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The surrounding residents called the police.

Because there is a police station near this community, the police arrived soon.

Song Jinxi watched as a tall policeman stretched out his elbow and knocked Shen Liuchen unconscious.

Another policeman took a piece of white cloth to cover her body, and then the two of them, one carried Shen Liuchen on his back, and the other half supported Shen Liuchen’s back, walked back together to the police car and got on the police car.

The remaining policeman pulled up the cordon and sealed off the surrounding area.

Before floating in the air and following the police car to leave, Song Jinxi’s sharp eye saw Zhang Meigui sneaking away from a corner, and then went upstairs.

Following the police car, looking at the police car driving all the way to the hospital, Song Jinxi asked again: “Tell me, system, why do you have to let me die in front of him”

System: “Do you think I want to”

For some reason, Song Jinxi actually heard a hint of helplessness in the cold electronic sound of the system.

“Didn’t you arrange it” Song Jinxi was puzzled.

If it wasn’t arranged by the system, then, how could the male god jump down and smash her

And even smashed her to death

This kind of coincidence, whether in reality or in the novel world, isn’t the probability of its occurrence is very small

“I arranged it This time your death is caused by yourself.” The system said.

“If it weren’t for you teasing Shen Liuchen with those strange things, he wouldn’t be tempted by you, nor would he think of using you as an excuse to go to a showdown with Zhang Meigui.”

Song Jinxi: “…”

“If he hadn’t had a showdown with Zhang Meigui so early, Zhang Meigui would not have thought of attacking him in advance.”

“Wait…What did you mean just now ” Song Jinxi didn’t quite understand what it meant to ‘use her as an excuse’ to have a showdown with Zhang Meigui

“Shen Liuchen fell in love with you.” The system said.

Song Jinxi fell into deep silence.

After a long time, she asked again: “Even if Zhang Meigui started to attack Shen Liuchen in advance, it didn’t have to go so far as me being smashed to death by him too, right Was it not you who let him jump down and kill me “

“Do you think I can still manipulate his actions” the system asked back.

Song Jinxi: “I don’t understand this very well.”

“If I could manipulate his actions and affect him, or, if I could manipulate other people in the novel world to get close to him, I would have killed him.” Song Jinxi seemed to hear a hint of viciousness in the system’s tone.

Song Jinxi: “!!!”

Song Jinxi: “What! What do you mean Say it again”

System: “It’s nothing.”

“I think we should be more honest with each other, system.

Tell me the truth.

This way I can do the task better.

If it wasn’t because of you telling me before the first death that he will forget about me, then after the second crossing, I would never say those strange words to tease him, but would instead reduce the sense of existence and do the task seriously.” Song Jinxi said.

“Didn’t you already know I did clear the police’s memory, and only Shen Liuchen remembered you.” The system said.

“Why is that so Because of his blackening ” Song Jinxi was very puzzled, and her brain seemed to be somewhat not able to turn around.

“I thought that since I can not get close to him, nor can I influence the people around him, then I can at least change the world, thereby affecting his memory and making him forget your existence.

It’s just that I think too well.”

“Even if the whole world forgets you and everyone in the whole world can prove that you don’t exist at all, he firmly believes that you existed.”


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