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Then in the future, will there be more people who rely on her calm temperament and will not take her seriously and even ride wildly on her neck every day

At that time, not only will she lose her face, but also the faces of Shen Liuchen and Jinyu Group will be affected by her.

She silently reflected on herself, while Lin Xiaoxiao over there was still adding fuel to it.

“Besides, there are also many men who are used to indulging themself with women and rubbish who only treat women as playthings at this place now.

If they believe your identity as a mistress, they will harass you in all kinds of ways, and even ask people to tie you directly to their room when you don’t pay attention…”

Whether what Lin Xiaoxiao said is true or not, Song Jinxi does not know.

After all, she has not experienced the real darkness of upper class society.

But after Lin Xiaoxiao’s words were spoken, the man behind her seemed to have lost control of his emotions.

The hand across her waist was getting tighter and tighter, almost embedding her in his arms.

The surrounding temperature turns a bit colder, showing that the man was deeply displeased.

Shen Liuchen’s face is so gloomy that it is as if water is about to drip from it.

When several veterans around them who like to indulge themself in women see that, and then think again of what Lin Xiaoxiao said just now, all of them couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

It has to be said that they have indeed done the kind of thing like forcibly tying the woman they like to their bed, and done it quite a few times too.

It’s just that although those women resist every time, they still fall in love with them for various reasons later.

Either it was for their money, for those glamorous clothes and accessories, or for the enviable status they can have…

As long as they stay by their side for a little longer, they will want to be the only person by their bedside.

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When they heard that Song Jinxi was a mistress just now, they did have a crooked idea.

They thought that if one day, Liu Jue was tired of playing with her and didn’t want her anymore, they would be the dish-taker hero for a few days.

Such a beautiful woman, with just the right figure.

Even if she has been played by others, they are also willing to play it again.

But now, after seeing Shen Liuchen’s face, they feel extremely fortunate for a moment.

Fortunately, the appearance of Shen Liuchen and Lin Xiaoxiao made them rein in at the brink of the precipice and did not put their ideas into action.

If Lin Xiaoxiao did not appear, and Shen Liuchen also did not appear behind Song Jinxi, they would continue to think that Song Jinxi was just a mistress…

If Shen Liuchen never showed his ring and declared Song Jinxi’s identity with a tough attitude, then, once someone really has a crooked mind, and even goes to hang around in front of Song Jinxi and makes some provocative remarks…

Then it is very likely for the person to not see the sun again tomorrow.

Everyone’s thoughts changed, and Song Jinxi also recovered from her wandering thoughts.

Anyway, Xu Lili and her don’t get along with each other for a long time.

This Lin An’an also wants to seduce Shen Liuchen, and then came forward for Xu Lili too.

Both of them were trying to deal with her together…

Then, if Shen Liuchen and Shen Liujue have to deal with the two of them, and also the family behind the two, let’s just use them as an example to warn the others.

It is also equivalent to…

Letting her, the newly appointed president’s wife, set up the stage.

Even though it is just the sake of Shen Liuchen’s face, she could not show any softness.

Whenever one should be unyielding, one indeed should be a little firm.

Her attitude changed, and her aura was not as soft and cute as before.

Shen Liuchen’s attention was basically on her, and he could keenly detect even the slightest change in her.

For Shen Liuchen, whether Song Jinxi is soft or strong, he can hold her in the palm of his hand and gently care for her.

As long as he hasn’t fallen, she has enough capital to deal with people she doesn’t like insolently, and at the same time, she can also stand on the highest place and take pity on others.


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