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“When you came, he was right next to the window.

First, he wanted to let the cold wind blow on him to wake himself up.

Second, he was thinking about how to jump down without getting hurt.

It was just that the drug had hallucinogenic ingredients.

When he saw you, he might have hallucinated, so he jumped down to you directly regardless of whether he was on the fifth floor or not.”

“So, do you understand now All the plots are not arranged by me, but it was the two of you who guided it.”

After listening to a series of explanations from the system, Song Jinxi finally sorted out the main idea.

It turns out that… The plot develops like this.

Song Jinxi opened her mouth, “Can I go back and start it over again”

“If I can go back and start it over again, I will go back to the beginning and avoid the entanglement between Shen Liuchen’s parents.

In that way, Shen Liuchen will never be born.” The system said.

Song Jinxi was silent.

Why, she always feels that there is something wrong with the system, and it doesn’t seem to be very friendly.

“Then what should I do now He actually remembers everything… This time, he liked me, but accidentally killed me because of the drug.

How irritating will this be He will definitely blacken, and the degree of blackening may be even more serious than the original.

” She said hesitantly.

System: “So there should be no need to do the third mission.”

Song Jinxi’s heart tightened, “What do you want to do”

System: “Abandon this world.”

“Then what will happen to Shen Liuchen”

The system says: “Every novel world is dependent on the existence of the male lead and female lead.

Half of its world structure is stored in the mind of the male lead and female lead, which supports the framework of the entire novel world.

This is an area that will never be touched by anyone.”

“If a novel has a tragic ending, one or both of the male lead and female lead will die.

Then with their death, the story will come to an end.

The time in the novel world they propped up will stop, and all the pictures will be frozen at that moment.”

“If a novel has a comedy ending, the male lead and female lead will not die according to the setting, but they will die for some unexpected reasons, or if the author gives up the world, which is the so-called unfinished, then the world will fall apart.”

Song Jinxi: “But it’s okay to just read the novel.

All the characters are just written descriptions and I will be sad for a few days at most when a character dies… But since I crossed into this world, all the people are flesh and blood, living people.

For a world where it says that it will fall apart and then it just falls apart, where it says that it will be destroyed and then it just got destroyed, where all the people in that whole world dies in that moment, won’t it have a bad effect They all are the people that really exist in the novel world!”

System: “That’s why I let you come in and save him, hoping to save the situation, instead of watching him kill the male lead and female lead, and finally died too when the whole world collapsed.”

Song Jinxi: “But now that the tragedy has been caused and we can’t go back and start again, what are we going to do”

System: “Give up on him.”

Song Jinxi: “…What kind of giving up”

System: “Abandon the whole world.”

“No! Absolutely not!” Song Jinxi retorted, “I can’t watch him die.

Is there any chance for me to try again”

“He has begun to blacken now.

When he wakes up, the first thing he receives is your death and disappearance again.

Then this will be the second time that the whole world has forgotten your existence again.

He originally thought that this time if he is able to solve the problems he encountered through his own efforts, you may be able to stay with him.

Unfortunately, instead of solving the problem, he personally killed you.

In what way do you think you are able to save him “


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