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“Mmh, nngh…”

In the end, Jiwoo had no choice but to let Helka be satisfied with her lips to some extent.

First of all, they couldn’t communicate, so she thought he would let go when he regained his senses even a little after he took in enough saliva to be satisfied.

If she were to be honest with herself, the kiss felt pretty good.

The children of Elandos had attributes that might be close to nature’s flora, so they smelled tantalizingly good and their saliva was ever so sweet.

And Helkainis’ scent was a little different from Lanceil’s, just like how each flowers’ scent would differ from species to species.

Helkainis had a refreshing pine scent.

Although Helkainis took in the saliva from her mouth greedily, she could not only taste him, but also swallowed his own fluids.



But increasing problems arose.

Jiwoo is also a normal adult, so she couldn’t help but feel heated as a man who was attractive enough to turn heads in his direction was holding her and doing this.


As she kept kissing him, Jiwoo even felt a bit of a strange feeling that without realizing it, she made a pleasure-filled moan.

Right now, Helkainis was in a state that was more like a beast than a human, so it felt even more strange.

Moreover, even though there was a limit to where he could enter just by swirling his tongue, Helka tried to lick and suck a little deeper.

He opened his mouth wide, pushed his tongue in, and acted as if he was going to devour Jiwoo completely.

It was an instinctive act that shows just how much more saliva he desired.

But saliva doesn’t always come out without restriction.

In the end, Jiwoo pushed him hard and quickly crawled to the bedside.


Helkainis grabbed her waist and dangled from it.

Haa, really.

He kind of looked like a cute little pet.

“Ah, seriously! Let go!”

He didn’t seem to be able to understand anyway, so Jiwoo shouted out in casual Korean.

In the end, Jiwoo, who was incapacitated, hanging from Helka, tried to crawl to the edge of the bed.

She laid her body completely flat on the bed face down to pick up the dagger that had fallen on the floor.

It was when she held the dagger handle in her hand—

“Uh, aaahhh!”


Jiwoo got startled, which made her drop the dagger again.

The stubborn beast went on top of Jiwoo as she was lying on her stomach.

And because their bodies were lined in such a way, there was something vividly felt on her backside.

Helka’s manhood was so erect that it felt like it was going to explode.

The presence was so strong that it felt like a rock was stuck in the middle of his body.

Jiwoo was so surprised that she tried to grab the dagger again, but she cut her finger on the sharp blade.


In an instant, a strong scent of blood wafted into the air.

Blood gushed out as half of her finger had been cut because the blade had been too sharp.

“Helka! Helkainis…!”

Fortunately, he could recognize his name.

While he leaned down for a moment and tilted his head to the side, Jiwoo turned her body and pushed her blood-drenched hand in front of his eyes.

“Come on! Lick it or suck it.”

It was a little surprising, but she achieved her purpose anyway.

Now, after repeating this a few more times, Helkainis would gradually get better.

Once his rationality comes back, she might get to finish this much more easily.

But no matter how much she waited, Helka did not rush in like when he licked the wound on her palm.



His expression was pale and stiff.

“What’s the matter”

Helka didn’t answer.

In fact, he didn’t expect an answer, but it was certain that his reaction was strange.

“Huh Why”

Helka grabbed her hand, which was still dripping with blood.

He was holding Jiwoo’s small hand with both hands that were large sized and stared intently at it.

Jiwoo thought that he would soon lick the blood.

Because that’s what he should have wanted.


But from the moment she entered this old tree, Helka continued to show only unexpected reactions.

He suddenly started to weep.

Teardrops poured out of his black eyes, which looked like obsidians that sparkled luminously.

As much as he smiled brightly like a child, his crying was also shocking.

His eyes became dyed red like a rabbit’s eyes as he burst into tears, as though he was really sad.

He didn’t even make any sobbing sounds.

But this unpredictable attitude was so confusing.

He smiled so brightly before, but now he was crying with endless tears.

“Why are you crying Huh No, why are you crying all of a sudden”


Helka stroked Jiwoo’s wounds and didn’t know what to do.

As the blood continued to ooze out, more tears poured out of his dark eyes.

“Maybe… because I’m hurt”


“Come on.

It’s okay, it’s okay.”


“A wound this small heals quickly for me.


She wasn’t saying that just to reassure him, because that was the truth.

In the end, she wiped her wound on her clothes and showed him again, and he saw her smooth, wound-less skin, which had healed quickly.

Helka’s expression brightened again when he confirmed with his eyes.

He looked pretty because he smiled with his still wet eyes, but it felt really strange.

Smiling, crying, smiling again, she doesn’t know what he was doing.


I won’t do it.”

As Jiwoo turned around, Helka grabbed her shoulder.

But when she looked at him, Helka was staring at the bottom of the bed.

He seemed to have stopped her from going to pick up the dagger again.

Haha! She burst into laughter again.

Helka stared at her side.

“It’s nothing to me.

I’m used to that.

That’s what I do.”


“Even if I say that I get hurt by that, no one cares.

It will heal quickly anyway, so that the Akarna’s blood can be used for good…”

Helka didn’t answer.

Instead, on the hand that had already stopped bleeding and the wound had healed, he placed his forehead and just stayed still as if in prayer.

Her heart was pounding and she became emotional for no reason.

Jiwoo said without making eye contact with him.

“Then… let’s just kiss.

It’s fine, even if it takes a long time.”

In the end, Jiwoo gave up on the idea of giving him her blood, and so she quietly laid down on the bed.

Helka smiled brightly again and went on top of her.

For some reason… he looked prettier when he smiled.

Jiwoo didn’t push him away this time as he bit her lips without hesitation, just giving her tongue and saliva to him.

If there was no other way to do this, it might just be better to enjoy this time a little leisurely.

In fact, it was shocking because it was the first time that someone cried because she was hurt.

Again and again, there were many things she was seeing for the first time.

In the meantime, she thought that she was living a life that was the complete opposite of what she thought was common sense.

It’s possible for even strangers to cry over her wounds, but those she considered to be the closest to her had driven her to barrenness and forcibly hurt her.

She wondered if it was right to say that the Akarna was loved by the empire and the temple, as they allegedly said.

“Unng, hng…”


Helka, who had never made a sound before, let out a low moan.

And she was startled by that voice.

His voice, mixed with his arousal, was an alluring low-pitched tone.

His voice, which sounded like a sigh that scratched his vocal cords, was incomparable to the tone of voice he had before this when she heard him screaming or groaning.

The voice was so good that it felt like it vibrated even beneath her skin.


She had goosebumps from the top of her head to her lower body.

Even the body responded to the tempting bass.

Helkainis was so captivating that only his voice and kiss made her legs tingle.

However, it wasn’t just a reaction felt by Jiwoo.

Helkainis abruptly stopped kissing.

While Jiwoo let out a sweet sigh, it seemed that he was somehow distracted.


He hugged Jiwoo and sniffed her.

She watched silently to see what kind of beastly behavior he was doing again, but he is like going down gradually while checking the smell

His face, which was initially buried in the nape of her neck, descended to the chest, to the stomach, and further down.


Jiwoo, who realized the situation late, quickly raised her upper body before he buried his face between her legs, which she realized he was about to do.

But Helka was faster.

He spread Jiwoo’s legs apart and put his head between them.

Jiwoo, who reflexively lay back on the bed as he grabbed her legs, eventually kicked him when he took a deep breath and smelled her.

“No, no, no! What are you doing now…! Hah!”

However, Helka, who already instinctively knew what to do, raised Jiwoo’s hips at once.

“Helka, w-wait… AH…!”



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