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Chu Qianxun placed a dish of pickled vegetables and a few fresh green spinach leaves on the small table at the head of the hospital bed.

“Hurry up and eat.

I ran to the whole market to get this.”

Ye Peitian lowered his head, turned the small stainless steel bowl in his hand two or three times, and finally said a complete sentence, “We eat… together”

Fortunately, Chu Qianxun immediately agreed without embarrassing him.

“Okay, I’ll eat with you,” Chu Qianxun took another bowl, divided some porridge, and sat down against Ye Peitian’s bed.

At this time, electricity was very scarce, and only a weak night light remained in the ward.

The two huddled on the bed, sharing the rare porridge and dishes with the bright light.

Ye Peitian was seriously injured and could not move.

Chu Qianxun ate all the few green vegetables in his bowl.

Ye Peitian drank porridge silently.

“Thank you,” he said.

“What are you thanking me for” Chu Qianxun smiled, “I want to thank you.

Thank you for helping me so much.”

“Although you helped me a lot, I still want to advise you.

In the future, you must estimate your own ability when fighting.” Chu Qianxun looked at Ye Peitian’s eyes seriously, “On the battlefield, you must not exhaust your power for anyone, understand Even if you can’t die, don’t do it.”

Ye Peitian looked back into her eyes without speaking.

In the dim light, his eyes seemed to say something silently.

Chu Qianxun avoided his gaze and randomly searched for a topic, “I, I’m going to leave.

After tomorrow, I will leave.”

Ye Peitian closed his mouth.

In the empty ward, the two remained silent for a long time.

Chu Qianxun’s gaze fell on the legs of the hospital bed, and her mind was in a mess.

She suddenly moved on an impulse, and said in a ghostly manner, “Why don’t you come with us”

Chu Qianxun regretted saying that.

She couldn’t wait to slap herself.

She unexpectedly wanted to bring the demon Ye Peitian on again.

But Ye Peitian raised his head instantly.

He opened his mouth, and the whole face seemed to glow in an instant, revealing a look that made Chu Qianxun feel ashamed.

Was he… so happy Chu Qianxun thought in her heart that he really wanted to go with her so much.

Forget it, maybe he didn’t like this base.

He was injured and broke his legs for her, so she would take him for another walk, and when he arrived at his favorite base, she would persuade him to stay.

Chu Qianxun found a good reason for herself.

In the night, Ye Peitian lowered his eyelashes, and said something completely irrelevant, “My mother was my stepmother.

I grew up with her since I was a child.”

“She was kind and gentle to me, but she was better to my brother on usual days.

Everyone said she was a good mother.”

His voice was a little low, making people follow his story unconsciously.

“But in my heart, I knew that she didn’t like me as much as she showed.

It seems that she always wanted to throw me out of the house.

I have worked very hard since I was a child, trying to get her satisfaction, but she always was disgusted by me.”

Ye Peitian was silent, and he didn’t say anything further.

Chu Qianxun didn’t want to think about the following story.

She knew that Ye Peitian was locked in that warehouse because of that “mother”.

“Before, I always thought you…” Ye Peitian smiled a little embarrassedly, “I thought you hated me too.”

“I was wrong,” he said with a smile.

Chu Qianxun sighed in her heart.

She put away the dishes and chopsticks on the table and helped him to lie down, “Okay rest now.

I will pick you up when I leave tomorrow.”


Chu Qianxun carried the empty food box and walked to the residence.

The injury on her leg did not affect her brisk pace.

Although she knew that she might have made a wrong decision, she was relieved.

It was midnight, and the neighborhood that had lost power was dark and quiet.

In front of the building where they lived, a  young man and woman were whispering in the alley.

The woman leaned back against the wall, blushing, and her expression was shy.

But the man talked with one hand lowly against the wall, seemingly comfortable.

Chu Qianxun paused.

They were Gan Xiaodan and Peng Haoyu.

“Xiaodan, don’t worry, I will take care of you in the future and won’t make you live a hard life.”

“Brother Haoyu, it’s okay, I can work in the rescue station.”

“You are so cute, how can I be willing to let you do that kind of dirty work It makes me feel bad.”

The slimy dialogue between the two came with the wind.

Chu Qianxun remembered the situation when she fled to Goose City Base alone.

At that time, she was the same as Gan Xiaodan, as she strongly hoped to find someone she could rely on, almost to the point where she wanted to cling to any straw.

Fortunately, the cruel reality taught her how to behave.

In some cases, people couldn’t listen to others’ advice without experiencing the pain themselves.

Chu Qianxun turned away and planned to detour back to her residence.

“Why did Ye Peitian have such a strong recovery ability Where did you meet him” Peng Haoyu was fascinated, and it was too easy to get information from this woman.

“When we saw him, it was in a warehouse, and he…” Gan Xiaodan couldn’t continue as she heard an unpleasant cough.

She looked up and saw Chu Qianxun not far away.

Chu Qianxun stood on the dark street, looking at them indifferently.

“Qian… Qianxun,” Gan Xiaodan was a little flustered.


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