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Chapter 30 – Definition of Love

Jiwoo was left speechless as she swallowed a gulp.

She thought his chest in all its muscular glory was very big when she touched it through thin clothes, but when she looked at it completely bare, it was all the more so.

It made her wonder how he could hide it without it popping out or tearing his thin clothes.

Although he was muscular, the muscles were not so clearly toned.

It wasn’t a trained muscle like the hunter Lanceil, but they were nonetheless nice looking muscles.

However, the reason why Callan looked so huge was probably because of his body size itself.

Callandein’s body felt a bit out of sync with his face.

In fact, from the first time she saw him, his first impression was not bad.

Compared to other people who exuded a lot of hostility, Callan was good at hiding those negative emotions.

He spoke politely to an unfamiliar outsider, and his voice was also soft.

The honey-colored, fine-grained blonde hair and slightly downward drooping eyebrows added such a friendly atmosphere to him.

His personality and impression are as sweet and delicate as a teacher.


Yet his body frame was of a warrior on the battlefield.

“Seo Jiwoo.”

When Callan looked at her and smiled brightly, Jiwoo realized that she was staring at him, rendered completely speechless.

“Firstly, I think my appearance passed.

Would you like to touch it”

“N, no! Wait!”

Jiwoo, who lost her mind momentarily, hurriedly retreated to the edge of the bed.

Callan was as far away as she could sit, but he could easily narrow the distance.

As far as the distance from which Jiwoo had retreated, he approached again, maintaining a distance of just one span in, making him able to cover her whenever he wanted.

“You’re just suddenly talking about marriage.

Isn’t marriage supposed to be with the one you love”


Callan tilted his head.

“What is love”

He wasn’t asking the meaning of the word itself.

Callan’s words were closer to asking what love meant for Jiwoo.

Love Love was a dry and wretched emotion that finally pushed Jiwoo off the cliff.

As Jiwoo couldn’t answer easily, Callan took the lead instead.

“Five years of dedication, sacrifice, and looking at only one person”

That was what Jiwoo sacrificed for the Crown Prince.

Callan touched on the story Jiwoo had just told him.

“If that’s the case, I can do it too.”

“It’s not just… that.”

“Not what”


“Did the person you said you loved marry someone else So, what he did, was it love”

Jiwoo, who loved as much as she could and was broken by love, did not know more about love than Callan, who seemed to have never loved in his life.

It was not an easy matter to talk about.

“Actually, you don’t know, right Because you are tired.”

Because it was love that left Jiwoo with only fear in the end.

“Now that you are tired of loving, don’t you just want to receive love”

But you don’t love me. Those words were right at the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t say it out loud.

How can a person who has failed in love and is ready to die can define love

“If you don’t like what I’m doing, you can say it.


Of course, Callan had no intention of letting her say it.

The Akarna of Carnazion was not functionally different from Elandos of El Ragnile.

They were the guardians of the land, protecting people from miasma, and likewise purified that miasma to make the land habitable enough to live in.

The children of Elandos loved and followed Elandos.

Callan’s group lost Elandos, whom they loved with their lives, and everyone fell ill at the loss.

However, Akarna of Carnazion, which is no different from the sacred tree itself, was ill by the presence she cared for.

He did not understand how the structure came to be, but it was fortunate for Callan anyway.

He was thinking of taking the Akarna away from the unqualified.

Hiding such a feeling, Callan approached so slowly that Jiwoo did not notice.


“Well, I don’t know.”

Callan, who had come close to her nose, covered Jiwoo, almost imprisoning her.

“Seo Jiwoo, may I touch you”

Even as he waited for her permission, Jiwoo’s face was blushing and she couldn’t answer, so his delicate hand boldly approached her instead.

He grabbed Jiwoo’s cheek and touched her chin.

“May I kiss you”

His face got closer.

The distance is so close that she can feel the sweet breath, which was characteristic of the children of Elandos.

He put his forehead to Jiwoo’s and rolled his eyes slightly.

Hot breath poured down on Jiwoo, and long eyelashes tickled Jiwoo’s cheek.

“If you’re repulsed by me, if you don’t like me at all, hit me in the face.

Grab my ear and rip it off.

Then I will never touch you again.”

That would have been impossible.

Eventually, his lips that approached slowly overlapped.

Pressing down on her lips, he licked her lower lip as he pulled Jiwoo’s shoulder.

The moist tongue slipped into her mouth with a hot breath.

His hand gripped her chin toward her cheek and the other grabbed the back of her head.

He twisted Jiwoo’s head a little while tangling her hair with his hands, finding an angle that was easy to dig into.

And the intertwined lips intertwined more deeply.

The sweet tongue tickled the rough roof of her mouth and intertwined her tongue.

It felt so good to the point that it felt so soft to the touch.

Just kissing him made her toes curl up.

It was the first time she had experienced a kiss that felt like she was slowly, but surely being invaded and occupied.

Although he was obviously kind and considerate of her, she couldn’t move.

She thought he was a beautiful man like a bird singing in spring.

He was actually a man closer to a snake than a bird.



* * *



Continuing the kiss, Callandlein put his hand on Jiwoo’s neck and stroked the nape of her neck.

As Jiwoo curled her body with the hand that was slightly colder than her body temperature, the soothing kiss deepened.

The nerves that had been tight in her body were released.

As they kissed, Callan naturally pushed Jiwoo down.

Jiwoo was intoxicated by the sweet kiss until he was completely on top of her.

Rather than asking her to try it, Callan was rather devouring Jiwoo thoroughly.

His tongue rolled over Jiwoo’s lips and tongue, as well as the flesh and teeth on the inside of her cheek.

There was no place in her mouth that his tongue did not touch.

The kiss was long, but she did not get tired of his sweet saliva staining her mouth.

“Um, ungh…”

The soft, naturally-flowing hand loosened Jiwoo’s clothes.

Callan’s cold hands ran down Jiwoo’s shoulders and collarbones, undoing her clothes completely.

Callan continued kissing her, squeezing her exposed chest and gently rubbing it.

“Ah… Hnnh”

He was just touching her chest, and it wasn’t her first time having sex, so she couldn’t understand why she was so nervous now.

Jiwoo didn’t lift a hand until he took all her clothes off.

Rather, she didn’t know where to put her hands, so she hung them on the bed with only her fingers clenched.

Then Callan patted the back of her hand and grabbed it.

He pressed his lips to the back of her hand and led Jiwoo’s hand to his chest.

“Touch me, too.

You wouldn’t know if you like my body or not until you touch it, right”

Jiwoo’s trembling hand touched his chest.


Oh my goodness, Callan seems to have a knack for seducing.

His chest, which seemed to be hard, felt unexpectedly soft to the touch when Jiwoo’s hand brushed against it.

When she squeezed it and released it, the elastic skin waved.

After inadvertently kneading it a few times due to the unexpectedly soft touch, Jiwoo was surprised and released her hand.

“Do you like it”

Callan smiled softly and pulled Jiwoo by the waist.

Their chests without a single thin layer of cloth touched each other.

Her nipples rubbed against his firm chest, which rose up with excitement from the kiss alone.

Her tense body turned even such pressure into a shallow pleasure.

“Ha, haa…”

Her heart was beating fast.

Jiwoo placed her hand on his shoulder, fearing that her heart would be heard with her chest touching his chest.

She tried to create some distance by pushing his shoulder, while his hand stroking her waist moved further down.

Gently stroking her belly, he went down a little further and patted between her legs, so Jiwoo stopped all movements in surprise.


They only kissed in the strangely tense atmosphere he had created, but the apex of her legs was completely wet.

The fingers that had been fumbling around her opening, soaked in c*m, quickly found and rubbed the cl*toris.

“Huh, uhht…!”

Jiwoo moaned lightly, and Callan kissed her again.

The fingers, which had been gently stroking, began to become more and more lustful as they entangled their tongues.


As he spread her folds open and shoved one of his fingers into the opening and rubbed it, Jiwoo reached a weak climax as he bit her lower lip.


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