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If Chu Qianxun wanted to kill the wind saint in front of her, he couldn’t escape this fatal blow.

But her scorching eyes didn’t mean to retreat at all, while the silver blade flashed out, she just turned sideways slightly to avoid the point.

She wanted to withstand this blow, but also to take the life of the enemy in front of her.

The head of the wind saint rolled off from his neck to the grass.

The thick and hard green cane spun toward Chu Qianxun’s shoulder.

When the sharp front end was about to penetrate Chu Qianxun’s shoulder, the top of the spear spread out, and a huge white flower appeared.

The soft petals hit Chu Qianxun’s shoulders, and scattered all over the sky.

Qi Yongchun was panting.

He stood not far away, his face was sweaty and flushed.

Obviously, at the moment of crisis, he exhausted all his strength to solve Chu Qianxun’s crisis.

Beside him was Ye Peitian who was barely standing.

Ye Peitian looked at Chu Qianxun, who was covered in blood.

His eyes turned red, a fierce light burst out, and he stared at Yan Xiu fiercely.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Yan Xiu turned and ran.

All the vines on the grass then stood upright, flying and lingering in the air, preventing Chu Qianxun from advancing.

Ye Peitian raised his arm, a sand palm condensed in the air, and grabbed Yan Xiu.

Chu Qianxun caught up in time, and the long blade passed through his throat in a flash, piercing his neck, and completely ended the difficult battle.

As Yan Xiu fell to the ground, Chu Qianxun sat down on the ground, “Why did you two come out”

She wiped her face and found that her face was bloody, her whole body hurt, her left leg was completely broken, and her ears buzzed.

Qi Yongchun and Ye Peitian ran to her anxiously, and she couldn’t hear what they were saying to her.

They must leave immediately.

Chu Qianxun thought to herself that another team would come over.

She had a broken leg.

Ye Peitian didn’t have the ability to move, and didn’t have any of the remaining combat power.

She raised her head to see Ye Peitian’s concerned gaze.

Ye Peitian looked at her, stretched out his hand slowly, and pulled away the surgical bandage on his neck.

There was originally a deep wound on his neck, which was temporarily sealed by Chu Qianxun.

With the force, the wound opened again, red blood came out, and the blood wandered down his white neck.

His lips opened and closed in front of Chu Qianxun’s eyes, anxious and sincere.

Although Chu Qianxun couldn’t hear him, she could fully understand what he meant.

He was telling her that his blood was the holy medicine for healing.

Chu Qianxun didn’t look away.


She didn’t want to do this kind of thing.

She had accidentally drank his blood once in her previous life, causing her to want to vomit whenever she thought about it.

Ye Peitian waited for her for a while, and saw her stubbornly turning her face to disagree.

He had to reach out to Chu Qianxun, “You can’t walk, I’ll carry you.”

Chu Qianxun cursed in her heart, stood up holding the blade, grabbed the hair behind Ye Peitian’s head, causing him to expose his bleeding neck, leaned over, and licked his wound twice.

After swallowing the blood, Chu Qianxun wiped her mouth.

Her head was no longer dizzy in an instant, and her ears gradually could hear the sound clearly, but her heart seemed to be pierced with five or six holes, mixed with the pain in her whole body.

She blamed this guy for making her feel more pain.

“This is the only time.

You are not allowed to do this again in the future,” Chu Qianxun said while staring at Ye Peitian’s eyes.

She rejected Qi Yongchun’s help and walked along the mountain road with a temporary cane made of a tree trunk.

Her walking was slow for normal people.

The huge pain in her leg was quickly relieving.

The “Holy Blood” was indeed a magical medicine, and it was precisely because it was a medicine that this man suffered unbearably repeated tortures.

Despite that, he still wanted to treat her with his blood for the first time.

The most hateful thing was that she couldn’t even refuse.

Ye Peitian walked with Chu Qianxun.

“Can you really walk”

“Can you move”

The two suddenly said in unison.

Ye Peitian lowered his head first.

There was a little embarrassed smile on his deserted, melancholy face.

“I’ve been a little too sensitive since I was a child.

I always worried that people around me would not like me,” he seemed to be happy about something that even his low voice became a little warm.

“I’m sorry, Qianxun.

You are so good to me, but I always think of you… If I believed you more at that time and gave you a hint, you might not have to suffer such a serious injury to save me.”

Chu Qianxun glanced at him with some guilty conscience and coughed softly.

Chu Qianxun and her group of five people turned down the mountain overnight and walked straight until noon the next day.

With Tu Yibai’s ability, he confirmed that there were no more chasing soldiers behind them, and they found a hiding place to rest temporarily.

In order to let the two wounded Chu Qianxun and Ye Peitian rest well, Qi Yongchun took the initiative to take on the task of finding food.

Not long after that, he came back with a bag of mulberries in his coat, and a few white tender and shiny, chubby leaf-like fruits in his hands.


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