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In the dilapidated thatched house, a dozen children leaned against the wall and sat in a circle.

Each of them was yellow and skinny, and their hands were on their stomachs.

From time to time, there was a soft sound or two coming from their stomachs.

There was a sense of lifelessness lingering in the entire thatched hut, and there was no vigorous and lively noise that children should have.

Shen Liuchen wanted to look around, but found that he had no control over this body.

He is like a boarder, he can only nest in one corner and see where ‘he’ is looking through ‘his’ eyes.

Somehow, he went back to his childhood memory.

He wanted to have a look to his side.

At this time, the girl should be sitting next to him.

Since she disappeared ten years ago for blocking a knife for him, she has not even entered his dream for nearly ten years, disappearing without a trace.

He needs to constantly draw her portraits and paste them in every corner where he does his activities to keep her fresh and lively in his mind all the time.

He wanted to forget her, so that he would not suffer so much anymore.

But he was afraid that he would really forget her completely like those people, and forget the girl who had brought him light and pushed him to hell at the same time.

Is she going to appear in his dream like this today

In his memory, the girl had already appeared at this time, and she would have been squeezing around him, chirping and talking to him.

But now his ears are very quiet, and there is no feeling of being leaned on by a warm body.

It seems that there is only ‘him’ alone.

He can feel the hunger in ‘his’ stomach, as well as the depression of ‘his’ mind, but he can’t control ‘his’ body.

Shen LIUCHEN didn’t know the meaning of his dream, but he couldn’t wake up now, so he could only stay in a corner with this body and watch the changes.

After a while, the door of the firewood room was kicked open from the outside.

The young Zhang Defa and Xu Mingjie appeared at the door with several bags of steamed buns in their hands.

Shen Liuchen watched as ‘he’ slowly got up, went to the door, took a steamed bun, and walked back slowly.

At this moment, through ‘his’ eyes, he saw that there was no one by ‘his’ side except ‘him’ alone.

There was only ‘him’ who sat in that area, and there was no little girl’s figure at all.

Why is she not here

Could it be that even the traces of ‘her’ in his memory will be taken away

Is she going to slowly disappear from his memory just like how she forever disappeared from those people’s memory…

When ‘he’ sat back in the corner, Zhang Defa spoke to Xu Mingjie at the door.

Zhang Defa took a look at ‘him’ and said: “Just him then.”

‘He’ took a bite of the bun and slowly looked up.

‘He’ saw Xu Mingjie nodded, and said: “This kid is pretty good-looking.

There should be a lot of women who sympathize with him, so just him then.”

After the two said so, they closed the door.

The surrounding children cast jealous glances at ‘him’, seeming to envy ‘him’ for being selected.

Shen Liuchen had some guesses in his mind.

Except for the absence of Song Jinxi and the candy grabbing, other things that are happening now seem to be developing according to the ‘original’ trajectory.

He couldn’t help being a little curious.

If Song Jinxi did not show up, then what would be waiting for ‘him’

He continued to wait patiently.

Time flies quickly.

It seems that it’s just a blink of an eye and it’s already the next morning.


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