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Chapter 8: Her face turned cold and uttered a word without emotion: “Get out.”

    Chu Qianxun dragged Fu Guoxu and ran away.

They fell at the end of the crowd, followed by a few swaying demons.

    After leaving the school gate, there was a temporary fortification in the middle of the road, and a dozen or so heavily armed soldiers lay behind the trenches.

    The doomsday broke out suddenly, traffic in the entire city was severely blocked, and the army was moving slowly.

    Therefore, the commander left a lot of personnel responsible for the interruption along the way.

Most of them were organized in squads, armed with ammunition and weapons, and stationed at each key intersection for a period of time.

    They are responsible for blocking the demons coming up from behind, first to prevent the large forces in front from being flanked by the demons back and forth, and secondly, they also need respond from the people behind for a follow up.

    The leader of the squad stood up and waved his hands, shouting: “Quick! Quick!”

    Chu Qianxun and Fu Guoxu rushed past the trenches in one breath, and fierce gunfire sounded behind them.

    The three or two demons who followed them, even with strong firepower, still unconsciously walked forward for a few steps.

Fortunately, they finally fell crookedly in front of the trench.

    The squad leader of the team took a breath and cursed: “Yah, yah, bah! where did these demons came from It’s so persistent, even when they are sieved, they can still come forward.”

    The soldiers laughed and said, “Boss, speak slowly.

This is the gate of H University, and there are students watching.”

    The squad leader smiled and looked at Chu Qianxun and the others, waving in salute.

    Chu Qianxun calmly glanced at the Type 95 Automatic Rifle* in his hand, feeling envious.

    She also wants a gun, but the bullets are definitely not enough unless she stays in the army.

guns without bullets will wear down her physical strength, so she put down the idea of ​​using guns on the road.

    Han Xuan and Gan Xiaodan waited for her not far behind the trenches, and saw the demons were easily solved by the soldiers’ bullets.

They were greatly relieved and went to Chu Qianxun.

    Chu Qianxun took the backpack in Han Xuan’s hand and handed it to Fu Guoxu, who was empty-handed.

    “fo-for me” Fu Guoxu hadn’t fully recovered yet.

    He looked at three people with identical backpacks on their backs, and realized that the extra bag was specially prepared for him.

    Most boys in school have no habit of hoarding things.

    Fu Guoxu has always been generous.

The only two packs of instant noodles and a box of snacks in the dormitory were eaten up by a few brothers last night.

When he went out, he also lost a bottle of mineral water in his hand in a panic.

    Because of his good family background, his friends all ask him more and give him less.

    At this critical moment, Fu Guoxu was filled with emotion when he received a gift from a junior sister who had just helped him.

    “There are foods, water and some emergency medicines, as well as a dagger and a blanket.

At this time, these things are not easy to buy if you have money.

The one hundred thousand I owe you, this should settle it.” Chu Qianxun threw the bag into his arms.

    Fu Guoxu caught it in a hurry, “Don’t mention it.

What is that little money I owe you a life.”

    You don’t owe me.

Our debts are both cleared. Chu Qianxun thought in her heart.


    The sky gradually lit up.

There are mess everywhere on the streets.

    The storefronts on both sides of the road were smashed open by people taking advantage of the chaos.

    In some stores, people are fighting for the materials.

    Under the strong weapon of the army that had just been fired, the demons on this road were almost gone.

    Occasionally, a few slippery ones rushed out from the corner, while the bold men grouped up with their weapons, and chopped up the demon together.

    It seems that the situation hasn’t yet reached the point of being out of control.

   Chu Qianxun and the others carried their bags while silently walking around the fallen corpse on the side of the road.

    Han Xuan suddenly grabbed her clothes and pointed to the front, “Qian…Qianxun.” Her voice trembled.

    Chu Qianxun followed her hand and looked at the alley on the side of the street.

A stylishly dressed man squatted in the dark with his back turned to them, squatting in the dark as if he was eating something.

    There was a woman lying on the ground in front of him.

The woman’s body was hidden by the shadow of the alley, and only a pair of beautiful and slender legs were exposed in the sun.

    There was a pink sheepskin embroidered satchel beside the feet wearing delicate leather shoes, soaking in a pool of blood.

    That is He Mingyan’s bag.

    “Is that, isn’t it Woo…” Han Xuan covered her mouth and cried.

    Chu Qianxun was silent for a moment, and said: “Go.”

    She pushed Han Xuan and Gan Xiaodan, “Continue walking.”

    The four of them walked forward silently at the other side of the street.

    When crossing the alleyway, Chu Qianxun held the dagger in h hand, and Fu Guoxu held a fire axe he got halfway.

    They stared warily at the human-looking demon in the corner across the road.

    Although they don’t know what “he” will look like when he turns around, it will never be the Xie Xiaobin they knew.

    Han Xuan and Gan Xiaodan tightly covered their mouths, tears streaming down the back of their hands.

    They walked past the corpse of their roommate, without stopping, through their difficult beginning.

    The four people walked for several hours and came to place where the crowd are gathering.

    Not far from the gathering place, about one platoon* of troops built temporary fortifications, and no longer allowed pedestrians to move forward.

    The roar of guns can be heard very clearly from here, and the large forces are likely to be fighting the demons at a very close distance.

    Chu Qianxun entered the crowd and found a corner to sit and rest.

    Most of the people gathered here are students of H University, and among them there are a few familiar faces.

    “Qianxun, should we go over there There seems to be classmates from our department.” Gan Xiaodan asked.

    Chu Qianxun shook her head: “No, I’m staying here.”

    If everything is the same as in the previous life, the first wanderer will appear here soon.

    It was a demon with extremely fast speed and a level/tier one.

    After the arrival of the demon seed, most of the infected humans and animals will become primary demons.

In addition to the terrifying appearance of primary demons, they do not have much strong offensive power, and you will not get anything from killing them.

    When the huge celestial body in the sky disappeared, only then did the demon begun to evolve rapidly.

It has been discovered that the evolved demons carry some kind of crystals in their bodies.

    The size and color of this kind of crystals vary according to their levels, and they will become an opium-like existence of human powerhouses.

    Taking in the crystals of corresponding level can quickly improve the power, and has a certain probability to help the saints break through their limits and become the powerhouses of the higher class.

    However, excessive consumption of crystals, or higher-level crystals, also has a high probability of demonizing the saints, turning them into “fallen ones” with powerful strength and wisdom, especially difficult to deal with.

    But in any case, almost no one can bear not taking a crystal, and the crystals in these demons gradually became the currency circulated in later generations.

The high-level crystal has become a substance that the major forces are competing for.

    Last time, after the wanderer here appeared, Chu Qianxun, like most people, ran away in a panic without even seeing the appearance of the demon.

    Now, she’s guarding the exit of the gathering place, just waiting for the demon to appear.

    She wants this crystal.

    In the early days of the doomsday, Tier 1 demons were not easy to find.

Chu Qianxun had memories of her previous life.

She knew where advanced demons had appeared along the way.

This was her only advantage.

    She wants to use the information she knows to seize the opportunity as much as possible to make herself stronger quickly and become the top existence among the saints.

    She knows that in troubled times, only the strong can have real security, and obtain real freedom and dignity.

    Fu Guoxu walked the whole morning.

    They could finally settle down, only to feel thirsty and hungry.

    He opened the backpack Chu Qianxun gave him and found a bottle of water and a pack of compressed biscuits in it.

    After swallowing a few times, he felt much better.

    After entering H University, because of his wealthy family and his generous attitude, the classmates around him always love to rub him for something, and he doesn’t take it seriously either.

    Unexpectedly, over time, others thought that he was foolish, especially stupid, and even secretly gave him the nickname Fu Silly.

    He was not very happy for a while, and decided to go back to his circle after graduation, never to pay any attention to this group of poor people anymore.

    Now he suddenly felt a little grateful,

    Fu stupid, Fu silly, it is all good.

How many of them can still get the life-saving food specially prepared by a junior sister at this time like me Fu Guoxu thought triumphantly in his heart.

    He gave Chu Qianxun, Han Xuan and others biscuits.

    Chu Qianxun waved her hand, indicating that she has it too.

    Indeed, not everyone who escaped in a hurry can be as well prepared as they are.

Many people in the square are empty-handed and hungry, watching with envious at Chu Qianxun and the others sitting together eating biscuits and drinking water.

    It has only been one day since the arrival of the Demon Seed, and most people still abide by the public order and good customs, so no one has come up to snatch it.

    “I was wondering why you suddenly broke up with me, it turned out to be money.” A mocking voice sounded in front of Chu Qianxun.

    Chu Qianxun looked up and saw that it was her ex-boyfriend, Lu Zhehan.

    Lu Zhehan squinted and looked at Chu Qianxun contemptuously.

    He can be described as embarrassed, who had long lost his usual handsome appearance with his clothes covered with mud, messy hair, and torn trouser legs.

    He hasn’t eaten anything since last night.

    At this moment, he is hungry.

Watching the woman who was his girlfriend a few days ago sitting next to another man, eating and drinking, he couldn’t help feeling indignant.

    “After me, you don’t know how to choose a better one, and actually fell in love with Fu Silly” Lu Zhehan sneered, “At this time, can a fat man like him run with you Money is useless now.”

    The weak girlfriend he remembered didn’t blush as much as he imagined.

    Instead, she shook her head and smiled, then she raised her eyelids and looked over him.

    Her kind of smile is a kind of indulgent smile from the strong on the wild to the weak, and a kind of lion who smiles dismissively at a white rabbit.

    She stopped Fu Guoxu, who was so angry that he was about to stand up and argua.

She just turned the blood-stained knife in her hand, causing Lu Zhehan’s back to have goosebumps and feeling cold.

    Lu Zhehan moved his lips, wanting to say something to save his face, but finally did not dare to say it.

    It’s just that his stomach is really hungry, after a long time, he still uttered a word with a thick face.

“You, we have a good time, you share some food with me.”

    Chu Qianxun really laughed, raising her eyebrows, and scolding herself in her heart: How blind I used to be, I actually dated such a man.

    Then her face turned cold and uttered a word without emotion: “Get out.”


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