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Only this time, she was planning to say goodbye.

Thinking that after this time, she may not go there anymore in the future, so she forced herself to come to Su Guihong’s house with the prepared gifts.

She bought a box of blood replenishing supplements for Su Guihong and a Transformer toy for Lin Gewen.

When she walked to the door of Su Guihong’s house, she knocked on the door.

It was Lin Gewen who came to open the door.

Song Jinxi just pulled out a smile and wanted to say hello to Lin Gewen, but Lin Gewen slammed the door shut as soon as he saw that it was her.

Before Song Jinxi’s raised hand had time to move, the smile on her face that hadn’t been put in place already stiffened.

She lowered her head silently.

She seemed to hear the voice of Su Guihong coming from behind the door, asking: “Wenwen, who is it”

Lin Gewen replied: “It’s a beggar, mom.”

“Nonsense, we live on the fourth floor, how could there be a beggar” Su Guihong said while opening the door from the inside.

Su Guihong seemed to be smiling originally, unknown whether it was because she was amused by Lin Gewen’s childish lies or something else.

But the smile slowly stagnated the moment she saw Song Jinxi, and turned into an awkwardness.

She lowered her head and lightly scolded Lin Gewen: “It’s obviously your sister, how can you say it like that.”

“What sister I have nothing to do with her.” Lin Gewen said, but then he saw the box of transformers placed at the foot of Song Jinxi.

He reached out and took the box directly, and ran into the room, saying: “She is a beggar.

She came to my house to beg for food.” Finishing his words, he stuck out his tongue towards Song Jinxi.

“This child…” Su Guihong pretended to rebuke a sentence, and said to Song Jinxi: “”Your brother is still young and ignorant, so don’t take it into your heart.”

After speaking, her eyes shifted and she saw Song Jinxi’s gift that was put near her feet, and said to Song Jinxi: “You just have to come.

There’s no need to bring any gift here.”

She was so polite as if she was greeting an ordinary guest.

Song Jinxi has long been accustomed to their way of getting along.

Following Su Guihong into the house, Song Jinxi saw the old woman walk over slowly while swaying the fan in her hand, and looked at Song Jinxi: “Yo, Song girl, have you come to have a meal”

Song Jinxi really did not understand this old woman’s brain circuit.

She visited Su Guihong only a few times and seldom came to her house to have a meal.

However, the old woman was very resistant to her appearance, and every time she would look at her with a kind of ‘you have come to my house to beg for food again’ look.

Song Jinxi smiled dryly: “No, I came to see my mom.

I will leave after a while.”

“What are you in such a hurry for Stay and have lunch with us.” Su Guihong said.

The old woman immediately scolded her: “Eat eat eat.

What’s there to eat We have no good food to entertain the guests.

Would you just fry a small onion and mix with tofu for the Song family’s girl to eat Our family is already so poor that we can only live on Liankuan’s little salary.

Are you not afraid of our guests seeing the jokes when you fry such light dishes”

After finishing speaking, she pretended to smile at Song Jinxi: “Song girl, don’t look down on us, okay Our life is too poor these days, and I really can’t come up with good things to entertain you.”

Song Jinxi: Ha ha…

When she was still studying, she was so angry with the pretentiousness of this old woman.

But she had no financial ability at that time, and she could only rely on the support provided by her parents to make ends meet.

Even if she was ridiculed so much by this old woman, she could not refute it.

However, now that a few years have passed, she can already support herself, and she can no longer endure it like this.

“It doesn’t matter, grandma.” She said with a smile: “I have a monthly salary of more than 20,000 yuan, eating fish and meat so much every day outside that I sometimes want to have some light food too.”

The old woman probably never expected that this little girl who had been scolded by her until could not say anything to refute her, would make her speechless one day.

She only felt that Song Jinxi was only trying to satisfy her own vanity but in fact, she cannot really afford to do so.

Then she smiled and asked: “Oh, it means that you can earn a lot of money.

I wondered what kind of work it is that can earn you 20,000 yuan a month Your uncle worked so hard and only has a salary of 10,000 yuan every month.

If this work is good, can you introduce it to your uncle so that he can follow you to make some money”


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