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If it was her mother, she was the person who died on a remote island after getting deposed.

Of course, if it was a thing of the dead, it was something that had to be kept secret.

If Elanie found out that she had reclaimed the posthumous items of her biological mother, the Emperor would pay homage.

“Ronald thought it was expensive, so he stole it and put it up for auction.”

“I see…”

The Imperial Family’s situation had a story that was like a drama in its own right.

Originally, the Emperor and the Empress had a beautiful and intelligent daughter, Elanie.

And, as the days went by, the Emperor began to rot the Empress’ insides in various ways — To a certain extent, one day, a woman suddenly came into the palace holding a boy’s hand and she said, “This child is actually your child.”

It turned out that the boy who was one year younger than Elanie, Ronald, was the emperor’s illegitimate child.

When the Empress learned of this, she jumped and said that she could never forgive his illegitimate child.


Of course, the Emperor shamelessly turned the Empress into an exhausted and merciless woman.

The Empress said, “I hate seeing that person’s face, I would rather live alone, but the only way to live alone is if that person dies.”

One day, she finally strangled the Emperor.

Thus, the Empress was deposed on the pretext of trying to assassinate the Emperor.

She passed away not long after she was deposed.

After that, Ronald’s mother ascended to the position of Empress immediately, though she was now suffering from ill health.

Ronald was recognized as the Prince, but in any case, his line of succession was pushed back to the ruthless Elanie.

However, now that the Emperor was so healthy and very young, Elanie could ascend to the throne in a very distant future.

Still, she was always called ‘the future of the Imperial Family,’ and she was clever and good at dealings, so she was always favored by the emperor.

“The secret… you will protect it, right”


I nodded my head softly.

I was also a little sorry.

‘If I had known that there was such a situation, I wouldn’t have increased the price six times without conscience.’

…I should have stopped about five and a half times.

“Then next time I see you, I will deliver the music box.

I didn’t bring it today.”

“Yes, that’s fine.

Are you attending the masquerade by any chance”

“Yes, I am planning to attend.”

“Then, will you deliver it to me”

Elanie spoke with a desperate expression.

“Because His Majesty always watches over my every move.”

“Yes, then I will secretly deliver it to you.”

“Yes, my mask is going to be a white butterfly.”

When I politely replied that I would, Elanie let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m really glad.”


“Because I met you by chance in Avonitar.

If we hadn’t even met in a relationship back then, I would have been much more nervous to ask for it.”


“We are destined.”

“Well, that’s—”

“You should pay for this in advance.

I’ll give it to you right now in cash.”

“It seems like a fateful encounter.

I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


Elanie even showed me the excitement by writing a check right away.

At that, I accepted the check and thought for a moment.

Well, if she didn’t look at anything and gave money right away, what would she get…

“Trust me.

I will take responsibility for delivery.”

My passion, motivation, and loyalty to shipping

“Seeing you make up excuses for necklaces puts my mind at ease.

Unlike the appearance that looks like you would be hollow if stabbed, you’re sharp.”

Now, my business was over.

“Thank you.

Well, I’m going to…”

When I was going to move my hips up because I wanted to get up quickly.



“I’m free, so can we talk a little bit more”

…Was I crazy No matter how bored I was, I had no intention of chatting with the husband’s future wife.

“I’m sorry, Princess.

I’m not good at speaking, so I won’t be a good conversation partner.”

“What So, shall we play chess If you don’t want to talk.”

It was a moment when I was about to refuse unconditionally.

“Let’s bet.

Two gold, how about it”

“I’ll do it.”

And so, a chessboard was laid out in front of us.

“Laria… I don’t know what to think.”

Standing in front of the chessboard, Elanie moved her pawn and sighed slightly.

“I heard Count Rostri was quite a playboy.”

Well—Why are we suddenly talking about my father here…

“Yes… That’s right.”

“Well, I just… I just wanted to say that there was a certain bond between that fact.”


It was very difficult to answer.

If I cooperated here, I would be insulting the Emperor.

However, I seemed to know what Elanie was talking about.

‘Ah, that’s why…’

Suddenly, the incident of the founding festival six years ago passed by.

“I like him better…than my crazy father.

I didn’t think so at all.

I’m serious.”

When I said that, I remembered Elanie looking at me with a strange expression.

“They say when the Duchess dies, Duke Icard’s office stays lit all night no matter what.

It’s a famous story in the Empire.”

As I moved the knight, she uttered with a rather sad face.

“Even though he may be a little mean to others, I wish I had a father with that kind of pure heart.”

“Well… Evan wouldn’t think so.”

I gazed at the chessboard and answered thoughtfully.

“But, I think I know what you’re talking about.”

So, it was the face of a bird of a feather who had a naughty father.

The Emperor was a typical fool who liked alcohol and women, and caused accidents.

Well, him running the country is just fine, but I could never see him as a monarch.

He liked people who curried favor with him at a drinking party, and his women’s problem is constantly on the rise.

In other words, it was a massive thing for Duke Icard, who was not good at drinking, to be in his current position.

In many ways, the emperor was a disliked person.

Even if it’s not Elanie’s situation, for example…

[ “It doesn’t feel good to be asked to develop a mine that may or may not come out.” ]

By now, Duke Icard must be under unwanted pressure from the Emperor.

As for Duke Icard, when it came to Matilda, he would not back down and will continue to refuse…

The longer he shows his dislike, the longer the distance between him and the Emperor would grow.

The Emperor was a person who kept grudges, after all, so once he started to move away from him, he would start to bully Duke Icard in secret.

It wasn’t for nothing that Elanie was secretly looking for her mother’s belongings.

‘I mean… What’s to care about someone who will kill me I am not a person with two lives.’

I played chess with Elanie and thought quietly.

‘Still, since I possessed this body, it’s all right I said I lived twice.’

Almost all of my soul seemed to be focused on the audience between Duke Icard and the Emperor.

“So, I… Ah, it’s a bit embarrassing, but I thought that it might be a good fit for you…”

Elanie seemed to have more to say but dropped it as I answered dryly.

Even though I was playing chess while thinking of others, it was difficult to concentrate on the conversation.

‘There’s a high probability that it will pop out in two months, but it has nothing to do with me.’

My thoughts went straight ahead.

‘Although that’s two months from now.’

Once I thought of Duke Icard, I realized that I had been worried about him all along.

‘He’s the one who will kill me soon! What did you get to worry about…’

I clenched my skirt.

‘Actually, I got a lot…’

After my rationalization was over in an instant, I started coughing.



“Cough, cough—cooouugghh!”


Elanie, who had seen me coughing out of breath in Avonitar, was startled and grabbed my shoulder.

“Hurry up, call the royal doctor…”


I quickly grabbed Elanie’s arm and said,

“It’s not urgent but I have to go to my doctor.

My doctor knows best.”

“Is that so Then, quickly call the carriage—”

“But I came with father… Cough, cough, cough!”

“Father Duke Icard”

“I don’t think it’s urgent anyway… Cough! First of all, Father should return to the Duke’s residence with me as soon as possible. Cough!”

“I get it! Don’t die, Laria…!”

Elanie frantically called her handmaid.


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