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“What happened to these two people” Qi Yongchun had a gossipy heart, but he didn’t dare to ask.

He obediently changed shifts with Chu Qianxun, and fell asleep after lying in the corner but tossed around for a long time.

In order not to attract demons or enemies, they did not light a bonfire.

They were silent in the dark.

Ye Peitian laid in the dark.

The scene just now lingered in his heart, and he couldn’t sleep that night.

Qianxun was in front of his eyes, almost, almost…

If Chu Qianxun died in front of him, Ye Peitian couldn’t even think about what he would become.

“What’s the matter Can’t you sleep” Chu Qianxun sat down next to him.

She declined Ye Peitian’s proposal to replace her on the night guard.

She had just advanced so her spirit was in a state of excitement and joy, and she couldn’t sleep at all.

“Look at me, I am third-order now.” She lit a little warm yellow light in her hand, illuminating the small space between the two, “Next time if I see Fu Yingyu, I will chop her neck and never let her run again.”

“But I still can’t relax.

There are too many ability holders in this world.

I have to keep hunting demons to improve my ability.

If I can kill a few more third-order demons to obtain their crystal cores, it would be even better,” Chu Qianxun muttered to herself enthusiastically, and after talking for a moment, she realized that the person near her was silent.

The pair of eyes reflecting in the dark stared silently at the little light in her hand.

“What’s the matter” Chu Qianxun asked, “Were you scared just now It’s okay.

Although it was a little risky, didn’t I get through in the end You see, I am alive and kicking now, nothing happened.”

“Qianxun, am I too weak” Ye Peitian said suddenly, “If I am stronger, will you not be so aggressive.”

“What’s the use of being strong alone Can I still depend on you for a lifetime” Chu Qianxun smiled.

She looked at her palm and made a fist, “In this world, only your own strength is the most reliable thing.”

“Yes…Is it”

A few days later, they returned to the Nanxi base.

Gao Yan hugged Chu Qianxun excitedly, “Where did you go It took so many days.

You didn’t make it clear.

Chengzhu and I were worried that something happened to you.

We were so anxious.”

Her eyes were red.

Chu Qianxun was very unaccustomed to being held by Gao Yan’s hands.

She hadn’t been so intimately close to her in ten years and felt a little awkward.

In the past ten years, no matter how hard and dangerous situations she went through the battle, no matter how badly she was injured, no one would worry about her, and no one would wait for her to return.

Often after being seriously injured, even if she woke up in the bloody sea of ​​corpses, she could only crawl out by herself and barely return to the empty residence.

No one would tell her that she should not be so aggressive, and no one would ask her about her safety.

Although these questions were meaningless and somewhat ridiculous, Chu Qianxun felt indescribable.

She touched her chest, and the place that was cold got a little bit sour and a little bit warm.

As everyone talked, they walked toward the residence in the base.

Chu Qianxun introduced them to each other and briefly talked about what happened in Goose City.

After listening to their experience, Jiang Chengzhu was very upset and complained angrily,

“Sister Qianxun, I knew you were going to fight.

Why didn’t you bring us when you went to pick up Brother Peitian Did you think I was useless”

Chu Qianxun was in a good mood at the moment.

She smiled and stroked his head, soothing him.

Many people walked around along the way, and someone greeted Gao Yan from time to time.

Gao Yan, who was beautiful and had healing power, was very popular.

Almost everyone wanted to be friends with this beauty who was incapable of going out to fight with them for crystal cores, and could help with healing.

A tall woman with an indifferent expression and strong body walked toward her.

Behind her was a handsome young man with gentle behavior.

The man smiled with a kettle and food in his hand, and was very considerate to the lady with him.

When she passed by, the woman slightly nodded at Gao Yan, which was regarded as a greeting, and at the same time she gave Chu Qianxun and the others a lukewarm glance.

Chu Qianxun was very impressed with her.

This was the gun-type ability holder that they had met the first time they arrived at the base.

Gun-type abilities may not be so prominent when facing demons but when facing humans they were very dominant.

Especially in the later stage, the gun-type saint who could control many bullets at a distance was an object that almost all the strong dared not easily ignore. 

Chu Qianxun couldn’t help but look at this woman a few more times.

“Her name is Yan Xue,” Gao Yan approached Chu Qianxun’s ear and spoke in a low voice.

In the past few days, she had obviously exerted her personality traits and got very familiar with the situation in the base.

“She is a very powerful woman.

In the base, no one except the boss dares to offend her.

But don’t look at her cold front, her personality is actually very good.

She takes care of the girls in the base.

As she is here, the men dare not blatantly do disgusting things to the women in the base.”

“Really” Chu Qianxun looked back


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