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Shen Liuchen’s ‘I am her husband’ stunned all the people present.

Lin Xiaoxiao turned her head around and asked Song Jinxi: “Is he really your husband You got married at such a young age Could it be that, he is the one that you said you liked”

Three questions were thrown in a row, and it happened that the last question hit the point.

Song Jinxi felt happy in her heart but she shook her head repeatedly.

“No, I’m not married.” After she finished, she paused slightly for a moment.

Lin Xiaoxiao snatched the conversation over.

Lin Xiaoxiao looked back at Shen Liuchen: “She is not married.

Don’t think that just because you are good-looking, you can spread rumors whenever you see a beautiful sister on the road and say that she is your wife.”

Shen Liuchen shot her a glance, “This is a fun thing we do.

What do you know”

Lin Xiaoxiao was choked, almost speechless.

She looked back at Song Jinxi again: “Really”

Song Jinxi gave Shen Liuchen a shy look, and bashfully said: “Although I don’t quite understand what President Shen means, but… I know President Shen and have admired him for a long time…”

Lin Xiaoxiao: “…”

Shen Liujue, who was watching the play on the side, came up to grab Lin Xiaoxiao’s wrist and pulled her out.

“Let’s go.

The couple are having fun between themselves, what are you joining the fun for”

The assistant also followed the two of them out, and thoughtfully helped them close the door.

Only Shen Liuchen and Song Jinxi were left in the room.

A strange atmosphere of silence lingered around the two of them, causing Song Jinxi to unconsciously lighten the sound of her breathing.

All kinds of tension.

Song Jinxi was still standing in the corner with her back against the wall, a little bit eager to see Shen Liuchen, but also a little bit afraid to look.

She lowered her head and casted her eyes downward and seemingly saw a dark shadow approaching herself.

Shen Liuchen then stood in front of her and even stretched out a hand, slowly caressing her neck.

Song Jinxi: “……”

Her hair was standing on the end.

Shen Liuchen supported the wall with one hand while lowering his head against her, and lingered the other hand on her fair neck.

“Song Jinxi,” He said softly, as if whispering, and slowly said in her ear: “If you dare to die again, I will let people all over the world be buried with you.”

As he said so, his big hand rested on the blood vessels in her neck.

“… Do you believe it or not” The voice was suppressed to a very low level, like a life-threatening spell.

A chill rose behind Song Jinxi and she was praying crazily in the bottom of her heart that the male god didn’t really want to attack her.

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What’s more, what he is saying now does not match his current actions at all!

His mouth said that she is not allowed to die, but in reality he… was restless and wanted to attack the blood vessels in her neck

Shen Liuchen slowly moved closer, leaned to her ear, and looked at her small and cute earlobes very closely.

He could even see the tiny fluff on it.

The young girl from ten years ago has grown into a mature woman and her face no longer has a little baby fat like before, but looks a little thin.

He has remembered her for so many years, and even tried to depict how she might look like in her adulthood through imagination.

Just through imagination, he already drew nearly a thousand pictures, all sealed in his safe.

Unfortunately, none of them can completely overlap with her current face.

However, when he saw her, there was a faint voice in his heart.

The voice said, this is what she really should be.

It is the appearance that he likes the most.

He touched her pulse.

The pulse on her neck was steady and strong.

One beat, and one beat again.

It was a fresh and lively sign of life.

As long as he gently grasped her neck and slowly tightened his strength, her life would slowly flow away and die in his hands.

No longer need to die to save his life.

“Um… Please wait, wait a minute!” Song Jinxi tried to relax, not letting herself appear too nervous.


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