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The long and narrow phoenix eyes stared at her quietly, and it seemed that some emotions were suppressed in the bottom of his eyes, which was deep and difficult to distinguish.

Song Jinxi held her breath and let him look at her for a while, but later found that as he watched, his gaze fell back on her neck again.

Song Jinxi: “…”

This is still wanting to strangle her.

The 27-year-old great demon king male god is totally different from the 15-year-old little male god.

What does the system say about him again


Yes, paranoid.

He shouldn’t be putting his paranoid personality on the matter of ‘killing her’, right

She felt that her ability to resist pressure seemed to have become much stronger as she was able to welcome his thoughtful and murderous gaze without running away at all.

It’s simply like offering her small life on her hand to cure the male god.

After a long time, she finally heard Shen Liuchen say: “Are you really not Song Jinxi” It was not like the cool and moist sound when he was fifteen years old, his low voice now was full of magnetism, making people can’t help but feel their ears softened.

Song Jinxi suddenly felt a bit dry in her throat.

In addition, Shen Liuchen is very close to her now.

When he spoke, his breath lightly brushed on the tip of her ear, and she could even smell the faint fragrance of his body.

It may be that there is no life threatening matter for the time being, so she still has the mind to guess what perfume the male god was wearing.

She nodded and said: “My name is Su Xiuxiu, a native of City X.

I grew up in City X and worked in the network node after graduation.”

After she finished speaking, she looked up at his eyes again.

Her small figure was reflected in his dark eyes.

She only looked at it once and then looked away again, making a shy appearance, and continued:

“I heard your name when I was still in college.

I know you were a very good person, so I always liked you.

I didn’t expect to meet you under such circumstances today… “

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Shen Liuchen interrupted her, “Which high school did you study in”

Song Jinxi: “Second Middle-High School.”

Speaking of this, she is very confident.

She had also praised the system before crossing in, saying that it had finally done something real this time.

The identity assigned to her by the system was very appropriate this time.

When she went to see her parents that day, the system was busy perfecting all kinds of identity information for her in the novel world.

Her current identity has a father and a mother, as well as a decent job and all of the personal details can be proved from childhood to adulthood.

There are also faint memories of her existence in the minds of those teachers and classmates.

Those proofs have been uploaded to the Internet and can be verified at any time.

It can completely withstand any test.

She had done her preparation and only waited for Shen Liuchen to continue to ask her questions.

As long as it is related to her identity this time, she can answer all the questions without scruple.

But Shen Liuchen backed away instead.

He stepped back two steps, and after his eyes had rested on her neck for a while again, he finally turned to the side.

Looking at the landscape painting on the wall, he spoke faintly.

“I once loved someone deeply.”

Song Jinxi: “……” Is it too late to admit that she is that person now

But he kept looking at her neck.

It really gave her a fright.

“She appeared in my life three times, but after a short stay, she disappeared without a trace.”

“Every time she dies in order to save me.”

“I swore that if she appeared in front of me again, I would personally kill her myself, lest I watch her die in order to save me again.”

Song Jinxi opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say.

Then she heard Shen Liuchen leave a sentence: “Since you are not her, then forget it.” After speaking, he turned and left.

She didn’t know that after turning around, Shen Liuchen began to count in his heart.

Before he could even made to the third count, he already heard Song Jinxi shouted:

“Wait a minute.”

There was a deep meaning in his eyes, but Song Jinxi couldn’t see it.


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