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For some reason, Song Jinxi was a little touched by the system.

This kind of ‘even if the whole world forgets her, he still remembers’ setting, why is it so tearful

She temporarily put these feelings aside and continued to ask: “I mean, since he can remember how I died and that I existed, why do you want me to die in front of him and arrange such a coincidence death”

System: “Did the water enter your brain”

Song Jinxi: “Why are you attacking me personally”

“After so much explanation, you still can’t understand it” The system’s voice has always been cold electronic sound, but Song Jinxi felt that there is a trace of frustration and irritation in the electronic sound that was usually emotionless.

“Because of the influence of his blackening, there is an active field around him, and this active field runs through his entire course of life.

For now, no matter whether he has blackened or not, whether in his childhood or in the future, I can’t get close to him, nor can I affect anything around him, including those in contact with him.”

“In the current novel world, as long as there is something with even the slightest relationship with him, there is a direction for independent development, and I have no way to intervene at all.

Otherwise, why do you think that I can’t contact you after you went inside Why is it that I am only able to show up when you have finished the task and died”

“Because he’s nearby.

I’m isolated from his active field and can’t get close to you.

Do you understand”

“I can’t intervene in the main line of the whole story.

If his influence is not so great, I can even erase this person from this world before he blackened and affected the development of the storyline, but I can’t do it.

“If I can, I also want to directly remove the obstacles on his way to growth.

There is no need for you to come in and do the tasks at all.”

Song Jinxi fell into deep thinking: “Then the question is, why is it me…”

“You are special, just like a program, you are an externally embedded bug.”

Song Jinxi didn’t know that she was not the first ‘bug’ implanted by the system.

Before choosing Song Jinxi, it tried a total of three times and arranged for three people to come in to rescue Shen Liuchen.

However, none of them succeeded, let alone getting close to Shen Liuchen.

Regardless of men and women.

Just when it desperately wanted to give up this world, it tried one last time and chose Song Jinxi——

This nympho woman who loves Shen Liuchen so much while reading the novel everyday.

Originally, it just wanted to let her try for the last time, so it only selectively told Song Jinxi some information.

It really never expected that Song Jinxi would be able to succeed in approaching Shen Liuchen and to successfully rescue him.

To help him avoid the first pit on his road to growth.

When Song Jinxi had just finished her task, the system was full of thoughts that there was still a possibility of recovery in this world.

It’s just that, unexpectedly, only avoiding the first injury would not be able to completely save Shen Liuchen.

After suffering the second injury during the growth period, he still blackened.

Before letting Song Jinxi come in for the second time, it had systematically observed the reactions of Shen Liuchen and those who had contacted Song Jinxi.

Since he was eight years old, Shen Liuchen has never mentioned the existence of Song Jinxi to the surrounding people, and he no longer pesters the policeman, Fang Yuming, to ask if he still remembers a little girl named ‘Xixi’ anymore.

Fang Yuming has been tampered with and his memory has been blurred, and there is no such a person like Song Jinxi in his mind.


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