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She stretched out her hand to hold Shen Liuchen’s hand, and found that he did not shake her hand away nor continued to tighten his grasp, but stopped there and did not move anymore.

Then she quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Look, what she analyzed before was correct.

To be on the safe side, she absolutely cannot admit that she is Song Jinxi herself, instead, she has to live with her new identity.

She once drew three flow charts in her mind.

First, admit that she is Song Jinxi, then the male god is so mad that he really killed her.


Second, admit that she is Song Jinxi and the words that the male god said before are only angry words.

In fact, he will not kill her, but he will be curious about her origin.

In this way, there will be new risks emerging.

He may start to interlink her words slowly.

If one day she made a slip of tongue, he will know that he was only a virtual person in the novel world and all his miserable experiences when he was a child were imposed on him by the original author in order to shape him as a sick villain.

In this way, he is very likely, very likely to be blackened again.

At that time, even the influence of her love will be useless, and he will definitely want to retaliate against the whole world.

So this road can never be taken.

She can only take the third road——

Even if she was beaten to death, she won’t admit that she was Song Jinxi.

She will play a good role as Su Xiuxiu, and stay beside him as a stand-in, trying to heal him and let him dispel the idea of dragging all mankind to be buried with him.

“Although I don’t know who this Song Jinxi is that you are talking about, but…” She gathered up the courage to look up and looked into his eyes: “Do you like her very much”

In fact, she crossed through three times but spent no more than a week with the male god.

The first time was only half a day.

The second time was longer, from Monday to Saturday, for six days, but she did not go to school for one day in the middle of it.

The third time, after she went in, she just directly died.

Therefore, the male god did not have that much time to come into contact with her.

Even if he is interested in her, it should be just a normal liking.

But the system told her that the male god loves her.

It also said that the male god wants her the most.

She was actually very happy when she heard the system say this at first, but after thinking about it again, she felt that it was a little bit unlikely.

People who have only been in contact for less than a week, and they also never do any intimate behavior, just getting along with each other like how one would with ordinary friends or classmates, why does the male god love her

Unlike her.

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She suffered a blow in real life and lived to be twenty-four years old, but she had almost no real emotional experience except for having a crush with the two boys who were in the class next to hers in junior high school.

Because her heart was too empty, it’s easy for her to fall for a virtual character.

In addition, virtual characters do not exist in reality and she can do all kinds of brain supplements in the direction she likes.

As a result, it is normal for her to slowly fall in love with this man who has been filtered by herself.

After entering the novel world, she found that the male god was more handsome than she thought, and his personality was also very good.

He had no bad habits, loved reading and he also wasn’t playing with the feelings of those little girls by relying on his good-looks.

He was also so smart and considerate…

So she just likes him more and more, and it has risen to the point that she can give up everything in the real world for him.

The emotional experience of the two of them is different.

So, her loving him, it is easy to understand.

But saying he loves her

She doesn’t believe it.

At best, it’s just a like.

However, even if he just liked her, she was already very happy.

Shen Liuchen did not answer for a long time, so she continued to ask: “Do I really look so similar to her”

After a while, Shen Liuchen broke free of her hand, held on to the wall, and moved a little away from her.


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