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“Ah mmmh…”

Because she couldn’t properly gain weight during the years, her abdomen was slender, and there was a very pronounced bulge there right now because of his manhood inside.

The pillar’s shape was clear.

She didn’t even know if a size like his was possible in her original world.

Every time Jiwoo arched her hips, the s*men that Lanceil had released inside her dripped down her backside.

As he was inside her, the mixed fluids from between the two of them would make wet sounds.

And every spot that his s*men touched tingled.

Even the slightest of movements resounded in such a lascivious way inside the cave.

“Huuk, aahh…”

Even after so much semen had been drained, the erect pillar still taut and continued to fill her inner walls.

Because of his sheer size, the reddened entrance gaped open as though it would never close again.


Lanceil started moving his waist little by little while pressing his thumb over her cl*toris, which was covered in his white c*m.

“Hnngh, haa, ha, aht, aht, ahng…!”

It was as if there was a huge fire burning down below.

It was a soaring pleasure that struck her and cut her in half.

It wrapped around her entirely.

“Huu, ah, aahh, ah, huaahng!”

He had been speaking affectionately until just now, but Lanceil suddenly stopped speaking.

He just thrusted without a word, and only occasionally groaned like a beast through his teeth.



Then, at some point, the flesh that filled her body was completely gone.

She felt a sense of emptiness as the thing that had been filling her this whole time had disappeared.

She became worried because he wasn’t saying anything.

His eyes were unreadable.

Looking at her with a blank look, Lanceil kissed Jiwoo’s cheek.

“Uht, Lanceil, wai—”

Then, the pillar that disappeared— came back in until root at once.


Her vision went white.

Her eyes rolled over with pleasure.

“Uh, aahh! Ah! Ahng! Haa!”

She had been holding back her moans until just now because she felt conscious about the echoes inside the cave, but then the loud, lewd moan that erupted was incomparable to anything before.

“Haa, hu! Aang!”

“Kuuggh, haaa…”

It was very different from when he inserted only half and carefully thrusted.

Right now, his ferociously sized manhood came in completely and pounded so hard that he even reached her cervix.

When her body was pushed up and her head nearly hit against the wall of the cave, Lanceil stopped tormenting her chest or cl*toris and instead wrapped his arms around Jiwoo to protect her head.

His large hands protected her head, but this position all the more made it feel as if she was embraced snuggly in his arms.

The traces of the crown prince engraved on her body had long since flown away.

Whenever she slept with the crown prince, who always did it roughly, Jiwoo was always the first to push him away.

It usually ended up with her having to beg him to stop his merciless thrusting.


“Lanceil, more, inside…, ha-ahng, good, so good…! Ahh!”

Right now, it was different.

Jiwoo actively moved herself and enthusiastically received Lanceil’s passion.

She did not know why.

Maybe it’s because his hot bodily fluids had some sort of an aphrodisiac effect Or maybe it’s because of his big hands that were wrapped around her head, taking the shock instead of her.

“Hu-ugh… huuu…”

If nothing else, maybe it was because of the feeling of liberation that she was freed from the crown prince, even if only just her thoughts.

“Uh-huk… huhk…”

Jiwoo, who had been groaning while asking for pleasure from Lanceil several times, began to sob at some point.

Lanceil stopped moving as he wiped away her tears.

“Why are you crying Does it hurt”

“No, Good… It’s so good, Lanceil…”

Lanceil leaned down.

His lips met hers, and his sweet tongue entered.

It wasn’t a rough kiss just for the sake of pleasure.

It was as if there was a wound in her mouth, and he explored inside carefully.

He caressed her trembling shoulders.

His big hands brushed her hair and wiped away her tears.

The lips pressed on the forehead were lighter than any kiss she ever shared with another.

He did not ask.

In the same way when she proposed to sleep with him so desperately, he just moved in a way that could make Jiwoo feel better.

And Jiwoo was comforted by the touch of a stranger who she knew nothing about.



* * *



The s*men of another race that she received was too stimulating.

It was accompanied with a physical reaction, and its effects didn’t even go away easily.

Jiwoo, who fell asleep softly as if waking up after a pleasant workout, looked for Lanceil again as soon as she opened her eyes.

From the moment she opened her eyes, her lower body was hot and bothered, and she couldn’t stand it.

She felt so empty, as if she needed to be filled with something.

Like a fever had risen within her, she couldn’t keep up with the thoughts that kept getting erased in her dazed mind.

She just woke up recklessly.

Lanceil wasn’t there.

“Lanceil… Lanceil…”

Lanceil, who was cleaning herbs at the entrance of the cave, came to see Jiwoo in surprise, walking out of the cave undressed.

Jiwoo clung to his body at once, but Lanceil soon carried her and went back into the cave.

“If I had known this would be the case, I wouldn’t be in a hurry.”

“Uhng, ah, uhh! More, mooore…”

Due to the love affair that continued all night, her entrance was still loosened.

Lanceil tried to enter cautiously, but Jiwoo hurriedly moved.

Jiwoo’s reaction was more due to her body’s reaction than her own sexual desire.

Her eyes were blurred and unfocused.

Her breathing was shallow and irregular.

Her body was on fire.

That’s why he was preparing some herbs to detoxify Jiwoo even a little, but Jiwoo wanted this more than treatment.

“Ah, Lanceil… Haaa, hnngh, yes…”


The pillar that tightly filled the inner walls trembled, adding to the stiffness.

After receiving his s*men several times, it was easy to see that this was the cause of this arousal.

Lanceil chewed his lower lip and held himself back.

He didn’t want to orgasm inside her anymore, but Jiwoo wrapped his slim thighs around her waist.

Lanceil squeezed his eyes shut in a sense of climax that was soaring.


“Hurry, hurry… Please”

Damn. At Jiwoo’s urging, Lanceil spat out a curse and moved roughly.

This was what Akarna wanted, so he had no choice but to be led by her helplessly.

Although, more than half of this decision could be blamed on his own burning lust.



In the end, Lanceil reached his climax.

At the same time, he poured his c*m into her once more, even when the fluids that had accumulated deep in her womb had already been taken out before this.

How many times again was it They lost count.

Every moment they had together was so good that it melted their minds.

His c*m leaked from her gaping legs again.

The smell of Lanceil’s c*m like a mixture of flowers and honey, so she didn’t even think it was dirty.

“Haa… haa…”

Lanceil wiped her sweat-soaked body.

The feeling like floating on a cloud gradually subsided.

She had never felt so good until recently.

“Are you sure you’re okay, hm”

Lanceil was still very worried.

It was his first time, so he seemed worried about everything.

Jiwoo, who looked at his reaction quite cutely, smiled.

“It’s okay.

Ah, it feels good…”

“Um… Can’t your body detoxify this”


External wounds, let alone poison, don’t have much effect on the Akarna.

However, since the temple did not reveal everything about the Akarna, in fact, even Jiwoo did not know why her body was like this.

But it wasn’t very unpredictable.

“Maybe it’s because it’s not toxic.

It’s not harmful to me… it’s just a stimulant.”

“Is it…”


Her voice rang clear in the cave.

It was always dark.

Jiwoo murmured once more.

“It feels really good…”

She couldn’t think anything of it and it made her feel better.

Jiwoo was only surprised that she was able to drive the thoughts of the crown prince out of her head.



* * *



As Jiwoo had guessed, her heated body really didn’t need much detoxification.

She ate and slept well while still doing the deed with Lanceil several more times.

By doing so, her body quickly returned to normal.

When she woke up, she felt much better than before.

The plan went awry for a while, but as originally planned, Lanceil was taking Jiwoo to the place where his group was.

Lanceil insisted on carrying Jiwoo with him as he was worried about her legs.

“Before we go in, I have something to tell you.”


“It would be better to hide your… constitution.”

“Do you think your group will try to take advantage of me”

Lanceil shook his head slowly.

“That’s not what I meant.

You said someone was coming to rescue you.

If you want to go back… It’s better not to reveal about you here.”

Saying so, Lanceil put the hood on Jiwoo’s cloak, covering more than half of her face.

Before Jiwoo could say anything, Lanceil said,

“Hold on tight.”


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