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Although Shen Liuchen was rescued, his body became extremely weak after that.

That’s why he wanted to destroy all mankind and take all the people to be buried with him.

“You mean, I will go in again to help him block the knife” Song Jinxi asked.

System: “That’s right.”

“What about, when I crossed in to block the knife for him this time, before I died, I told him that I was willing every time I saved him.

Telling him that I just hope he can grow up happily and live his life happily.

Do you think it will work”

“What he wants is you.

Do you think he can be saved when you die” The system asked back.

Song Jinxi: “Mmm…”

She was silent for a while, and her mind was suddenly lit up: “Can you change it to a robot that blocks the knife for him”

System: “Do you have the brain of a fish Seven seconds of memory only”

Song Jinxi: “…” That’s right.

The system said that only she can get close to Shen Liuchen, and only she can influence the development of events around him.

Therefore, she must be the one to block the knife.

She fell into deep contemplation.

Because of the system’s unfriendly and subtle attitude, she does not dare to discuss everything with the system now, so she has to think about it seriously on her own.

The first time she died in his arms, at that time he was still young and they only spent half a day together.

As time goes by, he may slowly forget her.

The second death, if the system is right, if Shen Liuchen really likes her… Then, in a condition when his heart has been moved, after he wakes up, when he remembers that it was him who smashed her to death, how much of a breakdown would he have

This kind of plot has already caused him to blacken.

When she died in front of him for the third time, and it was still because she blocked the knife for him, then at that time…even nine cows won’t be able to pull him back, right

If the system agrees with her idea to let her go in and date him to prevent his blackening, then how can she explain her identity to him

How to explain why she can revive from her death time and again

Tell him that she is an immortal from heaven

Then the question comes again.

Since she is an immortal from heaven, why can’t she directly help him avoid those dangers, but have to suffer for him It seems like it doesn’t make any sense however she explains it

“Give up then.

I’m already tired.” The system said.

“You are a system, how can you get tired” Song Jinxi criticized, “Is it interesting to design yourself to be so humane Why don’t you directly simulate the human’s mimicry to be cuter”

After a while, Song Jinxi made up her mind.

“I don’t want to think anymore.

I have worked hard twice and I definitely can’t give up halfway.

Or, let’s do it like this.

Before my third death, I will tell him that I was a little kitten he saved in his previous life.

In order to repay his kindness, I came down to help him by suffering three times in his stead, and only then could I return to heaven as an immortal.

I will tell him not to be sad for me.

Humans and spirits go on different paths.

There will be no result for the two of us.”

System: “Hehe…”

Song Jinxi: “Don’t you hehe.

I think this idea is very good.

The more I think about it, the more feasible I think it is… After I die this time, I will pretend that I am really dead, and then I will appear in front of him in a different identity for the fourth time with an appearance that is a bit like the cat demon who repays his kindness.

I will be my own stand-in, try my best to make him let go of the cat demon and fall in love with me instead.

Performing a sad and beautiful love story of ‘a stand-in who becomes true love’ with an abused body and heart that finally have a happy ending.

What do you think”

System: “In the worldview of this world after the founding of the people’s Republic of China, there’s nothing such as a spirit becoming an immortal.

I hope you understand.”


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