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Chu Qianxun squatted by the window and raised the curtains to observe the situation downstairs.

“Qianxun, you… why are you back”

Chu Qianxun gave him a blank look, and said angrily, “Why didn’t you tell me that day Even if you give a hint, as long as you say something, I will definitely be able to take you away.”

In fact, Chu Qianxun knew in her heart that she was not sincere when she said that.

When they left Goose City, Ye Peitian’s attitude was actually very strange, but she didn’t think deeply about it subconsciously, because she still had a deep prejudice against this man.

Outside the window were piercing police sirens and flashing lights.

The house separated by a window was calm and peaceful.

“Qianxun,” a weak male voice came in the dark.


“Qianxun, I want to go with you, please… take me away.”

This sentence rolled back and forth in Ye Peitian’s heart as he repeatedly suffered countless times.

When he watched Chu Qianxun sitting in the car, traveling farther away on the yellow sandy road.

When he was deceived into the operating table, he lost his freedom, and suffered immense pain.

This sentence had stuck in his throat countless times, but he never spat it out.

“Okay I will take you away,” Chu Qianxun always looked out the window.

Her profile reflected in the searchlight swaying back and forth.

Even if he was a half demon, even if he would be cast aside by all mankind in the future, she would take him away.

Chu Qianxun thought in her heart.

Those saints who looked like dogs should be thrown into hell.

When the people searching the building passed by, Chu Qianxun picked Ye Peitian on her back and ran down the stairs.

When she reached the third floor, the stairs stopped.

A huge iron gate blocked the road.

A night guard was sitting in front of her.

His head drooped little by little as he was dozing off.

Chu Qianxun brought him down with one move, took out a bunch of keys from him, opened the iron door and walked in.

Behind the iron door was a long corridor, on either side of the corridor were cells enclosed by metal fences.

Chu Qianxun walked through the middle corridor with Ye Peitian on her back.

In the gloomy cages on both sides were humans locked with thick iron chains.

In these prisons, the “samples” for the experiments of the Holy Angel Relief Society were imprisoned.

Chu Qianxun stopped, and a thin vine protruded from a cage beside her.

The vine quickly climbed along the ground to her feet and bloomed a pitiful little flower. 

The flower saw Chu Qianxun looking down at it, and even hurriedly waved as if to please her.

Chu Qianxun looked into the cage along the vines.

A burly, big and thick man was locked in this cage.

The man was blocked and he uttered a cry for help to Chu Qianxun.

Chu Qianxun flipped the key, opened the cell, and unlocked the chain on the man.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much,” as soon as the man was free, he gratefully extended his big hand  to Chu Qianxun.

Chu Qianxun glanced at him, but didn’t respond.

“Are you also one of the people who were deceived to be locked up here” The man retracted his hand in embarrassment and scratched his head, “There are a lot of people locked up here.

Let’s release everyone and escape together.

Chu Qianxun unlocked the key to the exit door and threw the remaining keys to him.

“Be careful,” she did not say more, turned and walked toward the exit.

As she walked out of the building, there was no one outside.

Chu Qianxun looked around cautiously while carrying Ye Peitian on her back, hiding in the shadow of the building, and fleeing all the way.

She poked her head out from the corner of a building.

There was an open field in front where a lot of cars were parked.

Several men holding torches stood on the edge of the field.

Chu Qianxun immediately retracted her body, but one of the men vaguely discovered something.

He walked toward her side holding a torch.

Putting Ye Peitian on his back gently to the ground, Chu Qianxun grasped the hilt of the knife on her waist.

The torch turned around, and not far away the man saw a familiar face.

Chen Wei’s sight touched Chu Qianxun.

“There is not even a single ghost here.” Chen Wei said loudly, “Let’s go and see elsewhere.”

He turned back and put one hand on Old Jin’s shoulder.

“Old Jin, is that man in the Relief Society joking with me He didn’t let us sleep and tossed us up to do the hard work in the middle of the night.

Hey, the woman in my bed is still waiting for me.”

Their voices gradually moved away.

It didn’t take long for a car in the distance to start, and stop in front of Chu Qianxun with a buzz.

The driver of the car had pale skin, and was sluggish.

The driving door opened, and the “driver” fell out of the car to the ground.

It was a corpse that had been dead for a long time.

This was Old Jin’s corpse control technique.

Chu Qianxun pulled the door of the car to place Ye Peitian in the passenger seat, and got into the car by herself.

“It seems that being kind is not completely useless, there are still a few who remember your favors,” she joked while helping Ye Peitian to fasten the seat belt.

“Wait a minute, wait for us,” the tall man who was released from the cage by Chu Qianxun ran all the way, carrying an old woman on his back and a child in his hands.

The three squeezed into the back seat of the car.

One was a boy about ten years old, his eyes were not focused, he was blind.

The other was an old woman with a thin body and white hair.

Both of them looked haggard and embarrassed.

But the huge guy with the plant ability looked energetic.

He rushed into the car with the two people, but his face was not flushed or breathless.

After Chu Qianxun started the car, he repeatedly thanked her, “Thank you so much.

My name is Qi Yongchun, a native of Goose City.



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