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Qi Yongchun took a breath, picked the ripe strawberry and handed it to Chu Qianxun who was very surprised.

She knew that the ability of the plant system could grow plants.

However, due to the forced promotion of the growth of plants in a short period of time, when their power declined, these spawned plants would quickly wither.

She hadn’t seen this kind of plant power that could make such a thing.

“How many can be ripened at a time Can you do all types of plants” She asked.

“Not everything can be done.” Qi Yongchun hurriedly waved his hands, “This is because strawberries are in season, so I can adapt to the situation and let them grow faster.

If it’s non sessional plants, it violates the law of growth, not only will it not be ripe, the fruits of the plant will die.”

He scratched his head embarrassedly, “Besides, I can only ripen one or two fruits at the moment, so I have no energy.

This is because I have improved my ability by taking the crystal core.

My ability is probably useless.


“No, your ability is very special.

It’s different from other plant saints.” Chu Qianxun said, “No wonder Shennai, I mean the Holy Angels imprisoned you for research.”

“Those who were secretly kidnapped by them were mostly people with different abilities.” Granny Feng remembered the past, and the wrinkles on her old face became deeper, “After the crystal cores fell, none of the young members in our family got abilities, on the contrary, me and my husband got weird abilities.

My old man had a kind of ability that could calm others’ emotions.”

“Oh, that is the mental ability,” Chu Qianxun exclaimed.

‘It turned out that Granny Feng’s husband was also a mental ability holder,’ she thought in her heart.

To be on the safe side, Chu Qianxun didn’t tell others about her ability and level.

Even most people around her had always thought that she was a low-level speed ability holder.

At present, only Gao Yan and Ye Peitian, who had personally received her help, could guess that her true ability belonged to the mental one.

“Yes, it’s a mental ability.

Neither of our abilities had any offensive power.

Those people rushed into our house with their faces covered and snatched the things from our house.

When they discovered the old man’s ability, they took him away.

My children kept fighting…” Granny Feng paused and looked away.

“Later, we were both taken to the laboratory, and I learned that the demons who did these devilish acts were the saints in the cloak of angels.”

“At the last moment of the old man’s death, he used his ability to appease me, to calm my emotions, and let me not be overly sad because of his death.

His ability was just of that use.

I don’t know why those people took him.”

She raised her skinny hand and swallowed the crystal core.

“Granny,” Tu Yibai held Granny Feng’s hand worriedly.

He couldn’t see anything, and life was very inconvenient.

Granny Feng had been taking care of him since he was in prison.

“I’m fine.” Granny Feng patted the young man’s hand, “Just for the light that the old man left in my heart at the last time, I also want to live well.”

She recounted that sad past.

Her tone was gentle, and there was no excessive grief and anger.

Listening to it, everyone’s heart got heavy.

“D*mn that bad organization, Holy Angels! Sister Qianxun, why didn’t you take me with you at the time I’m going to kill them,” Jiang Chengzhu gritted his teeth.

He returned the crystal core in his hand to Chu Qianxun, “My ability has reached a critical state.

The last time I hunted, I used a first-order crystal core, but it had no effect at all.”

“Then do you want to try the second-order” Chu Qianxun asked.

Jiang Chengzhu’s eyes lit up, and he nodded immediately.

She was at the third-order at the moment, just two levels higher than Jiang Chengzhu, and it was no problem to protect him from upgrading safely.

Jiang Chengzhu had accompanied her from several times on the battlefield, and had done a lot to seize the crystal core.

Of course she also hoped that he could improve his ability, but she currently had only one second-order crystal core in her hands.

She glanced at Ye Peitian.

He also needed a second-order crystal core.

“I’m not in a hurry.

Give the crystal core to Chengzhu first,” Ye Peitian said immediately.

Chu Qianxun smiled.

Good for Ye Peitian being in her team or with his character if he was in another team, he would have been badly scammed.

“I’ll give you the next second-order crystal core.” 

Jiang Chengzhu’s advancement was very smooth.

There was no sign of demonization, and no help from Chu Qianxun was needed.

It didn’t take long for Jiang Chengzhu to take the crystal core and jump up from the ground.

A large hailstone fell in the air, crackling the ground in front of him and smashing a shallow pit, making dust everywhere.

“Haha, sister Qianxun, look at this!” Jiang Chengzhu ran back to her, excited.

Chu Qianxun reminded him not to be too careless.

His luck was good, but it didn’t mean that the upgrade would always be so smooth in the future.

“Every time you upgrade, it is a life and death situation.

You must not be careless.

If you want to upgrade, you must tell me.

You are not allowed to upgrade when I am away, understand” Chu Qianxun explained.

Everyone’s ability had been improved smoothly, and a team of people regained their spirits.

It didn’t take long to walk along the road.

There was a gunshot in the air, and a bullet broke through the air, hitting the ground in front of them with a snap, stopping them.

Three or five men ran over from the bushes and waved to them, “Go away, this field is covered by Brother Tiong, and idlers should avoid it.”

“The road ahead is very dangerous.

We are working on errands, please change the way,” a cold female voice sounded in the air.

In the jungle in the distance, a huge roar was faintly heard.

The sky was reflected in the fire, and the red flame column rose into the sky.

It was Tang Juan’s signature ability, Red Lotus Purgatory.


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