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“Go to the Research Institute.”

The assistant hurriedly followed.

It’s just that they just walked out of the office when an uninvited guest came up to them.

The assistant remembered that the person in front of him was the second son of the Shen family, Shen Liujue.

Shen Liujue walked straight to Shen Liuchen and stood still.

“Cousin, I heard that Xiaoxiao seems to be in your place.” He came straight to the point and didn’t seem to have any intention of circling around with Shen Liuchen at all.

In the past, Shen Liuchen might be too lazy to talk to him, nor would he admit that he did order someone to take Lin Xiaoxiao away, but now…

He nodded slightly and said, “Come with me.” After saying so, he bypassed Shen Liujue and left directly.

Shen Liujue didn’t seem to expect that he was so easy to talk to.

After all, this stranded younger paternal cousin of his has been fighting against their Shen family group for nearly ten years.

Every time, he won’t let them go without suffering a blow first.

This time Shen Liuchen captured Lin Xiaoxiao, and the brothers thought they were going to tear their faces with Shen Liuchen.

After all, they had always thought of Shen Liuchen as their cousin all this time, so they did nothing to him.

However, if Shen Liuchen really wanted to hurt their family’s member, even though Lin Xiaoxiao is not their biological sister and only an adopted one, they would not tolerate Shen Liuchen attacking the member of their family.

At the Research Institute, the people over there have taken Lin Xiaoxiao and Song Jinxi to a coffee shop in the suburbs.

When Shen Liuchen walked into the coffee shop, he suddenly felt a little timid.

It was the first time for him to experience this feeling of being close to hometown.

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However, he only paused for a while, and immediately raised his foot again to walk towards the private room where Song Jinxi and the others were.

When he opened the door, his breath was lightened and his eyes were directly locked on the woman sitting by the window, and a trace of madness flashed past his eyes.

Song Jinxi also heard the sound of the door being pushed and followed the sound to look over there.

The first thing she saw was the person she was always thinking about.

It’s just that the male god’s phrase of ‘I will definitely kill you first by myself’ still reverberated in her ears.

In order not to lose the disguised identity, she only glanced at him and forced herself to look away again, pretending to be calm.

Shen Liujue followed Shen Liuchen into the private room, and the assistant also followed behind them and closed the door.

When Lin Xiaoxiao saw Shen Liujue, she was stunned for a moment, and then ran towards Shen Liujue with a very excited look.

“Second Brother! I knew you would come to save me.”

Shen Liujue took her into his arms, patted her on the back, and calmly said: “It’s okay.

It’s okay now.”

Shen Liuchen had already arrived in front of Song Jinxi and was looking at her intently.

Song Jinxi was being stared into having cold sweat on her back.

She lowered her head and closed her eyes tightly before raising her head again and pulled out an awkward smile.

Then she said: “He… Hello…”

“Song Jinxi…” The man stared at her while slowly spitting out these three words.

His voice was cold, as if it had substance, and it made her feel cold and sweaty.

Song Jinxi pretended to be silly and continued to hide her panic with a smile, saying: “Um, do you recognize the wrong person”

Shen Liuchen sneered, and suddenly reached out to grab her wrist, but was blocked by Lin Xiaoxiao who came back after calming down.

Lin Xiaoxiao suddenly stood up, standing between the two of them.

She opened her arms in front of Song Jinxi.

“What do you want to do You can’t bully Xiuxiu.

Shen Liuchen: “Xiu… xiu”

Song Jinxi poked her head out and said: “Um…Hello, my name is Su Xiuxiu.”

Shen Liuchen lowered his head and chuckled.

When he raised his head again, his gaze brushed past Lin Xiaoxiao’s shoulder, looking at Song Jinxi’s lowered head again, and said: “Get out of the way.” However, he said this to Lin Xiaoxiao.

“You want me to get out of the way, based on what” Lin Xiaoxiao is not willing to be outdone.

Shen Liuchen: “Just based on, I am her husband.”

Song Jinxi: “”

I’m not.

I do not have one.


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