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After the system finished, it disappeared.

No matter how Song Jinxi called it, it didn’t reply at all.

She didn’t know whether it was really gone or not.

Song Jinxi couldn’t help it, and quietly raised her middle finger to the void.

She wants to cry but she has no tears, and at this moment, the female lead sitting next to her actually talked to her.

“Little Sister, do you know where we are going to be taken to”

Song Jinxi turned her head in silence, glanced at her and shook her head.

At this moment, the man sitting in the co-pilot seat turned his head, and there was even a villain’s standard knife scar on the man’s face.

He glared at them and shouted fiercely: “Don’t talk.”

Lin Xiaoxiao shut her mouth in silence, and Song Jinxi also turned her head to one side quietly.

The van finally stopped after taking them for no less than ten turns.

A total of seven people were arrested in this car.

When the seven people were driven out of the car, the scarred man who just berated them to keep them silent looked at Song Jinxi and asked the driver: “Isn’t it only six people who were arrested What’s the matter with the extra one”

The driver also came over and took a look at Song Jinxi.

“I don’t know either.

Maybe it was too dark last night.

I didn’t see it clearly and I accidentally caught one more.”

Song Jinxi put on the posture of eyes seeing the nose and nose pointing towards the heart, and remained silent.

“That place is a blind spot for surveillance.

It’s fine to grab one more.

After taking the picture, bring them in.” The driver’s status seems to be higher than the scarred man’s.

Once he made the final word, three more people wearing white coats and white masks next to him came over.

They took separate pictures of each of them and brought all of them into the lab.

Song Jinxi and Lin Xiaoxiao are locked in the same room.

The walls of the room are all metal and the door is a kind of iron door with hollowed out top and solid bottom.

There are very bright incandescent lamps on the ceiling, the kind that makes people feel blind at a glance.

There are two metal beds that were placed side by side in the room.

The beds were covered with very simple plain sheets and mattresses.

On one side of the table, there were two drinking glasses, which should be provided for them to drink.

When Song Jinxi looked around, Lin Xiaoxiao sat directly on the edge of the bed, propped one of her hands on her thigh, and fell into deep thought while supporting her chin with it.

Song Jinxi walked over in silence.

“Little friend, how did you get caught” She is now 24 years old and Lin Xiaoxiao is 18 years old.

It should not be too much for her to call Lin Xiaoxiao a little friend.

Lin Xiaoxiao simply climbed to the bed without taking off her shoes.

Her legs were crossed and she put one of her ankles on top of the other knee, while her hands were folded behind her head.

She looked at the ceiling and said: “I don’t know.

I woke up here all of a sudden.”

She said it ambiguously, but Song Jinxi seemed to hear another layer of meaning in her words, and turned silent.

That’s right.

Once woke up, already crossed.

She was very hesitant whether to recognize Lin Xiaoxiao or not, because after all, they were both the people who had crossed through from the real world.

But, what’s the use of just acknowledging each other Then, tell Lin Xiaoxiao that Shen Liuchen is going to kill her and let her escape

She is still not sure about the nature of Lin Xiaoxiao’s identity.

If Lin Xiaoxiao is the kind of transmigrator with a system on her body in order to correct the plot, then Lin Xiaoxiao is likely to be her enemy, not a friend.

If under this premise, she and Lin Xiaoxiao talked to each other, wouldn’t she disguisedly help outsiders deal with Shen Liuchen then

No, she can’t act rashly right now.

Song Jinxi thought so and silently moved to the side.

“What about you, Little Sister” Lin Xiaoxiao looked at her, “How did you get caught”


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