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Qi Yongchun looked at the two people beside him.

Obviously he didn’t know the names of the two people either.

He opened all the cells and released the imprisoned humans.

All the prisoners rushed out to escape, only this old one lady ran awkwardly and fell behind.

Qi Yongchun used his size and strength, and took the two to escape together.

Perhaps it was because there were a lot of people who fled, that they drove all the way smoothly, and those behind were in the chaos.

“My surname is Feng, and my name is Luying.” The elderly woman coughed a few times and pointed to the boy next to her and introduced, “This child’s surname is Tu and his name is Yibai.”

Tu Yibai suddenly said, “There are people in front, ten.

Among them, five of the saints are from the combat system.”

He stared at the front without focus, but he could tell what was out of sight.

Chu Qianxun turned the steering wheel and changed direction.

“Can you see things” Chu Qianxun asked.

“No, I have been blind since I was born.

This is my ability to perceive people and things that are far away.”

The child was extremely calm and he didn’t look like his appearance, he looked more mature than the lively Jiang Chengzhu.

Chu Qianxun released those people who were secretly imprisoned by the Holy Angels.

The escape of this group of people created chaos, but it was actually beneficial to Chu Qianxun’s escape.

A large number of Holy Angels’ saints guarded the gate of the base, and the lights of various abilities came one after another.

They were ordered to lay down layers of traps to stop them.

However, by that time, Chu Qianxun had already turned the car and drove deep into the base.

She had lived in this base for two months.

At that time, in order to fill up her stomach, she almost climbed the back mountain to find something to eat and knew the roads on the mountain.

Now, with the seriously injured Ye Peitian, it was impossible for her to confront the large number of Holy Angels, so she planned to break through the mountain.

“Someone is catching up, there are a lot of people,” Tu Yibai’s tone was a little nervous this time, and he couldn’t help turning back.

The road in the back raised smoke and dust, and several cars appeared, spreading far away.

“Ah, they have caught up, they have caught up.” Qi Yongchun turned around and leaned on the rear window, “It’s too much, why do these people want to catch us I can do nothing but let the plants bloom.


Ye Peitian slowly sat upright, and thin yellow sand filled the air at the back of the car, but soon the yellow sand fell from the air and scattered all over the ground.

Ye Peitian vomited a mouthful of blood and covered his abdomen.

“Young man, what did they do to you” Feng Luying asked, “Is it an inhibitor”

“No, the inhibitor has no effect on me.” Ye Peitian tried to calm his breath, “I…just give me a moment.”

Chu Qianxun glanced at him, “You don’t have to force yourself, let me fight.”

Ye Peitian’s wound was treated by her personally, and she clearly saw the limit of human evil in him.

In order to prevent Ye Peitian from having a chance to recover, those people even took out some of his organs, repeatedly leaving him in an extremely weak state.

Feng Luying said, “My ability is useless, but I may be able to help you a little at this moment.”

The old lady closed her eyes.

Her white hair raised slightly, and everyone’s eyes got hazy at that moment.

White fog gradually formed in the back of the car, and the fog became thicker, completely obstructing the sight of the pursuers at the back.

The enemy who was tracking was finally blocked by the thick fog and lost them.

After the vehicle arrived at the foot of the mountain, Chu Qianxun took Ye Peitian on her back and got out of the car.

“Should I carry him You’re just a girl,” Qi Yongchun touched his head.

In his memory, girls were delicate creatures that should be protected.

It was the first time he saw a girl carrying a man on her back.

“Xiaobai, can you walk by yourself” Qi Yongchun asked Tu Yibai.

Tu Yibai was not satisfied with the nickname Qi Yongchun suddenly gave him.

He lifted his foot and walked into the mountain.

With the help of his ability, he could distinguish the direction in the mountain without being affected by the white mist.

Chu Qianxun unceremoniously handed Ye Peitian to Qi Yongchun, and walked behind him.

The group climbed the top of the mountain and walked through the dense jungle.

The stamina of the saints was much higher than that of ordinary people, so even though they were a group of old, weak, sick and disabled, their walking speed was not too slow.

The thick white mist in the night gradually dispersed.

Granny Feng coughed a few times.

She bent down and shook her head, “I can only do this.”


Feng, please rest.

Don’t use your power.

We have walked into such a deep mountain.

Those people will definitely not catch up,” Qi Yongchun said.

Tu Yibai stopped.

“No,” he said.

“A team has followed.”

He stood there, focused his ears for a moment, and frowned, “The leader is a man who seems to be able to control plants.”

“How many people are there” Chu Qianxun asked, frowning.

“Seven, all saints.

They are very fast.

Now that the fog has cleared, they will soon catch up with us.”

Chu Qianxun drew out her pair of blades, “Qi Yongchun, you use plants to make some shelter and hide.”

“I… I can’t do it,” Qi Yongchun flushed.

“I can’t do such complicated things.

I’m better at making plants bloom,” he whispered.

Chu Qianxun was surprised.

She had seen a bald man grow a lot of vegetation on the battlefield.

He could even temporarily tie up the body of a second-order demon.

She thought that Qi Yongchun, who also had a plant ability, was at least the same. 


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