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Looking at the stickiness of Song Jinxi towards Shen Liuchen, they begin to feel sour again.

Each and everyone of them looked at Song Jinxi with envious eyes.

Song Jinxi was not interested in them.

She just took the steamed buns, ran to Shen Liuchen and handed it to him.

Originally, at the door, Zhang Defa was the only one who was handing out the dinner.

After Song Jinxi sat down, she looked up and saw Xu Mingjie who appeared at some unknown time.

Xu Mingjie looked around, and his eyes stayed on Song Jinxi.

This makes Song Jinxi so scared that she lowers her head and quickly eats her steamed bun.

She heard Xu Mingjie laugh softly, and said to Zhang Defa, “Just tomorrow then.

This time, let’s try one first Which one is better “

Song Jinxi’s action of eating steamed bun froze.

She may know what they’re talking about.

The timeline seems to have been advanced, probably because of the butterfly effect brought by her appearance.

She quietly raised her head and looked around.

The children, who did not know what they were discussing, thought there was something good.

They all looked at the two people at the door, showing a look of expectation and eagerness.

Unfortunately, Xu Mingjie turned his eyes to Shen Liuchen next to Song Jinxi.

He raised his jaw toward Shen Liuchen, “How about him”

Zhang Defa followed his gaze, frowned, and denied: “No.”

“Why not” Xu Mingjie raised his eyebrows, “This boy has the best looks, and it will be the easiest for him to win the sympathy of those women.”

Zhang Defa’s brows spread out and his tone relaxed a lot: “You’re talking about him.”

Xu Mingjie laughed: “What You think I’m talking about the little girl “

Zhang Defa did not speak.

Xu Mingjie looked at Song Jinxi again for a while.

Seeing the little girl’s head lowered as she slowly gnawed at the steamed bun, Xu Mingjie said, “Even if you are willing, I’m not willing.”

He took a steamed bun from Zhang Defa’s hand, walked around him and walked into the small firewood room.

He walked to Song Jinxi and squatted down in front of her, then handed the steamed bun over.

“Little girl, eat more to gain more meat, okay”

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Song Jinxi forced herself to hold back and silently took the steamed bun without speaking at all.

Xu Mingjie didn’t necessarily want to talk to her too.

He raised his finger and played around Song Jinxi’s chin for a while, feeling the delicate and smooth touch of the child, and let out a disgusting sigh that made her scalp numb.

Zhang Defa at the door saw this and his forehead twitched.

He said: “Let’s go.”

And deliberately pushed the door loudly.

Xu Mingjie laughed twice and pinched the soft flesh on the tip of Song Jinxi’s chin.

When he released his hand, he saw two red fingerprints on her chin and felt satisfied.

Then he got up and walked away.

As soon as they left, Song Jinxi threw himself directly on Shen Liuchen, rubbing her chin against his thin chest.

Trying to wipe out that disgusting touch.

From childhood to adulthood, it was the second time that she was molested.

The first time was when Xu Mingjie pinched her buttocks when she was outside this afternoon.

She did not expect to suffer this kind of pain when she came in to do a task.

In addition to nausea, she was a bit wronged.

At this time, only the hug from the male god can relieve her pain.

Shen Liuchen has been wandering for two years.

He has more or less seen the physical entanglement between men and women.

However, he is still only a seven year old child.

His knowledge of sex is basically zero.

He would not have thought of this aspect.

It’s just two red fingerprints on Song Jinxi’s small chin.

That’s what he saw.

The little girl rubbed back and forth in his arms, with a buzzing voice which sounded very wronged.

This time, instead of pushing her away, he hesitated and stretched out his hands.

Slowly, he hugged her little body.

Song Jinxi was still rubbing and rubbing, still feeling nauseous and did not notice Shen Liuchen’s relaxed movement.

She only heard as if a small sound above her head said:

“It doesn’t hurt.”

The author has something to say:

At childhood.

Taking advantage of Shen Liuchen’s ignorance, Song Jinxi ate up his tofu (molest him).

At adulthood.


Song Jinxi (reach the end of forbearance): Do you suffer from skin hunger and thirst aaahhhh!

Shen Liuchen (with a calm face): You are the one who taught me.

Song Jinxi: I did not!

Shen Liuchen: When we were still young, blablabla….

Song Jinxi: It’s not too late to regret it now, right

Shen Liuchen: It’s too late, …come here.

Song Jinxi: …Let’s take a day off today, QAQ

Shen Liuchen smiled and began to unbutton his clothes.


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