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Chu Qianxun roughly guessed Nanxi’s situation, sent Ah Quan away, and went to the cafeteria with Gao Yan and Jiang Chengzhu.

When they walked through the playground they saw the old man who had just received food sitting on the side of the playground feeding his seven or eight-year-old grandson noodles.

It was a little food for a grandson who had been hungry for a day.

It made him almost reluctant to eat as he stuffed most of the noodles without oil into his grandson’s mouth.

Gao Yan fell behind when the three passed by.

Looking at Chu Qianxun not paying attention, Gao Yan squatted down quickly and put a cooked bird egg from her pocket into the bowl.

On the way, Chu Qianxun walked up the tree, found eggs, cooked them and divided them.

Gao Yan was not willing to finish the meal in one go, so she put one in her pocket.

Chu Qianxun glanced at her and said nothing.

What appeared in her mind was the appearance of Gao Yan once violently snatching food from a child.

Sister Yan and she used to be two completely different people.

Chu Qianxun thought to herself.

The three of them entered the cafeteria.

Although the food in the cafeteria was not as good as before the apocalypse, it was obviously much better than those distributed on the playground.

There was rice, steamed buns, and some meat dishes that were rare at this time.

Of course, the price was also quite expensive.

If one was willing to pay, one could even let the chef cook them a bowl of steaming noodles on site.

The three including Chu Qianxun were newcomers, and everyone’s eyes in the room had been on them a few times.

In order not to attract excessive attention, they only got the simplest meal, found a corner and sat down to eat.

Not far from them, a middle-aged man prepared to eat.

He pulled out a booklet and said prayers religiously.

Tang Juan just brought someone in from outside the dining room, and kicked the man’s chair over with his foot.

The booklet was spread on the ground, and a pair of angel wings printed on the cover appeared.

Most of the people in the restaurant stood up and greeted Tang Juan.

Regardless of their age, they called him Brother Juan.

Tang Juan had a coat over his shoulders.

Behind him was a group of men with vicious expressions.

“Old Zhang, how many times have I told you, don’t believe in this stuff They are all fooling you, stupid people.” He bent down, stretched out a finger and stepped on the cover of that booklet, then continued, “It made me lose my appetite.”

The man named Old Zhang blushed and got up from the ground, bowed his head and dared not speak.

“Forget it, forget it.

Ah Juan, Old Zhang is just like this.”

An elderly man with glasses and elegant appearance walked out behind Tang Juan, patted him on the shoulder to persuade him.

Tang Juan snorted, raised his feet, and found a place to sit down.

Old Zhang picked up the booklet and said to the elderly wearing glasses in a low voice, “Thank you, Sir Jiang.”

He quickly put away the booklet, bowed his head and left.

Tang Juan strutted with a cynical look, and his face was full of disdain.

“Forget it, Ah Juan, everyone has their own ambitions, don’t be like him.”

The legendary teacher Jiang pushed his glasses and sat down beside Tang Juan.

The people who followed Tang Juan into the door successively took seats beside him.

Someone eagerly brought them plenty of food.

Tang Juan complained to the people around him as he ate, “God loves the world is bull**.

They have a research institute in Goose City, and there is a woman with bird wings in it, so it’s called Holy Angel.

Mom, Yes, that woman,, I have seen her.

She kills people in a more cruel way than me.

She is called Blood Angel.”

When the words “Blood Angel” passed Chu Qianxun’s ears, her heart tightened.

She caught a memory fragment that flashed through her mind.

In the first few years of the apocalypse, there was a famous figure in the Shenai (God’s Love) Group, whose nickname was Bloody Angel, a cruel and bloodthirsty woman.

Shenai Group tore off the veil of charity and began to expand its power.

This Bloody Angel often had wings on her back, and hung high in the air.

The feathers on the wings turned into sharp blades and fell from the sky like rain.

The white wings were dyed red by the blood of the rebels, and thus she earned the nickname ‘Bloody Angel’.

After the demons came, many weak people who could not survive independently chose to live by relying on the strong.

For that reason, they did not hesitate to sacrifice their dignity, looks, and even their bodies in exchange for three meals a day to survive.

People who did that were not only women, but also men.

People could often see that many powerful male saints were surrounded by many beautiful women.

Similarly, there were some powerful female saints who kept handsome men in captivity.

The reason why this Bloody Angel was so notorious that even a small person like Chu Qianxun who was still at the bottom of society had heard of her was that she not only had many lovers around her, but also often outbreaks of scandals about torture and killing lovers came out.

A picture of this Bloody Angel that she saw in the newspaper many years ago came to her mind.

Fu Yingyu!

Chu Qianxun stood up at once.

All kinds of pictures and all kinds of dialogue voices flashed in her mind.

Through that clue, she began to recover memories of many years ago.

At that time, she was still struggling to survive in the base.

The things between the men and the giants had nothing to do with her.

At most accidentally, she caught a few glances at the text published in the newspaper.


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