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“Twenty years ago, you said at the door that you chose me.

What did you want to do” Shen Liuchen asked.

After ten years of continuous inhuman torture, Zhang Defa and Xu Mingjie have completely lost their backbone.

When they saw Shen Liuchen, they didn’t have the slightest feeling of resentment, but endless panic.

Their life was too hard, they can neither live nor die and can only live like walking dead every day.

And because of the various illegal punishments, they had turned into such a humble and cowardly appearance.

When they heard the question asked by Shen Liuchen, they first froze for a moment, then glanced at each other, thought for a moment before finally remembered about it, but they somewhat didn’t dare to say it.

“I don’t want to ask again.” Shen Liuchen’s voice was low and his eyes were full of coldness.

Xu Mingjie said quickly: “We want to break your leg so as to let you go beg on the street.”

Shen Liuchen fell into silence.

Twenty years ago, if Song Jinxi hadn’t appeared, what happened in the dream might have become true.

So after Song Jinxi appeared, the story changed.

So now, what he had dreamed about, was what would happen to him in the parallel world, or what

He still doesn’t know what Song Jinxi’s identity is.

There is no clue at all.

His car passed by a van as it drove out of the pharmaceutical factory.

He didn’t take notice of it and just closed his eyes, leaned back in the chair and fell into contemplation.


In the van, Song Jinxi slumped to one side and almost sat next to the door of the van, trying to minimize her sense of existence.

While receiving the information sent to her by the system.

With the experience and lessons of the previous three failures full of loopholes, the identity assigned to her by the system this time is very appropriate.

It tampered with the memory of a childless couple and made them her parents.

She also arranged a job for her in the company of the original male protagonist Shen Liuyu, doing the work she was skilled at——

As an honorable programmer.

She is twenty-four years old this year, with no boyfriend, both parents are still alive and the three of them are living a happy family life.

It’s just that the place where she showed up seemed a little bit wrong.

Another very surprising thing is that this time after she crossed in, she was still able to contact the system.

“You can’t make me appear in a quiet corner without anyone, isn’t it A person suddenly appeared in this small van.

This is very obvious, okay”

Song Jinxi is really unable to make complaints anymore.

She always feels that the system is deliberately playing with her.

“But… this is the fastest way for you to establish a friendly relationship with the original female lead.” The system said.

Song Jinxi: “Why should I get in touch with the original female lead”

System: “Because she has a protagonist’s halo.”

Song Jinxi frowned, “Then, here is my question and problem.

I obviously came in to do the task, but why is it that I didn’t have any Golden Finger at all”

The system is silent.

“And since the female lead has the protagonist’s halo, why was she almost killed by Shen Liuchen…” Song Jinxi felt that she had found a blind spot again.

The system continues to be silent.

Song Jinxi knew that it was not reliable, so she didn’t ridicule it anymore.

She looked out of the window quietly and asked:  “Where am I going I am obviously a good white-collar worker.

Why would I suddenly appear in such a weird van Besides, it still looks like I got kidnapped by the other party”

“Didn’t I say that Shen Liuchen invested in a biochemical pharmacy research institute before According to the development of the plot, the first batch of drugs they are studying now is about to come out.

So, Shen Liuchen’s subordinate have created several accidents, causing some people’s ‘life and death are unknown’ in these accidents, and then caught these hapless ghosts for human experiments.

The original female lead is one of them.” The system said.


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