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Therefore, it originally had a fluke mentality, thinking Shen Liuchen would listen to Fang Yuming’s analysis that Song Jinxi was his imaginary friend that he created in his desperate situation.

With the mentality of trying, before contacting Song Jinxi for the second time, the system once arranged another girl to help Shen Liuchen avoid the second injury.

However, the girl was just like the previous three bugs, could not get close to Shen Liuchen at all and was abandoned outside of Shen Liuchen’s world instead.

Even the people around him could not get closer to him anymore.

Only Song Jinxi is special.

The system has no choice, can only contact Song Jinxi and let her try again.

It thought that Shen Liuchen had forgotten Song Jinxi, so it didn’t remind Song Jinxi again to be more careful.

It did not expect that Shen Liuchen would still remember all of it, that Song Jinxi would be caught off guard.

The system also has some regrets now.

It would have been better if it was Song Jinxi from the beginning, because it later found that unfortunately, once Song Jinxi intervened in this matter, everything could not be restarted over again.

The system controls more than 3,000 different novel worlds.

This is the first time that it has encountered such a situation.

Even the system itself is not sure anymore whether it will continue to save Shen Liuchen.

Should he be allowed to blacken, and let this world be destroyed

Song Jinxi doesn’t know the little twist and turn in the system’s heart.

She watched the police carry Shen Liuchen on his back to the hospital and put him on the bed.

After the nurse gave him a shot of an unknown medicine, his face gradually became normal.

“You are the only special existence.

You can approach Shen Liuchen and even influence his decision.” The system concluded at the end.

“Do you mean that he and all the people around him are in a foregone conclusion And that you can no longer interfere in how they evolve and how the plot changes, only I can influence his thoughts and lead the plot in other directions”

System: “Yes.”

“Yesterday morning, Zhang Meigui pretended to Shen Liuchen that she wanted to take it lying down.

That is to say, she wanted to attack him early, but she didn’t mean to attack him immediately too.

If it wasn’t for Shen Liuchen saying that she would go to the library with you, which made her misunderstood that the two of you were dating, she would not have moved her plan forward to today.” The system said.

“Zhang Meigui bought the drug through her relationship in the nightclub.

Last night she asked Shen Liuchen about his arrangement for today.

Knowing that Shen Liuchen still wants to go to the library with you, she decided to give him the drug this morning so as to stand you up and break up the two of you.”

Song Jinxi was shocked, “This is too vicious.

How can it be so disgusting”

It would be so disgusting to encounter such a shameless b*tch in real life.

“In order not to make Shen Liuchen suspicious, she pretended to be angry when she heard that the two of you were going to study in the library on Sunday, and reiterated that the two of you can’t have puppy love.”

“Early this morning, she cooked porridge and put the drug in Shen Liuchen’s porridge.

Then she knocked on Shen Liuchen’s door and asked him to go to you only after he had eaten.

Shen Liuchen had not doubted her.

After eating the porridge, Zhang Meigui asked him to clean up the room before leaving.”

“While he was cleaning up the room, Zhang Meigui secretly took the key from his school bag and hid it.

Then she locked the door of the house with the key.

Shen Liuchen found something was wrong but couldn’t get out of the house.

So, he had to push Zhang Meigui away, ran to his room and locked the door to prevent Zhang Meigui from entering.


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