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Song Jinxi touched her chin, frowned and asked: “Does this female lead have been arrested unintentionally, or is it because Shen Liuchen was going to deal with Shen Liuyu and arrested her deliberately”

“…It was a bit intentional, and his men knew that he didn’t get along with Shen Liuyu, or even the entire Shen family.” The system said.

“It feels like the female lead is somewhat innocently being dragged into the trouble.” Song Jinxi commented.

System: “Your task is not only to prevent Shen Liuchen from blackening, but also to save the original female lead, because she has half of the world’s structure stored in her mind.

If she dies, the world will become cold.

Even if Shen Liuchen stopped blacking because of your appearance, the world would have to be destroyed and collapsed.”

“How do you want me to save her” Song Jinxi’s face was filled with question marks.

The van slowly drove into the underground parking lot, passed through the checkpoints, and kept going down in circles.

While talking, Song Jinxi seemed to see that the van had turned several times, but didn’t quite understand the position of the van.

“Their research base must be heavily guarded.

You can use the female lead’s halo and follow her.

You should be able to find a way out.

I can only help you until here.

The rest depends on yourself.” The system said.

This kind of posture of throwing hands on the shopkeeper makes Song Jinxi couldn’t help but curse it in her heart.

As she continued to reduce her sense of existence, she looked quietly to the side, where the female lead was sitting next to her.

The only 18-year-old female lead, six years younger than her, looked a little immature all over her face.

She was wearing a black jacket, sitting in a chair that was slightly higher than her.

It seems to be written in the book that the female lead was 1.68 meters tall and has a very good body ratio.

That kind which bulged on the front and curved on the back.

When Song Jinxi looked at the other party, it somehow gave birth to a subtle admiration in her heart.

She felt that the female lead was worthy of being the heroine, and the temperament was different from ordinary people.

Compared with the female lead, she is just a scum.

Maybe because her gaze was too obvious, the female lead turned her head and looked directly at her.

Song Jinxi was taken aback and quickly looked away.

Just then, suddenly the system’s scream came into her mind: “F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!”

The sudden sonic attack almost exploded Song Jinxi’s brain.

“Don’t you scream in my head suddenly.

My head is about to explode, you rubbish.” Song Jinxi calmed her heart and quickly stopped it in her mind.

The system cursed with a dirty word and gave out a trembling electric tone: “This female lead was replaced by a transmigrator!”

Song Jinxi:

“When did it happen Why don’t you know when the female lead was replaced by a transmigrator, and only find out about it now” She asked hastily.

“Everything was obviously still fine before you came in.

Let me check it.” After the system finished speaking, it was quiet for a moment, and then said again: “Last night.

Last night in the novel world.”

Song Jinxi: “When I woke up just now, it seemed to be early in the morning.

In other words, she has just transmigrated too”

“Yes, it should be because she got hurt somewhere at the time when she was caught, which gave the transmigrator an opportunity.

The terrible thing is that I didn’t even notice her transmigration at all.

If she was not right by your side, I might not even know that the female lead has been——”

Song Jinxi: “Hmm…”

“It’s all Shen Liuchen’s pot!” The system couldn’t help but loudly accuse: “He has blackened and made a mess of the world.

This world’s loophole is too big, even the female lead has been replaced by a transmigrator.

How can the play still continue”

Song Jinxi didn’t know what to say.

“This world is over.

I don’t care anymore.

I’m leaving.

You can cheer yourself up.”


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