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Awakening of Darkness A hero is Born

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The novel may contain some references from history and some of the famous novels known around. The story is different from any other you have read. This may have a slow character development but it is while your time. I am motivated by different authors and am serious about the book "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS"


What! You want to tell me I am your only Follower. That makes you the weakest god and you

e trying to save you a** from non-existence, I get that you are getting weaker and weaker but what if I don want to reincarnate, I didn ask for any of this and you should have let me into the AFTER LIFE I really wanted to DIE thats why my heart gave up thats the only time the universe agreed with me. When my heart gave up.

Choose someone else and put me back where you found. At least I would be at peace if I slept and never woke up or go back to the dark ending maybe it will be nice being all alone in the darkness all by myself. Life is cruel I don want to experience it again ENOUGH.

Garvin stared at Davion puzzled, its not that he didn understand Davions words it is that he was wondering what could have happened to the boy to GIVE UP IN LIFE.

Garvin was probably the weakest god in the SUPREME TEMPLE, he did not have any followers, his follower died in a battle in the world and he was left with no one.

Most gods treated him like a push over and he did most of the SUPREME TEMPLE duties and was nicknamed "DUTY CLEANER" -He was assigned to welcome souls from other universe but no one was completely interested to the MASTER OF NOONE-GOD OF ALL TRADES something that people in the normal world took it as an INSULT

Some of the gods pity him cause sooner than later he will eventually disappear as no one was willing to become his DISCIPLE

Boy! I promise you power, wealth and women. Anything you can name that is in my reach I will get for you just do me this. Garvin spoke trying to convince Davion to accept him as a Patron God- Acceptance for someone to sign the contract.



Garvin is paying up a dept of a PRIMORDIAL GODDESS OF LIGHT-THEI by making sure the soul reincarnates to a PEACEFUL WORLD, she saved HIM from sure death and this GARVIN repaying that favor. The GODDESS is also helping HIM have a follower so its a win for him.


Nothing can easily kill gods but their other gods and others that threaten their existence more details are in the story. PLEASE SUPPORT ME


Pft! Who told you I want those things; I just want to return where I came from or take me to THE AFTER LIFE. Just peace and quiet separated from all that pain Davion spoke to Garvin

Am Sorry! But I can . Once a soul has been summoned it can go back to that universe anyhow, the only choice is for you to just REINCARNATE thats the only way forward and you can just live a normal peaceful life and spread MY NAME in the process.

Davion signed and heartbrokenly agreed to the proposal, Okay I will do it but you must give me whatever I ask for to help me in this task.

Am already full of BAD LUCK, like the only way I will be safe is if I could find the GOD OF LUCK at least we will be on the safe side and trouble won follow me everywhere I go, even if it is a blessing from the GOD OF LUCK that would be enough to keep me safe.

Garvin looked at Davion with a worried Look, Okay, I can get that its somehow beyond my reach. Am in cahoots with the GOD OF LUCK and his whole faction.

Davion started regretting his decision, why does this only happen to me of course this will happen to me I thought for the universe was starting to agree with me "PFT". Ahh! He said it aloud to come himself down.

People stared at the two arguing out, they were certainly Happy that they weren DAVION, whispers spread in the area but one thing that they were sure of was that Davion wouldn agree because he sounded certain that he didn wan the second chance but at the end he astonishingly agreed to the Proposal.

Different factions received the news differently. Some gods were saddened by the acceptance of Davion while other were happy, the news spread so fast, finally GARVIN THE GOD OF ALL TRADES had gotten a disciple.

Okay I agree with the you, At least tell me you have something for me like a cheat like in games where there is cheats codes to help the gamers that will help me in this world when, am in trouble or when I need you.

Of course, I can let my disciple go into this adventure alone without me. You will receive skills some attributes to different abilities that will help you survive in the world you live in and you can have the peaceful life you wished of as promised

Garvin lead the way to where the contract will be signed of as OFFICIALLY DAVION PATRON GOD. Other gods followed them because they were interested by the latter and found it interesting maybe this would bring change to the already Dying world and the SUPREME TEMPLE.



The world shall tremble under his rule

Among gods a certain beautiful goddess was sited on her obsidian throne, she was Happy that Davion accepted REINCARNATION and she would be watching as Davion was to begin his journey to a new world

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