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It could be seen how powerful Ye Peitian’s recovery ability had reached.

As soon as Chu Qianxun’s leg healed, she immediately began to move up and down to collect ingredients.

A female student of her age should have immersed herself in studying, but she looked very familiar with life in the wild.

Not only could she distinguish and find every edible food, but she could always set traps to get prey.

In the evening of that day, they found a source of water.

They built the stove and lit a bonfire.

Chu Qianxun had used a sharpened bamboo pole to fork two large fishes.

She was bare feet as her trousers were rolled up, holding a fish in one hand, and carrying a large handful of red raspberries in the other hand on a broad leaf.

Ye Peitian took the fish from her hand,”I’ll help,” Ye Peitian said.

He walked to the stream, rolled up his sleeves, cleansed the fish neatly, removed the bones, cut the fish into slices thin like cicada wings, and took a handful of wild amaranth picked by Granny Feng. 

“Ah, are you good at cooking” Chu Qianxun crouched and watched.

“I just know a little bit.

My parents were busy at work, and I cooked most of the time at home,” Ye Peitian said.

Chu Qianxun squatted and shared those sweet and sour berries with Tu Yibai, while waiting for the meal.

For her, finding and collecting all kinds of ingredients was her skill, but she did not have cooking skills, whether before the apocalypse or after.

Before the apocalypse, she had never entered the kitchen at home.

After the doomsday, once she got food, she tried to eat what she could raw, and if she couldn’t eat them raw, she cooked them as fast as possible and stuffed them into her mouth.

If one was a step slower, they may lose precious food to others. 

Chu Qianxun watched Ye Peitian cook.

He condensed the soil into a big pan, used fish bones to boil a pot of milky white fish soup, then put in the green amaranth leaves, and waited for the soup to boil.

Then he added the thin fish filets in and rolled them into the pan.

Ye Peitian made five rammed earth bowls, first served a bowl for Granny Feng, and then brought another bowl to Chu Qianxun.

“Without seasoning, it may not taste good,” he said.

“Oh, it’s the first time I realize that your ability is so practical,” Chu Qianxun praised him.

Qi Yongchun had a quick hand and had already drank the soup in one sip.

He was scalded but grinned, “Wow, this is delicious.

Xiao Ye, you are so good.

You can be a chef.”

Ye Peitian didn’t speak.

He carefully peeked at Chu Qianxun’s reaction.

Chu Qianxun took a sip and sighed contentedly, “The world is beautiful.”

Ye Peitian smiled.

He picked up his bowl and drank the fish soup slowly.

The hot soup was steaming, and his cheeks and ear tips were smoked red.

After eating the food, the sky gradually darkened.

Everyone found a dry and hidden place and prepared to sleep overnight.

“Peitian, ​​come with me,” Chu Qianxun went closer to Ye Peitian’s ear and whispered.

Ye Peitian was stunned for a moment, and looked at the people left and right.

His white face turned red without concealment.

“Go, I’ll guard at night.

Don’t worry.

You can go as long as you want,” Qi Yongchun said wittily.

Ye Peitian’s face flushed as he followed Chu Qianxun to leave the resting place, and walked for a while into a small forest.

Tu Yibai sat up from the ground, staring in the direction where they left.

“Go to sleep, kid, leave them alone.” Granny Feng pushed him back to the ground, “Big brother and sister got something to do.

You are not allowed to peek at them with your ability.”

In the gloomy forest, Chu Qianxun turned around and looked at Ye Peitian with scorching eyes.

Ye Peitian panicked for a while.

The heart in his chest was beating a little faster, as it was about to rush out of his chest.

“Why are you panicking” Chu Qianxun was a little confused.

She took out the gleaming third-order crystal core from her pocket, and her expression gradually became serious, “Ye Peitian, ​​I plan to upgrade to third-order.”

The smile on Ye Peitian’s face disappeared, and he remembered the situation when Gao Yan took the crystal core to upgrade.

Chu Qianxun stared at the crystal core in her palm, “You know, as an ability holder, only in life and death situations could the ability improve the fastest.

After the battle, I found that my ability has reached the limit.”

“Qianxun…” Ye Peitian grasped Chu Qianxun’s hand, “Don’t take this risk.”

Chu Qianxun grabbed the crystal core, retracted her hand, and looked at him, “I’m not asking for your opinion.

I asked you to come over because I want you to be my guardian.”


“Yes, protect my desire to be a human being when I am reborn and a human being when I die.”

Ye Peitian’s face turned pale.

His beautiful brows were twisted together, and there was pain in his eyes.

“My only wish is to keep getting stronger, and I will never stop.”

Ye Peitian pressed his mouth tightly and did not speak.

“But I don’t want to become a demon.

Peitian, ​​you are the only one who can protect me right now, can you”

Chu Qianxun’s expression was firm.

Ye Peitian finally closed his eyes and nodded.

Chu Qianxun took out the double-edged blade from her waist, carried the hilt upside down and handed it to Ye Peitian’s hand.

“Don’t be soft-hearted.

If I become a demon, I must be dealt with with a single blow before I get completely demonized.”

The green crystal core turned between Chu Qianxun’s fingers.

She swallowed the thing that determined her life or death without hesitation in front of Ye Peitian.

In the middle of the night, Chu Qianxun and Ye Peitian returned to the camp.

Her head was sweaty, her hair was messy, and she was embarrassed, but the corners of her mouth were raised as she looked happy.

On the contrary, Ye Peitian, who was following her, was pale, with vacant footsteps, looking sad and decadent.


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