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“You need to understand how to use a computer, you have to graduate from University, and you have to be good at English too.

Most people can’t do it.” After she finished speaking, she looked at Su Guihong who looked like she wanted to immediately say goodbye to her.

Su Guihong dragged her into the room.

“How are you doing now Is your salary really more than 20,000 yuan a month” Su Guihong asked.

Song Jinxi nodded: “This is the price after quitting my last job.”

“That’s great.

You can buy a house by yourself now.

Your cousin who is far away has also bought a house by himself.

Then you two can have two houses, one for you two to live in, and one for renting out, so you can collect rent every month.” Su Guihong said.

Here she goes again.

Song Jinxi had a terrible headache, frowned and said: “Mom, I don’t have any affection at all with that distant cousin.

Besides, we are relatives separated by exactly four generations.

We can’t really be together.

Can you stop matching us”

“It is five generations actually, not four generations.

It’s already more than four generations.

Your aunt likes you so much.

If you two get married, you don’t have to worry about the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

She will treat you well for his son too.

I can be rest assured by then.” Su Guihong said, “If a woman can’t find someone who treats her sincerely, how hard her life will be, you know about it.

You will not be like me if you are with your cousin.”

She glanced at the direction of the door, approached Song Jinxi, and whispered in Song Jinxi’s ear: “I had several pregnancies at the beginning, and it was not until I am pregnant with you and the doctor said that you are a boy, that your dad allowed me to give birth to you.

But unexpectedly, it was still a girl.

That’s why he went to find a woman outside to give him a son.

If I gave birth to a boy, how would your dad divorce me I am still the rich wife of a rich family, and I don’t have to suffer wrong from this old woman at home because I can’t find a job.

Song Jinxi lowered her head, “So, it was all my mistake for being born with the wrong gender.” The voice was surprisingly calm.

“I am not blaming you.

How can it be blamed on you” Su Guihong said, sighing, “Listen to mom’s words.

Find time to go out with your cousin on a date, cultivate relationships, and marry him, okay”

“I don’t like him.” Song Jinxi frowned tightly.

“You keep saying that you don’t like him.

What’s the use of finding someone you like but the other person doesn’t like you” Su Guihong also got angry, “Anyway, I am optimistic about your cousin.

If you don’t stay with him, I will ignore you in the future, I won’t care anymore whether the person you marry in the future is good or not, and whether you suffer losses or not.”

“You——” Song Jinxi opened her mouth, but in the end she still didn’t say what was in her heart.

‘Have you ever taken care of me’

‘You haven’t taken care of me since you remarried.’

These two words came to her lips, but because of considering Su Guihong’s mood, there is no way for her to say them.

She has been left alone for so many years, but now wants to meddle in her life-long affairs, regardless of whether she likes it or not, paranoidly let her marry that distant cousin.

Is this really maternal love

Song Jinxi has always had this suspicion.

But Su Guihong didn’t know how to reflect on herself, and also pushed the mistake on others: “My child, you had been taken astray by your Grandma.

That’s why you won’t listen to me anymore.”

Song Jinxi couldn’t bear it anymore.

She turned her head to look at the floor, and retorted in a cold voice: “Don’t blame Grandma, you two didn’t want me at the beginning.

Grandma brought me up with hard work.

You have no right to blame her.”

Su Guihong: “You——”

Right at this moment, Lin Gewen’s voice came from outside the door: “Mom.”

Su Guihong went to open the door, and when she heard Lin Gewen say that the old woman was looking for her, she walked out.

Song Jinxi sat on the chair and took a deep breath, but saw Lin Gewen slowly walking towards her.

“The Transformers toy you gave me is a broken one.” Lin Gewen said.

Song Jinxi rolled her eyes, “Don’t blame others if you broke it yourself.

The Transformers toy was obviously good when I bought them.”


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