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Just by suckling her breasts, the already wet valley was easily opened.

Surprisingly, there was no pain.

Just a hot and heavy feeling of pleasure slowly scratching along her inner walls.

It was fine when only the tip came in, but as the shaft further entered inside, the thick pillar opening her to the fullest, she had to clench her teeth



“Huuughh… Aaaahhhh!”

She couldn’t believe it was really coming in, so much so that tears came to her eyes.

Whether it was because his shape that was so unique got imprinted in her head, or whether it was really that way, she could feel his shape that entered her without having to tighten her walls.

However, the anxiety in her heart was surprisingly accompanied by a pleasure comparable to that.

She trembled at the pleasure with just the insertion.


Unlike Lanceil’s, which was large enough to make her stomach bulge, Helkainis’ filled her body with a different feeling.

“Kuh, haaa…”

As he entered, the whole part went completely in.

“Huu, uhh, huugh..”

Jiwoo took a deep breath.

It was as if the shape of her insides had changed to the shape of Helkainis’ genitals.

As her limbs were restrained and helplessly receiving him, the sensations on her whole body were focused at that singular point.

She only thought it was heavy, but Jiwoo was also swallowing the thick pillar while tightening her walls without realizing it.

“Haa, huu… Haaa…”

The man’s particularly low-pitched moan was very lewd.

At last he completely entered Jiwoo, and he moaned with satisfaction.

Surprisingly, Helkainis pushed in slowly to help Jiwoo adjust to the insertion.

So Jiwoo was hoping that he would make the thrusting as smooth as possible.

But she was overly optimistic.

Satisfied with the insertion itself for a while, he stroked Jiwoo’s waist, then suddenly moved back and pulled out.

When he was halfway out, Jiwoo’s hair seemed to stand up.



The genitals, which had gone out halfway, pierced the insides, wanting to split and dig into her roughly.

And again his hips moved relentlessly.

Thrust! Thrust!

“Haangh! HAH!’

Jiwoo tilted her head and trembled.

A raw moan broke out.

Her voice made the beast more excited.

Helkainis pulled out completely this time, just enough to catch the tip, then shoved it all in harder than he had just done.

Bam! He thrusted in so strongly that it was enough to make her head ring.


It was too deep.

It felt like she had been pushed into the end of her uterus.

In that way, Helkinis repeated his movements, and Jiwoo’s body followed his movements and climaxed again and again.

He began to gradually increase his speed.

“Hu, ung! Ung! Aahh! Uhng!”

“Huk, huk… Keugh.


Since a beast did not know how to interact with humans, it would just pour out its desires and move itself for the sake of copulation.

Even though she was being thrusted into without any rhyme or reason, Jiwoo felt a steady sense of pleasure.

In particular, whether it was accidentally touched while he thrusted it, or because of the unusual shape of his pillar, she couldn’t even moan at all when he touched a certain point.


Jiwoo’s head turned completely blank, and only her mouth opened as she reached the peak of her orgasm.

And this beast seemed to be specialized for that kind of instinct.

When he touched a part, he instinctively felt how Jiwoo reacted, and he kept chasing after that sensation.

“Stoo, hhp, ah, huu, stoopp…! Huuh!”

It was clear that pleasure also had a threshold.

Jiwoo couldn’t stand the climax any longer, so she twisted her body to avoid him with her unrestrained body.

But right away the wild beast chased after her.

“Huh! Haahng! No mor— Ahng!”

In the end, Jiwoo’s feeble rebellion was counterproductive.

When Jiwoo turned her body even a little, Helka aimed his member and stabbed into her further.

Trying to avoid the pleasure was exposing her weakness to him instead.


Haa… Kuhk…”

He was relieved with the heavy and profound voice that mixed his lust.

It was like he was growling and moaning.

Completely bound from her head to toe, Jiwoo was allowed no sensations other than to feel the pleasure he gave her.

“Ung, ah, ahy, ah! Ah! Ung!”

In the end, Jiwoo, who was completely absorbed in the pleasure, lost her mind and moved her free waist.

In the beginning,there was a beast attached to a man, but now Jiwoo is no different from that.

Unsatisfied with the pleasure created by their joint place, Helakinis bowed his upper body.

Even as she was drunk with this breath-taking pleasure, she could feel him kissing her face here and there.

Compared to the ferocious pleasure from below, the kiss fluttered like a butterfly landing on a flower.

Why was he so ambivalent about this

He acted like a sage then became a beast, he cried and laughed like a child, then became a mature man, he lusted for her violently then became so affectionate with her.


Jiwoo closed her eyes tightly.

Her inner walls convulsed and tightened on him

Soon, a warm feeling filled her inside.


With a low, lewd moan, Helkainis came for quite a long time.

His excitement does not go away while ejecting his seeds, that he moved several more times in that state.

The climax was long as he came.

Her eyes went blank.



After a while, Jiwoo closed and opened her eyes several times.

She seemed to be awake after a momentary loss of consciousness.

When she came to her senses, Helkainis was holding Jiwoo tightly and burying his face in the nape of her neck.

She reached out her hand when she saw the back she wanted to stroke.

It was then that Jiwoo realized that her limbs were now free.

Jiwoo sighed lightly, and Helka started pulling his flesh out of her body.


Huughh… Huu…”

The warm, thick liquid clumped up inside, and then came out as he pulled out.

Embarrassed by the sensation of running down her thighs, she grimaced and closed her eyes.


Is it over She sighed.

Perhaps because she had his fragrant saliva in her mouth, even the sigh she exhaled felt sweet.

It was too much, but her whole body wasn’t even sore.

Rather, it felt as if she had been massaged for a long time.

It seemed that the magic circle that had restrained her body for a while did something.

As Jiwoo closed her eyes and was enjoying the afterglow of their coupling, she heard a voice calling her from above her head.


Jiwoo opened her eyes.

She looked up and saw his quite-calm face.

His sweat-soaked face still didn’t seem to have completely dissipated.

Still, he seemed sane enough to speak.

After climaxing on Akarna’s body, his sober mind seemed to have returned.

“…Seojoo, I’m sorry.”

And as soon as he came to his senses, he called her name and nothing else.



That’s not her name, though.

It’s definitely not her name.

Every time she heard his voice trying to call her name, something burst out in her.

She wasn’t aware of it until then.

She realized that she had not been called by that name for quite some time.

Has anyone in this world ever cared about anything other than she was Akarna

There was a time when the crown prince called her by name after the affair.

Did he love Seo Jiwoo or the Akarna

“Seojoo, I’m sorry.”


Is this something he needs to be upset about Not exactly.

“I’m sorry.”

“…That’s not how you say it.”


Helka called his name clearly.

“That’s right.”

There was a wetness in her voice.

She tried not to cry, but she ended up crying.

When he called my name, she finally realized it.

That’s right.

She was Seo Jiwoo, and perhaps she has not been living as a person for a while.

She was just a human with a strong desire to live, and she was treated like the watchman of God, while she wasn’t that.

After living with clothes that don’t suit her and killing her emotions, she becomes a body that doesn’t even know what she likes or dislikes or how to laugh and get angry.

She cried.

But for five years, the tired and worn-out Jiwoo didn’t even know why she was crying.

Helka knelt in front of her and constantly said he was sorry.

Even though it wasn’t because of that, he thought it was his fault that Jiwoo was crying.

What should he be sorry for

Rather, he is the person who regained her lost self.

She stretched out her hand and he held her.

Jiwoo buried his face in his arms and cried for a long time


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