult to achieve a comprehensive victory.

Of course, they paid a heavy price for that after all.

A huge bonfire was lit on the ice wall, and the fire penetrated the darkness, illuminating the barbarian wasteland after the bloody battle.

Under the curtain of night, in the desolate wilderness, the hideous bodies of demons fell everywhere, and in the meantime, there were countless dead human corpses.

There were still many wounded wailing in the wilderness.

The yellow blood of the demon and the red blood of the human mixed into the trench in front of the gate, almost filling the deep trench.

People held the fire and walked back and forth on the battlefield, digging through the body of each demon, hoping to find a missing crystal core.

The huge body of the stone-armored Dull Walker fell to the ground, and a group of people from the Holy Angel Relief Society gathered around and dissected its body.

They wanted to find the crystal core in this huge body.

This demon was so powerful that it was successfully killed after they had paid a huge price.

At this time, someone had already reacted.

In the body of this stone-armor Dull Walker, which was obviously stronger than the first-order demon, it was possible to find a more powerful crystal core.

Many ordinary people and medical staff climbed down the wall to rescue the wounded.

Ye Peitian was lying in a bush of wild grass.

He opened his eyes and looked at the dark night sky above his head.

It was a cloudy day, there was no starry sky and no moon.

There were countless people walking and talking under the high wall in the distance, and the light of the torch was faintly shaking back and forth.

His legs were broken.

A lot of blood was pouring from the fracture.

His body was losing heat and getting colder.

He could not move himself, nor could he shout.

He wanted someone to discover him sooner, at least before he had to die.


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