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Ye Peitian’s hand stopped, and his slender fingers curled up imperceptibly.

“I… Um… I will follow Sister Qianxun,” Jiang Chengzhu raised his hand while eating.

Gao Yan: “Me too, I said I want to be with you.”

“Okay, Chengzhu, Sister Yan, and Peitian can come to Lu Island with me,” Chu Qianxun looked at everyone’s reaction.

She strangely saw Ye Peitian breath a sigh of relief, so she retracted her chopsticks and silently lowered her head to eat.


Feng, what about you” Chu Qianxun asked, “This base looks okay, but I am feeling that something is wrong.

I don’t really recommend you staying here.”

Gao Yan said, “Qianxun is right.

I stayed here for a few more days and found that they are peaceful on the surface, but in fact they are fighting fiercely within themselves.

I feel that these gangs are all going to cause trouble.

Now, it’s best for us not to blend in.”

Granny Feng said, “Although this base seems to be more stable than Goose City, after staying here for two days, I do feel something is wrong.

If you don’t dislike it, we want to follow you.”

Both Qi Yongchun and Tu Yibai agreed.

“That’s fine.

Everyone tidy up, don’t tell anyone.

We will go tomorrow silently,” Chu Qianxun came to the final conclusion.

Gao Yan packed her luggage.

Chu Qianxun was bored and did push-ups on the floor with one finger.

She had her right hand on her back, and only her left index finger that touched the ground supported her body. 

“Qianxun, why did you agree Wouldn’t it be too hard for you” Gao Yan said while folding her clothes.

“It’s not troublesome.

It’s much better than before.”

After Chu Qianxun finished a hundred push-ups, she changed her hand and continued.

“Nonsense, weren’t you a student before What was expected of you is to study and maybe fall in puppy love, right” Gao Yan was struggling with what to pack.

She had lived in Nanxi Base for a few days, but she had a lot more things, yet she was reluctant to lose it.

It was difficult to choose.

“Qianxun, don’t you have anything to organize”

“No, I can leave anytime.”

Chu Qianxun had only one carry-on backpack, and it always contained some emergency medicines, a small amount of high-calorie food and water, plus a few small items such as lighters and flashlights.

She went out with a weapon.

“Sometimes, I really think you are not a girl of your age,” Gao Yan looked at the two clothes she had just bought from the market, gritted her teeth and prepared to leave them.

“Qianxun, didn’t you notice that Xiao Ye is always trying to make you happy”

“No” Chu Qianxun kept moving, and the sweat on her face dropped to the ground along her chin, “It’s not necessary, I have promised to provide cover for him in the future.”

Gao Yan gave her a blank look.

Such a strange woman.

As if when the doomsday arrived, she spontaneously cleared up the golden years of the past from her memory leaving only a fighting madwoman who only knew how to become stronger.

A bass and guitar mix came from nowhere, and a deep and atmospheric sound of a bass wafted low in the night.

The man had a wide vocal range, with a unique voice.

His singing was gloomy and vaguely sad.

Chu Qianxun stood up, took the towel handed by Gao Yan, wiped her face, and looked out the dark window.

“It’s Tang Juan.” Gao Yan explained, “Before the apocalypse, he was in a band, a lead singer.

The whole band of a dozen people fled here after the apocalypse and now they are almost dead.

There is only him left and Shi Deming who was with you that day.”

“So it was him.”

“Tang Juan has a bad temper.

He is very arrogant, and offended many people.

If it weren’t for his powerful ability, it would have been messed up here.”

“It’s the same everywhere.” Chu Qianxun sneered, “As long as the world gets a little stability, the chaotic struggle for power starts.”

The rock music in the night was weird and blurred, as if the dark tide was surging.

It had a kind of nostalgia for the dead, and was kind of full of vented up depression and sadness.

This was a person with a sad story.

But in this era, almost everyone had a few stories.

On the second day, Chu Qianxun and her party left the base in the name of going out to hunt demons so it did not attract anyone’s attention.

Not far from Nanxi to the east, the road was completely destroyed, and they could only move forward on foot.

There was a peninsula called Donggua Island more than 100 kilometers away from Nanxi.

Chu Qianxun remembered that a high-level demon appeared nearby.

It wandered on the peninsula for a long time, harvesting a lot of human lives.

It was wiped out under the concerted efforts of a large number of demon hunters.

Chu Qianxun planned to go to the peninsula to see if she could see the early form of the demon.

At noon, they sat on the edge of a strawberry field to rest and simply ate a little dry food.

“Since we are going to the sea, I can definitely eat a lot of seafood, hehe.” 

Qi Yongchun took a bite of the biscuits in his hand as if it was not bland compressed biscuits but a delicious seafood meal.

Everyone around couldn’t help but swallow on hearing that.

As Chu Qianxun collected the ingredients, and Ye Peitian cooked and prepared them later, he was basically not hungry enough, but rather gluttonous.

“What seafood, eat this first,” Chu Qianxun took out a few first-order crystal cores from her pocket.

She had recently collected a lot of first-order crystal cores, which had no effect on her, so it was better to let her team members improve their strength first.

“One per person, if we all act together in the future, we will allocate crystal cores according to the level of effort,” Chu Qianxun said.

After taking the crystal core, Tu Yibai closed his eyes.

After a while, he said, “The range I can perceive seems to have expanded a lot.”

Gao Yan also said happily, “I think my ability has also improved.”

On the strawberry field behind Qi Yongchun, starting from him, a large swath of white flowers suddenly bloomed.

“I said Brother Yongchun, is your ability only to bloom flowers” Jiang Chengzhu pointed to the little white flowers swaying in the wind and laughed.

“No, no, it can do more,” Qi Yongchun said and used more of his ability.

The closest flower began to wither slowly, bearing a greenish-green fruit.

The fruit grew up at a speed visible to the naked eye, from blue to green, from green to red, and gradually became more vivid.


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