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“Quick, quick, quick.

Surround her, she’s fast.

Don’t let her run away,” a saint shouted loudly.

He was about to use his power when he stepped on the ground and fell.

In a camouflaged pit, a violent scream sounded from the sinkhole.

At the moment when everyone was distracted, Chu Qianxun’s figure flashed behind a man, and the long knife went up from the bottom, piercing his vest diagonally.

The blood-red tip of the blade appeared on the man’s chest for a moment, and then disappeared.

What disappeared with it was the ghostly figure of Chu Qianxun.

Almost everything happened in just a few seconds, and the surrounding silence was restored again.

The remaining four men stood on the edge of the sinkhole, panting and staring at each other.

Yan Xiu’s facial muscles were tense.

He lowered his head and glared at the trap in front of him.

The companion who fell into the trap, whose body was penetrated by a few sharp blades at the bottom of the trap, had his eyes wide open, staring back at him nonchalantly.

The cunning and vicious woman first killed his companions with a surprise attack.

When they got nervous and did not pay attention to the ground, she led them to a trap set up in advance and killed another of his companions again.

Not only was the woman unscathed, she also took another life when she retreated.

In a short time, she mercilessly killed three people in a row.

She was not an ordinary woman at all, she was simply an experienced killer.

“She is too difficult to deal with.

Brother Xiu, we should retreat, right” Yan Xiu’s companion could not help but look back.

“This woman is not only fast, but also strong.” Another tall man who was a saint with the power ability said, “I played a trick and even used suppression on her, but it didn’t work.”

Chu Qianxun hid in the dark, while observing the enemy’s situation, and slowly rubbed her ankle.

Of the remaining four people, apart from Yan Xiu, she was still unclear about the situation of one person.

The other was a wind ability holder, and the last was the strength power.

This person’s ability should be as close to the first-order critical state as Yan Xiu.

Although he used suppression against her, he was still slightly inferior to her by fighting strength alone.

Just now in the battle, her legs swept across the man’s fist, and he made a move, so her feet still ached.

The men discussed and looked like they were planning to retreat temporarily.

They started to return along the same path.

Chu Qianxun slowly followed carefully in the dark.

On the grass behind her, a vine grew silently and quietly went around her ankle.

The moment it caught Chu Qianxun’s skin, she got alert, and jumped up to avoid the vines that attacked her.

But it also inevitably exposed her.

The enemy pretended to retreat, but secretly used plants to find her.

A harsh and sharp sound came through the forest.

A saint placed his hands on his waist, bulged his belly, and uttered a harsh and sharp scream in Chu Qianxun’s direction.

This person was a sound saint.

Chu Qianxun covered her ears in pain, and blood was flowing from both of her ears.

Countless vines grew crazily and entangled her.

Chu Qianxun endured the dizziness and jumped into the air.

The tenacity of these vines was enough to bind the second-order stone-armored Dull Walker.

She must not be entangled by them and could only avoid it with her agile speed.

The currents in the air began to rotate, the strong whirlwind swept Chu Qianxun down from the air as the saint of the wind was releasing his power.

Chu Qianxun’s ankle was tightly grasped by a huge palm.

The man’s hand was so powerful that he used a huge force to grab Chu Qianxun’s leg.

“Hahaha, stinky lady, let’s see how you run,” the man grabbed the petite woman.

The woman turned her head.

Her eyes flashed with cold light, and there was a clear sound of bone fracture in the air.

In spite of the severe pain of broken leg bone, she twisted her body forcibly, threw out the dagger with her right hand, and swiped the dagger into the mouth of the man who made the strange noise.

At the same time, a silver light flashed in her left hand, passing over the throat of the man who grabbed her ankle in front of her.

The man released his hand and covered his throat.

The blood could not stop spilling from his fingers.

“How…how could it be possible” The tower-like body of the strength ability holder fell to the ground.

The sharp voice in the air stopped at the same time his eyes protruded with a dagger stuck in his mouth, as he slowly fell to the ground.

Competing with big shots often told the winner in an instant, which meant choosing either life or death.

Chu Qianxun stood up holding the bloody blade.

Her leg was broken, her ears buzzed, her head was dizzy, and there were two enemies in front of her.

Yan Xiu looked at the person in front of him with all his attention.

He no longer dared to underestimate her because she was a woman.

The woman was bleeding from her ears and leg, but her face did not have the expression that Yan Xiu had imagined of a defeated general.

He could not even see the slightest bit of fear and decadence.

She leaned slightly, with a horizontal blade in front of her.

Her eyes shone with excitement, as if she had been accustomed to such fierce battles, and firmly believed that the final victory would belong to her.

Yan Xiu mobilized his ability, and countless vines shot at Chu Qianxun like a rain of arrows.

Chu Qianxun’s blade hit on the ground and jumped into the air.

The hard wood that passed by, plunged deeply into the land where she was just now, making a harsh sound.

The air in the sky flew strangely again, Chu Qianxun’s arms swung two wind blades to separate the airflow.

In the past ten years, she had used wind power.

No one was more familiar than her with the control and utilization of air movement than her.

She fell steadily from the air, and instantly approached the wind saint.

The light of the blade was lit up in her hand, and countless vines on her side were entwined, turning into a thick “spear” rotating toward Chu Qianxun.


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