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In fact, a few years later, a book called [Everything About Banquet Preparation] was published containing the widely popular decoration.


After a book containing the idea of using rough ropes, which was thought to be used on the battlefield, as a banquet decoration, it spread to each mansion’s person in charge of banquets.


What kind of major changes happened at the Capital banquet after, Beatty already knew, seeing it from the past newspaper.


‘Since until then, it was only lace, cloth, and real flowers, but after that, all kinds of new things became usable.’


From the ways to surprise people by using extraordinary materials, to the decorations that drew attention with materials that reflected each territory’s color.


It was to the point that adding anything that wasn’t existingly used to decorate became the basis for future banquets.


‘Even so, nothing could surpass the North’s rope knot decoration, right.’


The trend that was born in the North, which was a wasteland of anything remotely trendy, for the first time, was loved by all parts of the Kingdom.


Just as the lace decoration once became a general trend, ever since the publication of [Everything About Banquet Preparations], the macrame decoration became the new general trend in banquet interiors.


She remembered that the banquet hall of the Capital mansion, which she saw over the window for a split second, also looked like this.




The Duke was looking vacantly at the rope knot that Beatty made.



As expected, was it a bit too sloppy’


Beatty, who felt troubled, trembled inside as she wriggled her hands.


She recalled as much as possible the macrame knotting method that she had seen before her regression, and it was a sample that was completed with the help of Duke’s Castle people who were accustomed to tying ropes.


Though, her little hands were not used to weaving knots meticulously.


Showing concern and glancing at the part that was getting twisted one after another poorly, Beatty stole a peek at Father’s expression.


“It’s very….”


Picking up the knot decoration which Beatty made, the Duke opened his mouth with his usual blunt expression just as it was.






Due to the gap between the very serious voice and words spoken, Beatty momentarily couldn’t understand Father’s words.


‘To think this is a product that my Baby completed with those small hands.’


The Duke, who recalled the sight of her wriggling as she had made knots with those marshmallow-like fingers, gently closed his eyes as if engraving the memories inside his retina.


‘I’ll cast a preservation magic on this just like this, preserve this permanently, duplicate it, and make known my Baby’s excellence far and wide.’


In an instant, the Duke, who completed the preservation plan of Baby’s hand-made product and the distribution plan of the missionary product, opened his eyes again and ordered.


“Proceed like this.”


“T-Thank you.”


Although she didn’t know what it was, Beatty still expressed her gratitude for the quick approval of her plan, as she followed up with the detailed plan.


“Then, after discussing it with Johanna and the other master craftsmen, with an even more enhanced completed look—”






“Proceed, as it is.”




Beatty was flustered by Father who held the sloppy sample she made like a holy object, and spoke firmly.


“No, um, this one, the knot is loose, and the string here is also sticking out….”


“Like this is the most perfect.”




Beatty disagreed.


‘As expected….’


Unfortunately, Beatty couldn’t help but recall a saying that spread widely in the Kingdom.


‘They said they don’t believe in the Northern people’s eyes!’


The Northern people who used to have a reputation for building trends and walls, suffered from the rough Mother Nature—including magical beasts—and their aesthetic senses were extinguished.


‘Father was also a Northern person.’


I’m sorry, but it won’t do if I trust Father’s eyes from now on.


As she saw Father who was holding on to the sample, which was still a mess, and proclaiming that they should just make it as it was, Beatty shook her head.






The rough yet beautiful banquet hall decoration that was completed after going through twists and turns.


Beatty looked at the nobles, who gathered from every area of the Kingdom, looking around the decorations interestedly with proud eyes.


‘Fortunately, the decoration was completed well.’


She received a lot of help not only from Johanna but also from various technicians who were familiar with knots.


Looking around delightedly as the banquet decoration, which was completed after working together with many people, was well received, Beatty remembered another thing which she had prepared and turned around her body.


‘Although earlier I did see the ingredient preparations were all well prepared.

Just in case, I have to go and check for the last time.’


After Beatty disappeared into the kitchen.


The entrance of the guests, who were entering the banquet that was held in the North after a long time with an excited look, was also almost finished.


The attendees of the invited list were identified and reported, and the butler, who received the Master’s orders, bowed his head.


Ting ting!


At the sound of tapping glass, gazes gathered.

After completing the task of attracting the guests’ attention, the butler stepped back, and the Duke opened his mouth.


“I welcome your attendance.”


Unlike ordinary opening speeches that give praises to the honored guests, it was a concise tone.


“The banquet this time is to celebrate the victory.

To celebrate this, my daughter…”


Those who know the Duke’s usual speech, which wasn’t long, absolved and nodded, ended up becoming disconcerted by the series of phrases that went on the next moment.


“…and though this is something that I’m sure everyone knows, through an outstanding discovery, not only did she turn the enemy’s sabotage with the Duke doing nothing, but even at a young age, her heart of thinking about the territory’s people is incomparable, and the remedy research…”


And like that, out of the blue, the guests heard a long speech talking about how smart, kind, cute, and cute again, the cute Princess of the Aslan Family was.


‘I get how cute your daughter is, so stop it now!’


‘It’s my first time seeing Duke Aslan talking so long like this….’


Duke Aslan’s speech, which went on and on for the first time, stopped only after the Duke saw a glimpse of bright acorn-colored hair that peeked through the slightly open door.


“Same as I’d mentioned earlier, my Baby, Beatty Aslan, has prepared a commemorative gift.”


As if hunting down an impure element in advance, the sparkling golden eyes scanned the inside of the banquet hall.


“I hope everyone will be pleased with it.”


‘That’s telling us to be prepared if the reaction to the present his daughter has prepared with her cute little hands is unsatisfying, right’


“O-Of course!”



I’m already looking forward to it!”


Just like those who have been in society for a long time, everyone had excellent wits.


Around the time the nobles who were inside the banquet hall were working hard expressing their expectations which were nonexistent even in their heart.


Fortunately or unfortunately, Beatty couldn’t hear properly the lengthy introduction about her that spread inside the banquet hall because she was focusing on the final check.



The preparation is perfect.’


Beatty opened the banquet hall door with a pounding heart.





“Is that a cocktail cart”


Hiding her nervous look in front of the people who gathered, Beatty stood in front of the cart with short and quick steps.


‘First, greet the honored guests.’


“Oh my, how polite you are, though you’re still young.”


“The Princess of Aslan is so cute.”


At her greetings which she has practiced intensively as banquet preparation, the people’s admiration poured out.


‘Phew, that’s a relief.

I guess I didn’t make a mistake just as I learned.’


Contrary to Beatty’s thought which believed that it was the virtue of etiquette that she mastered as quickly as possible although superficial, the hearts of the people who reacted favorably were malicious.


‘Seeing the Duke of Aslan’s appearance of loving her like that, I’ll have to earn points in advance!’


Seeing the faces of those who smiled to the fullest in front of the Duke Family’s precious only daughter, Beatty thought that it was a good thing to start off well and opened her mouth.


“By any chance, is there anyone who usually can’t sleep well”





People tilted their heads at the Princess’ out-of-the-blue question.


“How about a person who’s experienced pain like it’s poking your head here and here”




Regardless, Beatty continued and asked as she poked ‘here and here’ directly with her hand.


Some people put their hands on the same area and had the look that they got the idea.


“How about a person who has felt their shoulders stiffly lumping and hardening”


“Ah, that’s me, though.”


Beatty approached the people who were showing responses, raised her head, and asked in an intelligent voice.


“By any chance, aren’t you greatly tired and worn out sooner than before”


Perhaps she described it precisely, the people who heard Beatty’s words had a look like, ‘No, I mean, how did she do that’


“I saw it in a book that was written by a very smart doctor.

And it said that that’s what happens for the people who live a busy life while having a lot of concerns!”


It was a fact which, right now, no one had ever heard.

However, it would later be re-examined and published in a medical book.


The author was famous through their quack ways in the beginning, and since no one would trust her if she says the name now, she calls it even by first saying ‘a very smart doctor’.


“Since the people who attended the banquet would all be the people who do important matters, I thought surely you all are busy and also have a lot of concerns.”


“Hohoho, that is right.

What I do surely there is that kind of aspect.”


In front of Princess Aslan, the noble, who was praised as ‘a person who does important matters’, proudly stroked his beard.


He looked back at other people who weren’t busy and had no concerns as if he was showing off.


“Ahem-hem! Come to think of it, me too, my head was indeed in a bit of pain here”



Actually, recently my shoulders are also very….”


Suddenly, everyone complained about their problems, saying that they had also actually been sick here and there.


They didn’t want to be excluded from the category of important people who are busy and have a lot of concerns.


“As expected! Since you are all important people, I thought you’d have a similar pain!”


Beatty nailed up their symptoms with a satisfying voice.


People who had come to accept most of Beatty’s words before they knew it nodded as they focused.


“That’s why I prepared this for those kinds of people!”




At once, the cloth which was covering the cart was lifted.


In a transparent glass that had aligned lines, there were green liquids that filled it.

Even just by looking at it, it was a color that was naturally associated with a bitter taste.


“Is it medicinal herb water”


“Medicinal herbs sure are good for our health….”


Although they said so out of courtesy, on the people’s faces, there were easily seen astringent looks.




Despite the people’s reactions as if they were disappointed, Beatty inversely had a smile at the corner of her mouth.


Clap clap.

Following the cue that was set in advance, the servants put a spoon on top of the glass with skilled gestures.


Peculiarly, the spoon was built with pock-marked holes, making it very hard to eat anything with it.

Above that, placed on top were some square sugar cubes.


“Now, everyone, please take a good look.”


Beatty took out a small stick-type staff and held it.


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