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Gan Xiaodan choked.

Her face turned pale, and she stopped mentioning leaving, “Qianxun, do you really want to save Ye Peitian by yourself This is too dangerous.

They keep a very close eye on him.

No matter how powerful you are, you can’t fight so many people.”

Seeing that Chu Qianxun was about to turn and leave, Gan Xiaodan asked unwillingly, “Ye Peitian is just a stranger we just met! Why are you taking this risk for him”

Chu Qianxun stopped at the door, “Xiaodan, I don’t know why many people in this world are different from the past.

Maybe I have become different too.”

She left that sentence and disappeared in the corridor.

Gan Xiaodan chased her to the door, but she didn’t find anyone in the dim corridor.

She knew she had missed her last chance.

She recalled the way she and Chu Qianxun had escaped.

Qianxun always forced her coldly to cut down those hideous demons.

At that time, her heart was full of fear and dissatisfaction.

Thinking about it now, that was the only step she had taken forward by herself, and that was the time she was at her most peace of mind after the apocalypse.

She looked back at Peng Haoyu who fell on the ground and Ah Juan who hated her.

Now, she no longer dared to take steps on her own.

She could only live on this man with other women.


The Holy Angel Charity Relief Center was originally a pharmaceutical research institute.

At this moment, on the top floor of an experimental building in the center, Fu Yingyu was humming a song while washing her hands in the sink.

The red blood was washed from her hands and flowed into the drain of the sink.

Fu Yingyu’s expression was relaxed, her red lips slightly curled up, and she was obviously very happy.

“What did you do to him again” A gray-haired man in a white coat walked into the laboratory, and said with a calm expression, “How many times have I told you that he is an important test object Don’t treat him like that.


Fu Yingyu turned around and gently wiped her hands with a clean white towel.

Her lips pursed slightly, her eyebrows frowned, “Doctor, who can still maintain a normal mentality in such a chaotic world I’m just venting.”

She put an arm on the doctor’s shoulder, got close to his ear, and whispered, “He is so perfect.

Only he can make me enjoy myself.

No matter how I treat him, don’t worry about him.


Ma, aren’t you the same as me Isn’t what you have done to him worse than me”


Ma scowled and pushed Fu Yingyu away, “You peeked at my experiment video”

Fu Yingyu chuckled slightly and was about to speak, but her face changed.

A figure was reflected on the glass of the fume hood.

The person was dressed in black, squatting at the window, coldly raising a gun in her hand.

Fu Yingyu instantly rolled on the spot.

With a bang, Dr.

Ma was shot in the chest.

He looked at the indifferent woman in the window in disbelief, and slowly fell to the ground.

Chu Qianxun!

Fu Yingyu was shocked.

She had personally seen how powerful this woman was on the battlefield.

She was far from her opponent.

She immediately spread her wings and lunged toward the window on the other side.

A hand clamped her ankle and threw her to the ground.

Chu Qianxun grabbed her neck, pressed her knees against her waist, grabbed her wings with one hand, and with a forceful tug, she tore off a white feather.

Fu Yingyu screamed sharply, and white feathers rose up all over the room, rushing toward Chu Qianxun.

First-order Fu Yingyu couldn’t turn her feathers into sharp blades like she did later.

But at the moment Chu Qianxun’s vision was blocked, she struggled to get away, broke through the glass of the window, and fell from the high building.

Chu Qianxun stepped onto the edge of the window, raised her gun, and fired two shots at Fu Yingyu, who kept falling down with the remaining wing to protect her head and face.

These were her last two bullets from the magazines Wu Hao gave her previously.

Downstairs was a courtyard with lush vegetation.

When Fu Yingyu fell, the tall and dense tree crowns suddenly grew wildly.

They stretched out long branches to catch Fu Yingyu’s body.

Those branches rolled up Fu Yingyu and covered her layer by layer, hiding her in the shade of the trees.

She passed straight to a man standing under the tree.

The plant system saint with the bald head hugged Fu Yingyu.

He raised his head, looking fiercely at the window where Chu Qianxun was.

There was a noise in the courtyard, and many people rushed toward that building.

Chu Qianxun turned and walked toward the laboratory inside.

When she saw the operating table in the middle of the room and the person tied up on the operating table even Chu Qianxun, who thought she was hard-hearted, couldn’t bear to look.

Her eyes fell on the test bench on one side, and rows of blood-red test tubes were placed on the long test tube rack.

The pallet in the sealed box contained things that even Chu Qianxun didn’t want to look at.

These were the so-called “Holy Blood”, and Chu Qianxun even personally used one in her previous life.

That potion once saved her life.

Chu Qianxun gritted her teeth and came to the operating table.

Ye Peitian laid there.

His eyes were distracted as he had no reaction to Chu Qianxun’s arrival.

Chu Qianxun cut off the straps that bound his neck and limbs, pulled out the various tubes inserted into his body, and covered the wounds on his chest and abdomen with a piece of bed sheet.

She stretched out her hand and patted Ye Peitian’s face gently, “Peitian, ​​I’m here to pick you up.”

Ye Peitian turned his gaze slowly, staring blankly at the person in front of him, as if he recognized her, but he did not have any response.

His mouth moved slightly but he did not speak.


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