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A faint gray mist appeared in the air,

The fog gradually thickened, blocking the view, and the enemy’s face slowly blurred in the lingering smoke.

Chu Qianxun frowned.

That should be Granny Feng’s ability.

But now they were clinging to the soil fort, the enemy was scattered around, the fog obscured the line of sight, it could only benefit the enemy.


Feng” Chu Qianxun turned her head, trying to get Granny Feng to remove the fog.

She suddenly saw several bullets appearing around Jiang Chengzhu.

Jiang Chengzhu dodged, but the bullets were in close pursuit, crisscrossing his body.

Jiang Chengzhu screamed, falling from the wall with blood all over his body.

Chu Qianxun’s heart tightened, and she rushed toward the direction where he fell.

At that moment, a dangerous air current came, Chu Qianxun reacted extremely fast, dodged to avoid a transparent light beam that swept against her scalp, cut off a few of her hair, and turned toward Peitian.

“Get out of the way!” Chu Qianxun shouted.

Before the shout, Ye Peitian was split into two by the invisible light, and two parts of his body fell from the wall.

The rain of blood covered the sky above Chu Qianxun’s head.

Ye Peitian’s body was divided into two parts, and it was rolling down in front of her eyes.

He stared at the sky with a pair of hollow eyes blankly, and had completely lost the trace of life.

An inexplicable pain came from her chest, as Chu Qianxun pushed the motionless body, “Peitian Ye Peitian! Wake up!”

No, she needed to wake up.

It was not right!

A dangerous feeling came from the bottom of her heart, breaking the chaotic emotions in her mind.

Chu Qianxun suddenly opened her eyes, and the world before her was clear.

There was no thick fog or blood rain at all.

The opposite Jiang Yuanshan just lowered his face, and Le Hean by his side looked over with bitter eyes.

Time may only have passed a few tenths of a second.

In that short moment, Chu Qianxun fell into a strange dream.

There was an ability holder with a mental ability among the enemies!

His ability could make people fall into dreams under his control unconsciously.

Chu Qianxun’s gaze swept across the crowd, and a thin and pale man shrank behind the crowd, showing half of his face gloomily.

Seeing her gaze looking at him soberly, not under his control, the man was obviously taken aback, and he drew back toward the person in a panic.

It was that man who she must kill first.

A murderous intent burst into her heart.

It was almost the same as in the dream, and there were some unnoticeable air currents in the air.

Chu Qianxun’s arms shook, and the amber blade buzzed, blocking an invisible light that hit her.

There was a sharp rubbing sound from the blade.

Her hands steadily held the handle of the blade, resisting the sneak attack from the enemy.

The muscles on Le Hean’s face twitched.

His ability was to emit invisible sharp light.

When facing a demon, this light often couldn’t cut through its hard shell at once, which was not practical enough.

But against the same kind when used in sneak attack, he was not at a disadvantageous position.

Before they fought Tang Juan, Shi Deming and some other people wanted to help Tang Juan, but they were cut by this light.

Unexpectedly, when he cooperated with the mental spirit ability holder in the team to attack this woman, he had not succeeded.

“Dad, dad, don’t die!” Jiang Chengzhu behind Chu Qianxun closed his eyes tightly, covered his head with both hands and shouted in pain.

Chu Qianxun jumped up the high wall and kicked Jiang Chengzhu into the fortress.

Jiang Chengzhu fell from the high wall to the ground, suffering from pain for a while, opened his eyes, and woke up from the nightmare.

Ye Peitian built this fortress temporarily in order to encircle non-combatants.

Chu Qianxun looked back at the situation inside the fortress.

This mental ability holder may have reached the second order.

All the first-order ability holders in the fortress accepted his influence and were deeply in a nightmare.

They looked in pain and obviously couldn’t free themselves from it.

Although Tang Juan was seriously injured, he had already woken up on his own.

He barely drew a little flame and awakened Gao Yan who was beside him.


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