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Chapter 9: The “female special soldier” rubbed her sore shoulder in his sight

    Lu Zhehan was irritated by his ex-girlfriend’s disdainful “get lost” character.

    He was hungry and annoyed at the moment, so he simply tore off his previous pretentious gentleness, and directly stretched out his hand to grab the food and water from Chu Qianxun’s hand.

    If he gets it, he would have to scold her a shameless bitch and so on, so that others would ignore the fact that he had snatched and condemned the woman who worshipped gold.

    Chu Qianxun threw away the food in her hand and stood up.

    She quickly stretched out her foot and hooked Lu Zhehan’s heel, grabbed his arm and twisted it with her right hand, then threw the man with superior height and physical strength to the ground.

    Although she has little strength with thin arms and legs, the fighting skills she has in her mind at this moment have been practiced through ten years of life-and-death fighting.

It’s nothing to deal with an ordinary male college student. 

    Lu Zhehan hadn’t reacted yet after he fell to the ground for a while now.

The woman twisted his thumb and folded the back of his hand to the bottom of his shoulders.

Her knees pressed against his back, making him unable to move with the pain.

    “It hurts! It hurts, you crazy woman, let go!”

    A sharp dagger came out of the sheath with a squeak, and slapped the dagger against his face.

A cold wind blew his nose and the dagger was inserted on the ground in front of his eyes.

    Lu Zhehan was scared to tears.

    Chu Qianxun looked at the man with flowing snot and tears for a moment, tolerantly put away the dagger, and stood up.

    “Get out of here.

Don’t let me say it again.”

    Lu Zhehan was really leaving this time.

    Chu Qianxun picked up her biscuits, patted the dust, and sat back to her place to continue eating.

    Fu Guoxu, Han Xuan, and Gan Xiaodan stared at everything that happened, and they didn’t know what to say to express their feelings at the moment.

    Fu Guoxu took the lead and applauded, Han Xuan and Gan Xiaodan also followed dully and clapped a few times.

    In fact, their brains were turning around.

    When did Qianxun have such skills Or is she hiding so deeply

    There were some people around.

Seeing that the girls in Chu Qianxun’s group had such good equipment and food, they secretly made up their minds.

    Seeing this now, they couldn’t help but put away those abnormal thoughts.

    Several soldiers stationed outside were also watching the excitement here.

    “Lin Tou, have you seen it” A soldier with a gun nodded his chin towards the crowd, “Not bad, she’s still a female student.”

    The platoon commander surnamed Lin narrowed his eyes: “It’s not just good.

This skill can only be practiced in actual combat.

This female student must have some background.”

    While they were discussing, there was a sudden commotion in the crowd.

    “The moon is gone! No, the big green moon is gone!”

    “It’s gone.

How come such a big thing suddenly disappeared”

    “Is it over like this Will those demons won’t appear anymore”

    “I hope so.”

    “We are saved.”

    People pointed to the sky and talked a lot.

    The huge celestial body floating high in the sky, just like when it suddenly appeared, it suddenly disappeared again.

    No one knows where it came from, and no one knows where it went back.

    It took one day to plant the demon seeds all over the earth that could destroy all living things on earth, and forcibly opened a new era in human history.

    Later generations will call this day and night that makes all humans unforgettable as the Day of Demon Seed Arrival/Descent.

    Chu Qianxun ignored the excitement of the crowd.

She silently sat in her seat, filling her stomach mechanically.

    From where she was sitting, her eyesight is unobstructed to the sight of the road where they came from.

    The sky began to dim, and the number of people coming here on the road gradually decreased.

    The sound of guns in the distance gradually loosened up, and it should be the end of the battle ahead.

    The people who had been frightened all day slightly relaxed.

    Only Chu Qianxun stared at the end of the road, her palm tightly holding the dagger sweating slightly.

    On the empty street, a breeze blew up with several plastic bags floating among the buildings.

    “Lin Tou, something’s wrong.

Xue Zhifeng and his squad should have withdrawn.

Why aren’t there any signs of movement for a long time”

    “Something is wrong.

Strengthen your guard and don’t relax.” The platoon commander surnamed Lin reminded his soldiers.

    Xue Zhifeng is a squad leader with strong combat capability, and his pace-setter* under his team.

    He deliberately placed Xue Zhifeng at the H University Gate section so that he can have a better response to the students coming out of the school.

    It’s past their agreed withdrawal time, but Xue Zhifeng and the others haven’t returned yet.

    Commander Lin’s* heart sank.

They are professionally trained soldiers, but after all, they are living in a peaceful age and have never really experienced the pain of losing their comrades.

    There were a few short shots at the end of the street.

    Several soldiers ran towards them while shooting behind.

    “They are here, be on standby.” The commander said.

    The soldiers quickly picked up their weapons after finding a good cover.

A small group of soldiers ran towards the crowd, preparing to evacuate the people back according to the situation.

    “Retreat!  Retreat!” It was Xue Zhifeng who ran over, and the squad leader who salutes them when they exited the H University gate.

    At this moment, his face was bloodstained and screaming wildly while shooting indiscriminately behind him.

    A black shadow jumped back and forth between the buildings on the street, and the two or three soldiers following Xue Zhifeng fell silently.


    Xue Zhifeng frantically shot with crimson eyes.

    “Fire support!” Commander Lin’s eye rim also turned red.

    The soldiers held up their guns but looked at each other, not knowing where the demon was.

    “Stop shooting, Zhifeng, come back here! Two people go and bring Xue Zhifeng back!”

    Before Commander Lin’s words fell, Xue Zhifeng’s gunfire suddenly went silent.

He turned his head and stared blankly.

In the distance, his squad leader spit out a few mouthfuls of blood, and slowly fell to the ground.

    The place where he fell was only a short distance from the square where the crowd gathered.

    The sudden change caused the crowd to boil like water in a pan.

    “What’s up What happened”

    “Demon Where is it”

    “Ahhhhh! There! Demon, demon!”

    This time everyone clearly saw what the demon looked like.

    On the tempered glass window of an office building on the side of the road, a cyan-skinned monster was lying on its stomach.

    This demon has a humanoid appearance, its body is naked and hairless, and its skin pigmentation degenerated, showing a lifeless blue-gray color.

    It highlights the abnormality of eyes protruding beyond the brain, capable of rotating three hundred and sixty degrees.

It has human-shaped limbs, but it folds at ninety degrees like a spider’s leg, walking effortlessly on the smooth glass surface.

    A long tongue hangs outside its mouth with a bloody heart hooked on the tip of its tongue.

    The tongue shook in the air, and then retracted into its mouth with a squeak.

Its neck and abdomen rolled one after another, and its eyes bulged outward.

    There was a sigh that sounded like when a human being is satisfied.

    “Fire! Fire!” Commander Lin roared at the same time as the intensive gunfire.

    The enraged soldiers quickly poured firepower at the demon.

    The line of fire drawn by the bullets intersected to that office building, shattering the glass to pieces.

    The smoke cleared, but no demon was seen.

    Th people began to flee in panic.

    No one noticed that a young girl was against the crowd and came to the dead Xue Zhifeng.

    She picked up the deceased’s gun, and unscrupulously touched all the magazines in the deceased’s tactical vest*.

She smoothly wiped a hand on his face, and closed the dead soldier’s eyes.

    The black shadow appeared in the crowd again but before the people could react, it quickly retreated, leaving only two bloody corpses.

    “Don’t be chaotic! Hide in a concealed place! Be careful of being injured by bullets!”

    The soldiers wanted to maintain order, but to no avail.

    Ghost-like shadows appear from time to time, and each time it appears, several lives will be reaped.

    It always returns back, and quickly disappears among the many buildings.

    There were soldiers and ordinary people who died.

    There were screams everywhere, and the scene was chaotic.

    “What do we do, Lintou The demon is too fast and there are too many people.

Our brothers can’t shoot it at all.”

    The demon is reaping lives unscrupulously before their eyes, but they are helpless, and even their own lives cannot be guaranteed.

    *Da! Da! Da! Da!*  Gunshoots sounded.

    The cyan demon suddenly fell from the building onto the street.

    It was shot!

    However, it didn’t seem to be affected as it quickly turned its naked body, grinning at the shooter, and quickly disappeared into the storefront by the road.

   Commander Lin looked at the source of the gunshots.

The female student who was beating someone with a knife earlier is kneeling on one foot, holding a Type 95 automatic rifle*, pressing the butt of the riffle on her shoulder, and calmly shot a string of bullets at the storefront where the demon disappeared.

    This woman has an extremely uncoordinated violation.

She has slender limbs, fair skin with no sense of firmness on her limbs, and almost no muscles.

She is a standard female student who lacks exercise.

    She even tied a towel on the shoulder of the gun, obviously because she was not used to the protective measures made by the recoil of the gun.

    But the way she holds the gun and the posture when she fires, was like a veteran who practices the gun every day.

    No, if she is under his own hands, she is at the tip, or can even become the king of soldiers.

The platoon commander who has been in the army for many years thought so.

    The gunner’s burst firing rhythm was extremely regularly controlled in a group of three shots.

Commander Lin could even feel that she was shooting at the same time the muzzle slightly moved, so that every three bullets she fired could cover a small space.

It is no wonder that she was able to shoot the fast-moving demon.

    The soldiers reacted and followed Chu Qianxun’s shooting point, covering the several stores with intensive firepower.

Not long after, there was a ‘bang’ on the store door, and the cyan demon was forced out by them, fleeing into the distance, and disappeared in the alleys of the street.

    Platoon Commander Lin’s eyes fell back to the female student.

    He saw her holding the gun with her right hand then took out a new magazine from her pocket with her left hand.

She used the new magazine to lightly set the magazine latch on the gun and squeezed forward with a skillful movement, the empty magazine falling forward, and the new magazine replaced it.

    Changed the magazine with one hand!

    This can’t be a female student, it’s a quality that a female special soldier can have.

    Platoon Commaner Lin thought secretly in his heart.

    The “female special soldier” rubbed her sore shoulder in his sight, reached out and made a gesture of ‘don’t slacken’ at him.

Translator’s Thoughts:

pace-setter* – An individual, selected by the column commander, who travels in the lead vehicle or element to regulate the column speed and establish the pace necessary to meet the required movement order.

Commander Lin’s* – I changed his name to Commander Lin instead of Platoon Commander Lin since it’s long and they mean the same thing.

Tactical Vest* –

Type 95 automatic rifle* – or QBZ-95


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