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Tang Juan put his hands together on his chest and rebuked in a low voice, as a flame suddenly rose on the ground along the courtyard wall at the gate.

The demon screamed and stepped back, “It’s you again! It’s you, the bad guy, who made me so hurt and made my body so small!” 

The demon said in a childish voice that was horrifying, “I’m so hungry, I’m almost starving to death.

I want to catch you, cut your belly open, and eat it all.”

“Go, you go first.

The demon is afraid of fire and can’t get in for a while, but I can’t hold it for long,” Tang Juan propped it on the ground.

“How can this work How can you be its opponent Your wound has opened again,” Gao Yan panicked.

She reached out and held down the wound on Tang Juan’s back, desperately using her ability to help him heal.

“Go! You bunch of idiots! Wait for Chu Qianyue, we still have a little hope, or we will all die.

Go!” Tang Juan pushed Gao Yan away and roared.

Qi Yongchun jumped up and ran to the backyard.

Granny Feng followed closely and pulled Gao Yan up as she passed by.

“Hehehe, big brother, how long can you last like this When you can’t hold it anymore, I’ll come in and eat you.

I won’t feel the pain after eating you.”

The strange sound of the demon echoed in the air.

Gao Yan gritted her teeth and dared not turn her head, but followed Granny Feng all the way forward.

Tang Juan’s arm trembled slightly.

He knew that the demon in front of him looked arrogant, but it was already seriously injured.

Not only couldn’t it maintain the original huge form, it did not dare to venture through such a small wall of fire.

But wasn’t it the end of the battle

When the flames on the ground were getting smaller, and gradually extinguished, Tang Juan’s hand softened and fell to the ground.

His vision began to blur, and the demon like a centipede crawled in from the yard, and countless legs of varying lengths were already in front of him.

At this moment, two amber lights flashed alternately,

Tang Juan realized that his body was being lifted up high in the air.

He lowered his head and even saw the demon’s body broken into three pieces.

The fallen head was staring at him with anger and unwillingness.

“How are you Are you okay” Chu Qianxun took Tang Juan and landed on the roof behind the courtyard.

“No… I’m okay, don’t be careless.

The demon is not dead yet, even if it was cut into several pieces, it can still be resurrected.”

“I see, thank you, you rest here.”

Holding a pair of amber blades, the girl jumped off the roof and headed straight to the battlefield.

Numerous sharp soil thorns emerged from the ground, staggering and piercing the demon.

The demon’s broken body was strung in the soil thorns.

There was nowhere to escape, but it was still able to writhe and struggle frantically.

A storm of ice fell from the sky, freezing the demon.

Chu Qianxun reached it, pressed the waist of the demon, and took out a green crystal core amidst the piercing screams of the demon.

“Haha, we got it,” Chu Qianxun said happily, holding the demon’s crystal core in her hand.

“That’s our crystal core.

Hand over the crystal core!” The men in the distance sounded angrily.

A group of ability holders from Nanxi base came from a distance under the leadership of Jiang Yuanshan and others.

“Girl Qianxun, this demon is the one we spent a lot of energy and sacrificed a lot of people to  seriously injure.

You intercepted it at the last minute.

It’s a bit unreasonable.” 

Although Jiang Yuanshan was anxious, he was still stable and spoke with grace.

His people secretly formed a half-circle around that shabby courtyard.

“Really” Chu Qianxun smiled, took the crystal core and put it in her pocket, “That’s really unfortunate.”

Jiang Yuanshan’s face sank.


“Smelly girl!”

The people behind Jiang Yuanshan roared.

Le Hetian looked at Tang Juan on the roof, approached Jiang Yuanshan with an unkind expression, and said a few words in his ear.

Jiang Yuanshan rolled his eyes and smiled again, “Well, we can talk about the demon’s crystal core later.

But we and Tang Juan have personal grievances.

Miss Chu is an outsider, so don’t interfere, okay Give Tang Juan to us.

Let’s just forget about this, okay”

Chu Qianxun smiled and said, “Originally, this is really none of my business.

But if Sir Jiang speaks up, I will give you a face.”

“But it’s a pity that you were a step too late.

Brother Jun, who was just saved by my person, also wanted this kind of favor.

I can’t justify it without protecting him, right”

“It’s better to trouble Mr.

Jiang to give in.

If you leave now, I won’t care about you.”

When Chu Qianxun smiled and said that sentence, the half-collapsed soil wall beside her rose and thickened at a speed visible to the naked eye, becoming a solid fortress out of thin air.

On the high wall stood a young man with a handsome face.

He was looking coldly at the people on the ground through the sky full of yellow sand.

A young man was sitting on the other end of the high wall, with several ice lings hovering in his hand, with a little excitement, as if he was looking forward to the battle.


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