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“Qianxun, sometimes I really can’t see through you.

It is as if you were born in this doomsday.

You are so used to this messy world.”

Gao Yan wrapped a pure white bandage on Chu Qianxun’s leg, “You are a girl, although the current situation is not good, at any rate, you have to cherish yourself a little.

Don’t be like this.”

Chu Qianxun looked at Gao Yan.

The Gao Yan she knew was a selfish and cruel woman.

When danger occured, she had to be the first to leave her teammates to run.

When vying for the crystal cores, she would be more shameless than Chu Qianxun.

Chu Qianxun never thought that Gao Yan would have such a gentle side in the beginning.

She would care about every friend’s situation after the war.

She rescued Feng Qianqian in time, noticed Ye Peitian’s disappearance, and even discovered her unspoken injury.

“Sister Yan, I plan to leave tomorrow,” Chu Qianxun said.

“So fast” Gao Yan was taken aback.

She was a little reluctant to part with her, but she quickly answered, “Well, I will check Qianqian’s situation later, and I will pack my things when I go back at night.

Is Xiao Jie going with us”

Chu Qianxun nodded, “Well, I have already told him.”

“Then Ye Peitian”

Ye Peitian was seriously injured and was being treated by a doctor in the operating room.

When Chu Qianxun heard that name, she felt a little confused in her heart.

The indifferent and ruthless half demon appeared in her mind, who created a sea of ​​blood.

At the same time, there appeared the young boy who would sacrifice himself to help others, lying in a pool of blood and afraid of the dark.

“Qianxun, do you dislike Xiao Ye a little Although Xiao Ye is not very talkative, I really think he is actually quite kind and not a bad person.”

Gao Yan persuaded her while she bandaged Chu Qianxun’s injuries and carefully lowered her legs to the ground.

Chu Qianxun declined Gao Yan’s support, stood up and walked a few steps, “I’m fine, thank you Sister Yan.”

Jiang Chengzhu walked toward the two.

“Why did you come out Isn’t Ye Peitian with you” Chu Qianxun asked.

“Brother Ye is in the operating room, and I can’t get in either.

Don’t worry, Brother Ye just built a wall and saved the whole city.

He is a great hero.

A lot of doctors and nurses came to him.

I heard that even Dean Dr.

Ma came in person.”

“What about Qianqian How is the situation”

“Qianqian is fine.

She has received treatment and is now resting in the ward.

Her father is accompanying her to take care of her.”

Chu Qianxun walked a few steps under Gao Yan’s concerned eyes.

The power strengthened her body.

Although her injury was serious, as long as she was not afraid of pain, it would not affect her walking.

“Okay, you go back and rest first, I’ll take a look at them.”


Ye Peitian felt that his consciousness was a little chaotic.

The dazzling lights and a bunch of figures in white coats appeared in front of him.

His surroundings were very noisy, and there seemed to be many people talking.

“Doctor, you see, his recovery ability is really amazing.”

“It’s really a special ability.

Have you found other similar cases”

“No, he is the only one, very rare.”

“Okay, take a sample and observe.”

Everything quieted down slowly,

Ye Peitian woke up.

He opened his eyes and found that he was lying in a tidy ward.

The wound on his body had been properly bandaged and sutured, an oxygen mask was on his nose, and fluid was infused on his arm.

There was a nurse guarding the bed.

Seeing him wake up, the nurse named Fu Yingyu bent down with concern, “Are you awake How are you feeling Is it better” The beautiful and gentle nurse said gently.

Ye Peitian’s gaze turned around in the room, but he didn’t see the familiar figure, and felt a little lost in his heart.

He politely thanked her and stopped talking.

“Do you need some water Do you want to eat something I still have a lot of food here.

Do you want to eat some broth I made for you” Fu Yingyu smiled sweetly.

She was a very beautiful woman.

A man could nor be indifferent to her smile.

Ye Peitian shook his head and looked at the door of the ward absently.

Fu Yingyu was not very happy.

She hadn’t suffered such disregard for a long time, and the young man in front of her didn’t even look at her directly.

Her signature smile remained unchanged, and she softly covered Ye Peitian with a quilt, “Then you have a good rest.

Thanks to your help this time we were saved.

Without the wall you built in time, I don’t know how many more people would have died.”

As she was talking, the door of the ward was pushed open, and Chu Qianxun carried a lunch box and poked her head in.

Ye Peitian’s eyes lit up, and he even supported his body.

“Don’t move,” Chu Qianxun hurried to Ye Peitian’s bed, helped him up, and turned around to greet Fu Yingyu, “Thanks a lot.” 

Fu Yingyu exited the ward with a smile on her face.

When she came back, she saw Chu Qianxun leaning on Ye Peitian’s bedside to open the food box she had brought.

“I made some food, how are you Do you want to eat something”

The man who was very cold to her showed a shy expression and nodded embarrassedly.

Fu Yingyu closed the door, put away her smile, and snorted.

Chu Qianxun opened the food box, poured out a bowl of porridge from the jar, and handed it to Ye Peitian.

It was not easy to drink white porridge.

They accidentally collected a little rice on the road, and it was basically bottomed out.

Chu Qianxun poured out the rest of the rice and barely boiled it.


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