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Obviously, her academic performance has been very good but unexpectedly she is completely inferior to him.

How high should this person’s IQ be!

At noon that day, the two went to eat together in the dining hall next to the library.

After eating, they returned to the library.

Song Jinxi just lay her head down on the table and slept.

She finished her homework in the morning.

She was free and idle in the afternoon and went to take some romance novels to read.

Shen Liuchen was still writing answers to the top question seriously on the other side.

At noon, she learned from Shen Liuchen that he could make money through his hacking skills.

Song Jinxi was worried but also felt happy at the same time.

After instilling a lot of thoughts on consciously maintaining a good social order in him, she started thinking about Japanese cuisine.

She likes to eat all kinds of sushi, and she also likes to eat salmon.

In the real world, she basically eats Japanese food at least once a month.

This time, she stayed in the novel world for nearly a week, and in the real world, she hasn’t eaten sushi yet for nearly a month.

Just next to the library, there is a Japanese self-service restaurant that looks like a high-end one and with delicious food, with an average spending of more than 100 yuan per person.

She really wanted to ask Shen Liuchen to eat there with her.

Shen Liuchen couldn’t bear her cute look because of her hesitation and longing, and he could not hold back to touch her head, then took her, who looked like she was in a trance, and went into the self-service restaurant.

After eating, Song Jinxi touched her chubby belly and followed behind Shen Liuchen out of the restaurant.

Both of them wore school uniforms, and their faces looked immature, so some people that saw Song Jinxi’s action of rubbing her belly behind Shen Liuchen then looked again at her belly that seemed like she was already pregnant for three months…

All were stunned for a moment.

At first, Song Jinxi didn’t understand why some people looked at her with a weird look but after thinking about it, she quickly put her hands down.

She doesn’t dare to do any more actions that will be misunderstood.

The evening wind is very cool and when it blows on people’s faces, it gives people a very comfortable feeling.

Because she was eating too much, Song Jinxi pulled Shen Liuchen to accompany her for a walk, but her foot’s current condition was not suitable for a walk.

Under Shen Liuchen’s proposal, the two went to the small garden beside the library and sat there to enjoy the breeze.

Maybe it was because the atmosphere was too comfortable, so Shen Liuchen told Song Jinxi about what happened this morning.

“You mean, she might no longer do weird actions and say strange things towards you in the future” Song Jinxi blinked, and thought that this matter was not simple.

Shen Liuchen nodded slightly.

He did not tell Song Jinxi what Zhang Meigui said about Cai Xiaohao.

It’s not that he doesn’t believe in Song Jinxi, but he felt that this was the matter of Cai Xiaohao and Zhang Meigui, and it was related to Cai Xiaohao’s dignity, so he couldn’t say it.

Besides, it is useless for Song Jinxi to know about it.

She doesn’t need to know about the dirty things in his house, lest it pollute her ears.

Song Jinxi never believed that Zhang Meigui is such a person that would give up so easily.

The more she thought about it, the more it seemed wrong.

She wanted to ask Shen Liuchen for the details but Shen Liuchen was reluctant to say more, and just took her back to the library.

It lasted until she was sent home in the evening.

Shen Liuchen refused to mention this matter again.

He just made an appointment with her that at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, he will be waiting for her downstairs at her house.

Song Jinxi watched him leave with a worried face.

When she returned home, she thought about it for a long time, always feeling that things were not as simple as what Shen Liuchen said.

She suddenly remembered that Zhang Meigui had taken many men home in front of Shen Liuchen…She can’t help but think that maybe Zhang Meigui was afraid that Shen Liuchen and her would have a fall out and he would tell Cai Xiaohao about it, so she want to take this opportunity to show her kindness to him, mend the relationship with him, and let him not tell Cai Xiaohao about it


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