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In an instant, their lips touched.

Even if he lost his reason, his body seemed to retain the memory.

Helkainis took in Jiwoo’s saliva and licked it more skillfully than when he first attacked her.

“Mph, no, wait, nnh…!”

She had known after seeing with her own eyes that Helkainis had a strong body.

But looking at it again this way, his physique was large enough to say that he was huge compared to Jiwoo.

Even while standing still, he looked like he was two meters tall, but as he laid down and covered her, Jiwoo was completely surrounded by him.

He went ahead and told her to run away first, but it seemed like there was not much room to escape in any case.

She could never win with just her strength.

Jiwoo gasped and took in a deep breath.

It was because the scent emitted by his elven kind had grown so thick that she could be intoxicated.

It was like a fragrance that was openly trying to seduce her.

As Jiwoo grabbed his arm and shoulder and tried to push him, his arm muscles swelled and hardened.


A low-pitched sound with a hint of excitement pierced her ears.

Only after the soft bed touched her back did Jiwoo realize that he kissed her and laid her down completely on the bed.


Helkainis, who parted his lips for a moment and looked at this side, was smiling.

It was difficult to know what the jet-black eyes were thinking when even the pupils could not be distinguished, but this time, she could see what was in it.


Without realizing it, Jiwoo gaped at him blankly.

This… this looked really dangerous.


She was out of breath right away.

She shut her mouth.

With her mouth open, the dense floral scent characteristic of their tribe invaded.

His body scent was very similar to that of pine, and when he kissed her like this, she even felt quite refreshed.

“Hupp, hhng!”

When she first met Helka, who lost his reason, the kiss was not at this level.

It was a very coercive act.

Helka looked as if he was apologizing in advance for what he was about to do.

As proof of that, his bulging pillar started rubbing against her thighs.

Jiwoo was surprised that her body shook greatly, feeling the lewd movement like an animal moving its waist over the clothes.

“Ung, uh-huhp!”

And the kiss didn’t end either.

His dry, hard hands gripped her cheeks tightly.

A large hand touched Jiwoo’s ear.

Because of the mistake she had made with Lanceil last time, Jiwoo couldn’t forget that this was a sexual temptation for their people.

Let’s do it right here. That was what Helkainis’ entire body was instinctively telling Jiwoo.

As he gently touched her earlobe, he continued to nibble and release her lips.

He proceeded to lick her lower lip, then he went back to suckle her tongue.

And surprisingly, Jiwoo got excited so easily at that act.


Helka swept his fingers through her hair, and he touched her ear again.

Holding the back of her head together with her hair as it was, he tilted Jiwoo’s head and kissed her more deeply.


Each time his tongue went away for a moment, he groaned like a beast.

And he bit Jiwoo’s lips again, hesitantly.

Her tongue tingled as he grabbed it and sucked it.

Whether it was the desire to live or the lust to possess Jiwoo, she was helplessly drawn to the movement that could not overcome his desire.

When he chewed her lips, entangled her tongue, and tried to drink her saliva, she had no choice but to let him do as he pleased.

Helkainis said that he would want to chew and devour Jiwoo according to his instinct to live.

However, after checking Jiwoo’s condition and his, he was sure that he must have scared Jiwoo.

So, in other words, it sounded like Jiwoo could cut off her arm and feed him blood, or he could literally chew her alive, or slept with her for the same effect.

“Haa, huuu…”

Every time he kissed her as if biting the nape of her neck or cheek, she could hear his groans from time to time.

It was difficult to tell whether it was the groan of a man in heat or the breaths of an animal.

Jiwoo has never seen anyone lust for her like this.

She felt chills all over her body.

His hand, which was holding the back of her head, caressed her shoulder.

And his large hand slid into her clothes.

Chh-rak, chh-rak.


Her clothes were ripped to shreds by the force of his relentless grip.

When she came to her senses, she was already naked once again in front of him.

Helka stuck his nose upon Jiwoo and breathed in her scent.

That was where it started.

Biting her round shoulder blade, he came down and licked her clavicle, rubbing his forehead against her supple chest.

He acted as if he felt ecstasy just by touching Jiwoo.

Maybe it was.

His mind came back briefly, but his body was not fully healed.

He would still suffer pain through his tainted body, and he was clinging to Jiwoo to relieve that condition.

When he was sober, he was polite and gentle, but now without reason, he acted desperately with only a desire to live.

Just like that night on the full moon, when he saw Jiwoo from a distance, and instinctively ran to hug her.

“Hhhn, nngh, uh, hngh!”

Helka bit everything caught on his lips with her teeth and sucked it.

It was tolerable in her neck and collarbone, but when her upper body was stripped and his lips moved to her chest, Jiwoo’s face became so hot that even she could not stand it.

His lips took a bite at her chest, rubbing his cheek against her soft nipples.

With that, he shoved her nipples into his mouth.

Helka gave the pressure from his mouth as much as his physical strength was strong.

With the strong sucking, Jiwoo let out a high-pitched moan.


But then, to her surprise, Helka relaxed his lips.

Jiwoo laughed.

That person’s mind was like a beast right now, but he quickly noticed the reaction that she was hurt and stopped.

But that didn’t mean he left the nipple out of his mouth.

With his scorching black eyes staring at her, he began sucking her nipples with his tongue.

He even rolled the nipples that became increasingly hard in his mouth with his tongue.


When the fairly dense feeling of pleasure came through her chest, Jiwoo was startled.

“Huuu, ah, uhng, ahhn!”

In the end, Jiwoo grabbed Helka’s shoulder and pushed him.

As Jiwoo’s nipple fell from his lips, Helka closed his eyes and frowned.

“Keugh, nnngh…”

This beast restlessly made a whining sound, as if he was the one who’s in more pain despite being the very one who attacked her first as if he was a dog in heat.

Jiwoo tried to get up so that she could tell him to calm down a little.

But something unexpected stopped her from moving.

Her arm wouldn’t move as she wanted.

Even so, Helka wasn’t holding her arm.

Around her wrist was a magic circle, similar to the one Helka had made when he poured water into a glass of water for her earlier.


Jiwoo was flustered and tried to wrench her hand from it, but it wouldn’t budge, as if it was fixing Jiwoo’s arm to a specific spot in the air.

Then, one more circle appeared.

It was conjured from a faint puff of smoke, and a similar shape appeared on her other wrist.

In an instant, both arms were caught in those magic circles.

Losing her arms’ freedom, Jiwoo was thrown naked and defenseless in front of the beast called Helkainis.

“Wait, h-how, can you even use magic in your condition…! No, I mean, aren’t you out of your mind right now Have you gone crazy!”


Helka was just silent.

He just lowered his head back to Jiwoo’s chest, as he had been interrupted.

His lips were directed directly at one nipple, without letting go of any part of her chest.

Biting the nipple with his mouth, he grabbed Jiwoo’s back with his hand and pulled her towards him, completely immobilizing her to keep the chest from moving away from him.


As he quickly started on her nipples again, Jiwoo tilted her head and let out a moan.

Helka closed his eyes and licked Jiwoo’s chest sweetly, as if eating delicious ice cream.

She didn’t know if it’s down or completely up, but when he was in this position, his long, fine eyelashes stood out.

“Don’t— stooop! Nngh! HAH! Let me go! Hhhn, untie m— ahht! Untie me!”

Jiwoo resisted by moving her free legs.

She tried to kick him on the side with her knee, but her attempt was stopped.

For a moment, Jiwoo thought that Helka was holding her leg with his hand.

No, that wasn’t it.

A new magic circle grabbed her leg and held it in place.


Her face flared up.

This, this, this isn’t real.

No matter how.

She can’t believe she has to do it with her limbs tied up like this.


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