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Her movements were stiff.

She held the steamed buns in her small hand and leaned on Shen Liuchen’s chest with her wrist as a support.

She looked up at him.

Shen Liuchen’s gaze stayed on her chin, and the big red fingerprints even pricked his eyes a little bit.

He stretched out his hand and gently rubbed her chin.

Once again, he comforted her and said: “I rubbed it, so it won’t hurt.”

Song Jinxi: …

The little male god is so gentle.

The original feeling of nausea was suddenly replaced by gentle touch, and the disgusting touch that had always remained on the chin disappeared.

Song Jinxi narrowed her eyes, rubbed her chin against his hand, and handed the steamed bun given by Xu Mingjie to him.

“Brother Chenchen, eat.”

Shen Liuchen still remembers that this steamed buns was bought with ‘two red fingerprints’.

He looked at the steamed buns and did not speak.

His lips gradually pursed into a line.

This bun, he doesn’t want to eat it.

Although he is not full.

Song Jinxi took his hand and pushed the steamed bunq into his hand.

“This is a steamed bun I exchanged with a pinched chin,” she said seriously.

“If you don’t eat it, I’ll be pinched for nothing!”

Shen Liuchen still wanted to refuse.

Song Jinxi got close to his ear and whispered, “I’ll tell you something secretly later.

You can only do this when you are full.

Brother Chenchen, you have to be full tonight.”

Shen Liuchen hesitated, then took the steamed bun and ate it slowly.

After two years, he felt full for the first time.

After eating the steamed buns, he lowered his head and looked blankly at the floor beside his feet, but his attention was all to his side.

The little girl was still eating the steamed bun slowly.

If he listens carefully, he can even hear a faint chewing sound, which is very cute.

This is a very novel feeling.

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It’s as if there are soft and thin tentacles that slowly touch his heart.

There is also a little bit of color that gradually invades his world, making the originally gray world become a little warmer.

He likes it very much.

After everyone had finished their dinner, Zhang Defa and Xu Mingjie came to take a dozen children to the toilet.

“Little girl, come here.

Uncle will take you to pee.” Xu Mingjie stood at the door and said to Song Jinxi.

The other children on the scene heard it and saw that Xu Mingjie and Zhang Defa were so special to Song Jinxi, they could not help but showed the expressions of envy and jealousy.

Song Jinxi wanted to roll her eyes so much.

Looking at Xu Mingjie’s weasel smile…

Song Jinxi’s two small hands were put behind her and they were squeezed into fists.

Step by step, she moved to the front of the two and wanted to say that she didn’t want to go to the toilet now, but to be honest, she really wanted to pee a little bit…

Fortunately, Zhang Defa took a step ahead of Xu Mingjie, took Song Jinxi’s hand, and led her to one side.

Xu Mingjie just ‘tsk’ again, and did not speak much.

He said Follow me’ to all the children that had been assigned to him, and walked to the other side.

Shen Liuchen followed Zhang Defa in silence.

Growing up, it was her first time to experience the feeling of going to the toilet in the open air in such a wild place.

Song Jinxi felt that she was under a great psychological pressure.

She looked around and finally spotted a slightly more hidden weed bush.

Pointing at the weed bush, she raised her head and asked Zhang Defa, “Uncle, I’m shy.

Can I go there to pee”

That place was a bit far away, about two or three hundred meters away.

Song Jinxi was a little worried that he would not agree to it.

However, considering all aspects, Zhang Defa was not afraid of her running away, so he nodded and let go of her hand.

Song Jinxi walked away quickly.

Unexpectedly, after walking two steps, she heard footsteps following her from behind.

Turning her head around, she saw Shen Liuchen.


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