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They are now working on a kind of drug that can turn people into zombies after being injected, and that drug has begun to take shape now.

Once the drug is developed, the whole world will become a world of zombies at that time.


He had been waiting for nearly ten years and could no longer wait so hopelessly anymore.

Since Heaven is so determined to take away his love, then he will drag all mankind to his burial.

When Song Jinxi left ten years ago, he had tortured Zhang Defa and Xu Mingjie almost every day, and then rescued them again with the best medicine.

Then the cycle repeats again.

However, this kind of pleasure can not fill the emptiness and pain in his heart.

After Zhang Defa and Xu Mingjie have been tortured to completely lose any self-esteem and arrogance, there is no meaning for him to commit violence again.

He gave up this activity to relieve his bloodthirsty mood.

After ordering his men to continue torturing the four people who brought harm to him and Song Jinxi, he never came to see them again.

He tried hard to forget Song Jinxi, but he couldn’t do it.

After waking up from that half true and half false dream last night, Shen Liuchen could no longer fall asleep.

Instead, he went to his study and traced his paintings with his hands over and over again.

The girl’s face in the painting was permanently fixed at the age of eighteen.

What’s ridiculous is that he was only concerned about sadness at that time and didn’t even take a picture of her.

When the ambulance arrived, she had already lost her breath, and her body even began to turn cold.

At that time, there was still a faint hope in his heart and he let the doctors and nurses take her body to the hospital.

Seeing her body was sent to the mortuary, he sat at the door of the mortuary and waited all night.

The next day when he went in again, her body really disappeared, and the memories of the people around her also deviated greatly.

They don’t remember the existence of such a person at all.

It’s exactly the same as when she disappeared twice before.

Because of this, he had a glimmer of unrealistic hope that she would come back one day.

He restrained his desire to commit suicide and restrained his bloodthirsty impulse to destroy everything.

Crazily earning money, learning all kinds of skills, and even learning cooking and simple medicine.

She always loves to sprain her feet, she is reckless and gets hurt easily, and she is also picky about food…

If she comes back this time, he must take good care of her and never let her suffer any more harm.

He can buy her whatever she wants, and cook for her the food she likes…

Such a wait is ten years.


Early the next morning, instead of going to the company, Shen Liuchen came to the research base.

He saw Zhang Defa and Xu Mingjie.

There were no traces of abuse on the two of them, and they were in good physical condition, but they had no spirit.

They have been like this since they were tortured for some time ten years ago, and Shen Liuchen didn’t care about it.

“The first batch of drugs is about to be successfully developed.

In order to let them test the drug’s efficacy, I asked the men to postpone the violence against them.

It takes about a month to observe after the injection of the drug, so we need two whole months for it.

We need to keep them in good health.” Yuan Jifa said.

Shen Liuchen didn’t say much.

He let everyone move back, and then looked at the two people in the prison through the iron railings.

He looked at the two people in the room and recalled how they were twenty years ago in his dreams.

At that time, their whole body exuded the vigorous aura of young mature men.

They could easily restrain the struggle of a seven-year-old boy, causing him to gradually lose confidence in life under their control.


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