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“Then, can I tell him that I am actually not dead… You take my body away now and I will go look for him again in a few years and tell him that someone else saved me…” Song Jinxi said.

Although she thought it was impossible too, she was just too anxious.

Kind of like having an illness and wanted to just randomly find a doctor in a hurry.

Vainly thinking about it unrealistically.

“What will your identity be then You died two times but can be saved in the end.

Do you think he is so easy to be fooled At that time, if he knew that he was not real at all, that he was just a villain role in the novel world, and all of his childhood experiences were designed by the author intentionally in order to make him psychologically perverted as a villain, to add plot to the whole story and cause trouble for the male lead and female lead… Do you think he can still be good and not directly blackened as dark as an ink “

Song Jinxi fell into silence again.

But letting the system just leave the world alone, and let her watch Shen Liuchen seeking his own death, she couldn’t do it.

She rolled her eyes and her brain was spinning fast.

“Although you are in control of more than three thousand worlds now, every world should be very important to you, right Otherwise, you wouldn’t have thought of saving him at first and trying to save this whole world, but you would just directly give up this world…”

The system did not answer.

Song Jinxi felt that she was probably right, and she continued to persuade in this direction: “The two mistakes before were because we underestimated his influence, but since things have happened, and I did save him twice, the reason why he blackened now should have a lot to do with me.

Can I solve it by myself this time I will change my identity to approach him this time, let him fall in love with me, influence him with love and stop his blackening.

Do you think this is feasible “

The system has been silent for a long time.

“But… he still has a third hurdle that he hasn’t overcome yet.” The system said.

According to the development of the original plot, Zhang Defa and Xu Mingjie were sentenced to ten years of imprisonment for the crime of abducting and trafficking children, and deliberately injuring them.

When they were arrested, Shen Liuchen was seven years old, nearly eight years old.

They had been in prison for ten years and undergoing reform through labor.

It was not until the year that Shen Liuchen reached the age of eighteen that they were released after they were done serving their sentences.

Now, because Song Jinxi had changed the plot and Shen Liuchen’s leg was not broken, they had only one crime of abducting and trafficking children and they are only sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

However, because of Zhang Meigui’s influence, Shen Liuchen blackened again, and the degree of blackening was even greater than before.

After the blackening, in addition to taking revenge on Zhang Meigui and Cai Xiaohao, Zhang Defa and Xu Mingjie also received his ‘care’.

Shen Liuchen used his contacts to create some false evidence and made the court impose a five-year sentence on them.

This time, they stayed in prison for a total of ten years.

According to the development of the changed plot, Shen Liuchen came out to the society early.

With his ability and super high IQ, he started with bank investment and soon established his own company, becoming the youngest and most mysterious young President in China.

Ten years later, Zhang Defa and them were released from prison.

Through their investigation, they found that five years ago, it was Shen Liuchen who made them get sentenced with five more years of imprisonment.

In order to get their revenge on Shen Liuchen, the two men monitored Shen Liuchen for a period of time and found out a lot of information about Shen Liuchen.

They disguised themselves as cleaners and got into the underground parking lot where Shen Liuchen’s company was located and hid beside Shen Liuchen’s car.

When Shen Liuchen got off from work, they stabbed him in the heart.


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