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“I don’t care.

It’s broken.

You need to buy me a new one.”

Song Jinxi sneered, “Keep dreaming.”

When she finished speaking, she saw Lin Gewen keep clenching his fist.

So she was a little curious about what he was holding.

But when Lin Gewen took advantage of her inattention, and pierced his hand directly onto her knee.

It’s a thumbtack!

“Wow, you dead boy!” Song Jinxi took a breath and pushed him away with one hand.

The ten-year-old had a bit of strength and he also caught her off guard, so the thumbtack was stabbed into the flesh by him.

Song Jinxi endured the pain and pulled out the thumbtack, but Lin Gewen was lying on the ground, crying loudly while rolling.

Calling “Grandma” and “Mom”.

“What happened What happened” The old woman quickly swayed into the room and looked at Lin Gewen, who was lying on the ground crying.

Without wasting any time, she pointed to Song Jinxi and began to scold: “What a great little cheap hoof[1]! Never mind you coming to my house to eat, but you still have to beat my grandson.

My family indeed owes you and your mother.

Marrying back your mother, not only got myself an old hen who only laid an egg after three years, but I still have to see you come home to bully my precious golden grandson.”

“What are you talking about, Mom” Su Guihong is also a little angry.

She pulled over Lin Gewen, who was supported to stand up by the old woman, and looked at him carefully.

When she finds that he was not wounded that much from the fall, she turns to look at Song Jinxi: ” What’s the matter with you How can you bully your brother”

Song Jinxi stretched out her hand, and on her hand lay the bloody thumbtack.

“He stabbed me with the thumbtack, so I just pushed him casually.

It was him who lies on the ground himself.”

Su Guihong just wanted to ask Lin Gewen if it was true, but the old woman immediately retorted: “How much strength can he have as a child Can a small thumbtack stab you to death So you have to push him like that He’s still small now, what if he has a concussion because of your push “

Song Jinxi was silent and didn’t speak.

She just cast her eyes to Su Guihong.

She only cares about Su Guihong’s opinion.

Unfortunately, Su Guihong also looked at her with accusing eyes and said: “What are you fussing over with a child He’s your brother after all.

Just stick a band aid if you are pierced with a thumbtack.

Although your younger brother is tall, he is too thin and it is easy for him to fall down.

If you push him like this, what if he really hits his head when he falls”

Since long ago, she obviously had told herself that she shouldn’t expect any more unrealistic things, but when she heard Su Guihong say this, Song Jinxi still felt somewhat couldn’t breathe.

Her heart is a little cold.

She even felt a little bit of an urge to laugh.

She also raised her head slightly, opened her eyes wide and looked at the ceiling, forced back the tears that had reached her eyes.

But she still felt that her nose was a little sour, and the tears seemed to be somewhat unstoppable.

Can’t cry, at least not here.

She warned herself from the bottom of her heart.

Crying is a sign of weakness.

Wouldn’t it show that she is weak then If she lets the old woman see her cry, the latter will definitely say that she pretends to cry and pretends to be pitiful to get Su Guihong’s sympathy.

She just doesn’t want to lose so miserably.

She took a deep breath, lowered her head abruptly and left a sentence: “I still have something to do so I will leave now”, brushed past Su Guihong, and quickly walked away from this ghost place.

However, she had just gone out of the door and her foot had just stepped on the stairs when her tears were scrambling to fall down like a broken line of pearls.

It’s hard to calm down this kind of thought… She really has no way to restrain herself.

Obviously, she was once a treasure held in the hands of her parents.

But why now…

No one cares about her…at all

In Su Guihong’s eyes, there was only Lin Gewen.

In Song Lizhao’s eyes, there were only Song Jinnan and Song Jindong.

She, Song Jinxi, obviously has parents, but lived a life like an orphan without parents.

She found a remote corner and cried for a long time, and then looked at the small wound on her knee that had begun to scab.

It seems like a satire on her.

Looking at it, Song Jinxi suddenly felt that something had been put down in her heart.


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